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  • I would avoid involving them in any way to be safe. Even if you're not keeping them there, you gotta' keep in mind how it'll look from their perspective. The other survivors and the killer are working together and now they're being farmed off the hook.
  • If you used Dead Hard while another Endurance effect is active, it would deactivate both. Though since Dead Hard is controllable, you normally wouldn't use it until the first Endurance effect is either expired or used.
  • Bannable? No. The only time farming is bannable is when you're forcing someone who doesn't want to be involved to farm. e.g. You and another survivor use them to farm hook/unhook and healing points against their will. Sitting in a corner by yourself is not forcing anyone. Illegal? Only in some countries. If you live in one…
  • I hate to sneak in again and ruin all your hard work (huge kudos for going through the effort of putting together the spreadsheet!), but there's another big oversight here: Prestiging resets you to level 1, meaning you get the super tiny levels again. The overall bloodpoints required ends up being ~75% lower, not the…
  • When we talk about intended behaviour, we don't mean to say that this is the best way. Intended behaviour is more about what is or is not a bug. If something falls outside of the intended behaviour, then it is a bug and needs to be fixed. Beyond that, it all comes down to feedback, and I'm here to collect feedback whether…
  • Yep, exactly. Mettle of Man active at the same time as Off the Record, one hit cancels both. Mettle of Man activating because you took a protection hit with Off the Record, it is expected that you would get two Endurance hits.
  • We'll look into it to make sure it's working properly, but this may be as intended. Since it gain stacks from protection hits, it's totally possible that Mettle of Man is activating after another Endurance effect, so the effects are never overlapping.
  • Everything you have already earned will stay. Any perks you have in your inventory already will remain (at the same tier that you have) Any teachables you've earned will continue to work, and even unlock the tier 1 version of that perk on all characters automatically (even if you've prestiged) You can continue finding…
  • We've just tested this internally and I can confirm that it does indeed deactivate both Borrowed Time and Off the Record in a single hit. Anything that grants multiple Endurance effects at the same time should only extend the Endurance effect to the longest duration, not allow you to take multiple hits. However, using Dead…
  • Correct. The special reward for reaching prestige 3 before the update is indeed not a charm, as we confirmed. The additional rewards for reaching prestiges 7-9 were not mentioned prior to the dev update.
  • From a personal perspective, I would say yes. Not necessarily because they'd be too strong, but because the game isn't really designed with that speed in mind. Many loops are designed for 4.4m/s and 4.6m/s Killers, where each side has a chance to outplay the other. Adding extra speed to that quickly makes them one sided.…
  • They're not gone or forgotten, they're just on the backburner at the moment. We revealed this very early on and it hasn't been slated for any particular update yet. The rest of the year is already booked with other changes- the ones mentioned during the anniversary stream & in the roadmap- but we'll come back to it once we…
  • You'll need to prestige a character at least once for their unique perks to appear in another character's bloodweb, but the tier 1 version will be automatically available.
  • For a single character, it will take a little longer to max them out, yes, but the new system quickly takes over in efficiency as you start adding more characters. I have a write up for it here: In short, if you want to max out just one character, you can prestige the others once for more or less the same effect (+10…
  • Everyone was new once, even if you're an absolute legend now. Ignoring the problems that new players face is the fastest way to make them quit the game out of frustration before they can build up some experience. That's not to say we should balance solely around new players, but often times their feedback can highlight…
  • We do not balance for any group of players in particular. The game's for everyone, not just the top 1%. If doing something to make the game more enjoyable for the 1% at the top would make it less enjoyable for the other 99% of players, it's probably doing more harm than good. I'll share this graph that we've had floating…
  • They'll continue to work, and you'll even receive the tier 1 versions of the perks on your other characters automatically.
  • There's one huge point you're missing with the new system: Once you've prestiged for the first time, a character's teachables are instantly unlocked at tier 1 and tiers 2 & 3 can be found in the bloodweb. So in this hypothetical scenario where you're starting from scratch and only care about getting all perks on your Oni,…
  • The normal regression speed is 0.25 charges per second. The percentages are based on that, not how fast a Survivor repairs a generator.
  • Not quite sure I understand the question, so apologies if I'm not answering this correctly. When you kick a generator, it starts regressing at 100% of the normal rate (0.25 charges per second), then steadily grows to 400% of the normal rate (1 charge per second).
  • We're Gonna Live Forever also increasing your healing speed on dying Survivors. There's also an additional effect that was forgotten, but we've updated the post to include it.
    in WGLF? Comment by Peanits June 22
  • The PTB starts next week, and the full release for all platforms will be a few weeks after that.
  • We're very aware of that (we actually mentioned exactly that in the dev update). However, we do not want people to always have one perk slot locked in just for bloodpoints. Your perk choices should be the perks you want to run, not the ones that make the grind manageable. There was very little reason to run other aura…
  • We've tested a whole bunch of durations for them leading up to this, and often times they felt too long to be in the base kit. 5 seconds may not sound like much, but it can be a game changer. As long as you can reach a pallet in that time, it accomplishes the same thing. Alternatively, another Survivor can use this time to…
  • Typically there will be another hook nearby that's a little further from the gate. Hooking them there instead will give you more than enough time for you to run out the 5 second Endurance effect as they run for the gate.
  • Sadly with all these changes, we did not have any time to squeeze Killer changes into this update. We upped the priority of this one since it's been requested for a long time. We haven't forgotten about Sadako, though. We'll do our usual review when the time comes.
  • I wouldn't read too far into it that. In reality, this is what happens when you try to record a bunch of clips showcasing various perks and screenshot the tally screen all in one go. 🙃
  • As with every update, this is by no means a list of every perk that we think could use some changes. We only have a certain amount of time to work on each update. If you don't see it here, it doesn't mean that we think it's fine or that we won't ever touch it. When a new chapter launches, we collect feedback throughout the…
  • I can confirm that there's a lot of buffs in here as well, not just nerfs.
  • To clarify really quick, you do not need to escape to get a mask, you just need to survive until an exit is available. If you die heroically to save a teammate at the end of the match, you'll still get it. The main reason why this exists is due to our learnings from past events. When we didn't require people to stay in the…