For its year 3 anniversary, Dead by Daylight will be hosting its biggest livestream on May 31st at 3PM EST
Major reveals, drama, laughs, cries, surprises. It’s a date!

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  • Part of the reason why we brought them back is so people can see that they're not alone if they disagree with a post. With only up votes, it can easily seem like everyone against you when you see a post with a dozen up votes, and that posting someth…
  • There's two conditions. The collapse cannot be active already. The gates need to be powered.
  • You can always open the gate yourself if you want to use it to your advantage. For example, if you have Blood Warden and the survivors are leaving the gates at 99%, you can always open a gate by yourself to force it to start. You actually have more …
  • If there is another survivor near the hook, you do not receive a penalty to your emblems. You would not be penalized if someone sprints over to the hook before you can leave.
  • Not on the dev streams, no. We typically don't feature community content on the dev streams too often these days aside from the odd video here and there. Instead, we put th…
  • Hi, my name is Gary from the Conspiracy Depot. I regret to inform you that your shipment of aluminum foil, red string and push pins is going to be delayed. Sorry for the in…
  • We do not have plans to revert the changes to Decisive Strike at the moment. If someone goes down very early in the match, Decisive Strike by design is not meant to activate. Right now it acts as a second chance if the killer decides to chase you im…
  • Achievements are Valve's territory. We are only able to deal with what happens inside the game. If you need to report someone for cheating achievements, the best way to go …
  • We wouldn't ban for achievements alone, but if you believe they've also hacked progress, you can report them here:
  • The past four chapters are: Curtain Call Shattered Bloodline Darkness Among Us Demise of the Faithful Ghost Face is not out yet and Ash is stuck in "is it a chapter or just a character?" limbo.
  • Blocking someone will not affect the matchmaking. If it did, someone would be able to block anyone who beats them to get easier matches.
  • I would say that enduring is a must have for the Legion. Your fatigue is 4 seconds. If you get stunned out of Feral Frenzy, you only get a 1.14 second stun instead (and take out a pallet while you're at it).
  • To play Devil's Advocate here, nobody really knows what Freddy's power is, so there's no sense in saying that the power meter is unnecessary.
  • Power meters are used when they are necessary, and often times they're not even used the same way. To use the Plague, for example: The meter is just used to display a timer…
  • There's a couple major issues with that: If it's optional, not everyone's going to use it. I can safely say that I wouldn't. I turn voice chat off in just about every game that uses it.Typically my experience with public voice chat is negative. Some…
  • For the former, what would prevent me from queuing up solo at the same time as my friends and leaving if we don't get in the same lobby, like the beta? I can see the intention, but it if there's a group out there that's committed to take full advant…
  • I think we ought to see what the power is before we say it's good or bad. A killer like the Spirit has a power bar and she's one of the best killers, after all.
  • Thanks for the suggestions! These sound pretty reasonable, I've passed them on to the design team.
  • You will not be banned. Our team of ACMs review each report on a case by case basis. They each have plenty of hours in the game and know when something's not right. So long as you're not actually cheating, you'll be fine.
  • Oooooh, offerings. Yes that would be doable. I can't say whether or not we plan on doing that right now, but it would be nice to have and I can't see the harm in it.
  • This probably wouldn't be possible since all killer add-ons affect different aspects of a power and not all powers are treated equally. Decreasing setting time on a bear tr…
  • This is not true in the slightest. All disconnects are treated exactly the same, regardless of how you do it. If other players in the lobby see that you have disconnected, …
  • For the time being, they are treated just like any other disconnect. They are tracked automatically by the backend and they will be banned if their disconnects pass beyond a certain threshold. At the moment, we're not looking to change that, however…
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  • We are too, that's why there will be no jokes about it.
  • The alternative (and old way) is that the survivor has to power two generators just to get the hatch to spawn. With the killer patrolling the generators and an 80 second repair time for a solo generator, you would not have a window to repair a gener…
  • That's fine. Taking someone out ASAP is a strategy.
  • I can't say for sure if there will be, but it's possible. Depending on how this goes we may decide to do something similar in the future. It is an experiment, after all.
  • They have been sent out. If you did not receive one, you were not selected this time.