Dedicated servers have been enabled on the PTB. This is primarily a technical test and is not focused on gameplay.
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  • The amount of greats you would hit wouldn't change. You might hit a good instead of a miss, though, although that would still be affected by ruin (also you would be a silly…
  • Mori spamming would be a no-go, there's no practical reason to do that. Assuming it's on live, it would be considered griefing. Slugging someone regardless wouldn't be bann…
  • The winners are currently being selected. We should have an announcement sometime this week.
  • Best of luck to you, because the PTB just ended.
  • I was already using it before, but I'm loving it on the PTB. It feels super solid and the stun is instant.
  • That would still be bannable and we would transfer that to the live version. There's no excuse for it, and a test build isn't a free pass. It's along the same lines as chea…
  • That's not griefing. Slugging is a playstyle. There are perks that help with it (Knock Out, Deerstalker) and even perks that counter it (Unbreakable, No Mither, Buckle Up).…
  • No, it's completely separate from the live game. Though you still shouldn't do it since it's just for testing, and disconnecting defeats the whole point of the test.
  • That's easy enough. If you know someone's using Spine Chill, look away from them as you approach. If you know they're using alert, don't break stuff as your approach. You can save yourself a perk slot just by using your noodle, even. Spine Chill act…
  • If you already have them on another survivor, you can keep using them. They will not appear in new bloodwebs until you unlock the teachables, though.
  • To use a four lane pallet as an example, you do not want to stay there and vault back and forth until they break it. They can lunge around and hit you very easily. You'll ideally want to stun it and continue running around the long way around. By do…
  • These are pretty nifty. I'll give you a hard one. C-41, Trapper. Good luck, you'll need it.
  • They could queue up separately and leave the lobby until they're match up with the friends to avoid this, though. This is how things worked back when SWF wasn't a thing.
  • This is by design. There are some pallets that are safer than others, and others that are not as safe to use. When the pallet is unsafe, you'll want to try to get a stun with it (if you absolutely must use it). Worst case scenario, run around the lo…
  • It'll be in the mid-chapter update, July 23rd.
  • Yes, it was just a rumor. There was no console versions at the time to say no to.
  • Follow-up In this developer update, we mentioned our intentions to award survival points based on the time spent in the trial. A side effect of this change would have been to lower the amount of points awarded for escaping, since those points would …
  • For what it's worth, the amount of times I've been left on the hook for an entire hook phase at yellow ranks is nuts. The extra 30 seconds he suggests would often give me a…
  • The Plague is pretty tall, for what it's worth. Same with the Huntress. Generally speaking survivors won't be much taller or shorter than others so they don't get an advantage.
  • They should be.
  • We all thought the wraith was called the banshee, and that he was actually a lady. The alpha days were crazy times.
  • There was no wrongdoing or unfair treatment on Valve's part, just to clear that up. The Left 4 Dead crossover happened before the game was released on consoles, and as such, it was only cleared to release on PC. It's not because they didn't want him…
  • I wouldn't mind someone playing for themselves (e.g. leaving when the gates are open instead of going back for the save), but I would definitely not want to see incentives for hurting other people's chances. Solo can be a challenge as is, I can't im…
  • The fences are not a magical wall that stops any incoming attacks, the killer can hit over them by design if you stay too close to them. The same can be done with the fences around the Thompson house.
  • This is the most fitting crow I have for the situation.
  • I definitely do not have that just lying around, I only started here a couple months ago. Although being an OG alpha player, I recall that being said about Kill Your Friend…
  • A screenshot with someone's name in it is fine. When you're using that screenshot to showcase someone in a negative light, that's when it's an issue. Examples: Look who I just played with! (Screenshot shows someone from the forums) - Totally okay Th…
  • I'll send it over to the design team. These are all reasonable suggestions.
  • That's the risk you take with a hex perk. You're taking a more powerful perk at the risk of it being destroyed. Having an extra slot that could be destroyed and still havin…
  • Sounds neat. I would say that it absolutely must be based on your highest rank during that season, though, otherwise you would get people who would get to rank 1 and then stop playing just to play it safe.