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  • I actually really like those fake patch notes. Only ones that are questionable are bloodlust being completely removed and reverting the Stridor change (or the Iron Will buff?). Myers also seeing a survivors aura through walls at tier 3 is also questionable.
  • I have a few but would rather wait for the new chapter to release before using them so I can quickly level everyone up.
  • Nope, it was really really obnoxious. And If I remember correctly the game could be kept hostage from mori spamming since the survivor's bleed out timer would pause every time.
  • I had about 70 pages of salt up until 2018 but since quitting killer it has only gone up slowly. Salt on my profile is much, much less frequent when playing survivor. I deleted quite a few comments back in 2016/2017 and I regret doing so. Every once in a while it's just funny to look back at the ridiculous reasons people…
  • Hopefully instead of the global icon (representing a player on another platform) we'll now get platform specific icons. It's always spooky when someone from Windows Store types in chat because you expect them to be a console player without chat (because there is A LOT more players playing on console than the Windows…
  • Nope, I don't care about it. I never look at it, it's engrained into my mind to just skip straight to the loadouts. As a survivor, a win for me is having fun, doing well enough so everyone else escapes or escaping myself.
  • 5900hrs. Probably got 1700hrs ish as killer and the rest as survivor + lobbies. I used to main killer for the most part but quit playing it almost entirely in 2018, except if I feel like completing some challenges. Although I am having the urge of trying killer again... I found playing killer back then more and more…
  • Not intended, but probably fine. A bit like how Blight's crazy high DPI flick's weren't intended but they seem to have been normalized now after the developers tried but horribly failed to fix the flicks.
  • Don't cleanse for the most part. Here are the situations in which you should cleanse: Cleanse to save/trade someone being hard camped. Similarly, cleanse for unhooks at endgame. If she has a good 3 gen going in a deadzone, you've probably got to cleanse. But in all scenarios make sure you cleanse e.g., where gens have been…
  • If you play well and aren't flash saved, the survivor attempting the flash save has wasted all that time following you about when they could have been progressing through a gen. And you might even get them injured so when you then hook the survivor, you have a head start in the next chase. Flash saves have been hard to…
  • A survivor following you about means there's a max of 2 survivors on a gen. When you go to pick someone up, face a wall and if you can't, face a direction a survivor is unlikely to be. If you really think someone is there, fake the pickup. If there is a survivor trying to get the flash save, they'll run to try and get in…
  • It's funny that you picked a game where he isn't running Blighted Crow + Alchemist Ring/Iridescent Blight Tag add-ons. I often face him and he never runs any gen slowdown perks yet he always without fail brings those add-ons. It's always a tough match, not because of his perks but because he's really good and those add-ons…
  • I suppose Version 2. Although I'd change it so crouching also makes a survivor's injured grunts 100% quiet, regardless of movement. This would make it so you can still have moments where you can reposition yourself slightly without being heard.
  • You have to admit though, solo queue when its late is AWFUL! Queues are 10~ mins and you can usually tell just from what the survivors are wearing that it is going to be a terrible experience. After a bad game or 2 late at night when solo queuing, if I have the audacity to search for another game and the survivors are…
  • I refused to use Spinechill over Premonition. I never believed others who said Spinechill was better and never really gave it a go. I was thinking "Wow you can actually pin point the killers location with Premonition while to use Spinechill they have to actually look AT YOU... so bad". I really refused to use it. A few…
  • You should dead hard whilst leaving yourself enough space to perform a regular fast vault. You don't even have to time it to perfection, you can easily (i guess...) pre-dead hard to the window if that makes sense.
  • I'll miss the loops and the pallets. Pallets on that map are not safe but there is plentiful and you can kind of go from one to another - they're fun to mindgame. The loops with the railings are very unique which you don't find on any other map so it'll be sad to see the map go. It is by far my favourite in door map, even…
  • It definitely needs some kind of nerf.
  • I really don't know, although I'd like to think so. DBD has so much content in it nowadays it'd be really hard to start. Especially since there's (according to the wiki) 191 perks. Then there's soon to be 26 killers and 29 survivors. The vast majority of which are behind a paywall (or 9000 shards). Then there's a bunch of…
  • I'm way too awkward to actually talk to anyone here but I have bumped into quite a few of you.
  • If you're slugging for the 4k after the survivors have rushed the gens (and have yet to get a hook), all survivors will have 3 attempts. It doesn't really happen in normal gameplay since no one on the hook attempts escape - it only really happens in dire situations.
  • Well if the game survives until next gen consoles are released, if they were to do it they'd probably do it then.
  • Shadowborn is always nice to have. Simply improves killer gameplay all around.
  • Have no shame in predropping pallets and holding W as much as possible against many killers. E.g. do this against Nemesis, Pyramid Head, Blight, Trickster, crazy Hillbillys etc. Against more loopable killers like Wraith, Ghostface etc one of the best things you can do is almost always keep looking at them in a chase. So…
  • 60fps vs 120fps is absolutely perceptible to the human eye if you have a high refresh rate monitor, e.g. 144hz. Once you've used a high refresh rate monitor you can't go back, 60fps vs 120fps is very, very noticeable. Games at 60 fps for me are almost unplayable.
  • I think you're arguing for the wrong thing since if you want everyone to be play without advantages, the devs should not only do what you suggested but also isolate old gen and switch players from current gen console players due to the frame rate difference. What you should argue for instead is mouse + keyboard support on…
  • Matchmaking was very poor for me yesterday along with my brother. It wasn't just killers that were inexperienced, it was survivors too. Hopefully that was just a few unlucky games.
  • Imagine the new killer using a full hex build with TOTH. Such as TOTH, Ruin, DH and Undying as a backup. Whilst in a chase they are also periodically firing crows at their hexes to stop them from being cleansed/blessed. It'd be an interesting build to try out when she is released. Only problem is that not all hexes are at…
  • It'd be a scandal to have a 50% off sale (encouraging more people to purchase the content) just before giving it all away for free anyway.
  • My favourite big brain play at the moment is when I'm in a deadzone with no prospect of getting anywhere, run directly into the killer as if I'm using DH. For a brief moment they will not hit me as they are suspecting the DH and so even look behind them. But then quickly start running away again. They'll then normally go…