About the issue where your game is showing as having deleted DLC's or lost game totally. Go to your Steam app. Go to Steam < Settings < Downloads < Clear Download Cache. This should restart Steam and you should have access to your game & DLCs.



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  • @KillermainBTWm8 they don't always camp the exit and when they notice you have bloodwarden they go to a nearby pallet so there is counterplay. Furthermore I think that survivors shouldn't be able to complete 5 gens:if the killer is good he must kill…
  • @GrootDude bloodwarden is situational af, pgtw is really good but if the survivor quickly comes back to the gen he can still complete it. It gets worse if there are 2 survivors. Surveillance is good aswell. I mean you can try builds without ruin but…
  • @GrootDude man even those 15 seconds spent looking for it are gold for the killer at red ranks. Get to red ranks and then you'll tell me.
  • Here I am. 260 hours on pc with the nurse, currently rank 2 2 pips, ready to get to rank 1. Great killer design,broken addons that's why I don't use more than two blinks.
  • Killer, especially if you play nurse. She's the most stressful killer to play because you have to be so precise if you want to win. The others are a joke in comparison.
  • I think it is decent because I pip very easily with killer and the same as survivor. I got to rank 2 with killer and rank 3 with survivor and I can face killers I go against so I think is quite decent now, surely better than before where the game di…
  • Rank 19 20 survivors every killer performs well with them even freddy.
  • I personally mori spam with the nurse at rank 2, move my head up and down, hit the last survivor on the hook while i say yes with my head, i write gg ez after every match. As a survivor (rank 3) I t-bag, especially at the exit gates and point at th…
  • All dbd brainwashed fans. Go try other games and see how they're balanced compared to this. I play it just for troll and have fun. Also: 1) @asheruSwiftwind Franklin's demise is useless because before you break an item you need to hit the survivor c…
  • Man, survivors who play at red ranks don't fall for those stupid mindgames but they always keep an eye on the killer when they loop and if they don't see him anymore they know the killer is mindgaming so they'll go to a nearby loop or stay in a safe…
  • @darktrix infact I think the game is fun but it is a joke because there are broken things on both sides. not OP things, BROKEN.
  • Name me another game where you lose when you are winning. I'm all ears. @Rex_Huin I play at rank 4 both killer and survivor and they're not rare at all. For the ones telling me about mori. I never use it because i play nurse i don't want to annihila…
  • You can only buy non licensed characters with shards and one of them costs 9000 shards. 9000 shards aren't a lot but you need to play in order to earn them. If you want to get all DLCs (non licnsed characters otherwise you have to pay with real mone…
  • Why are the sounds still not working, especially the chase music? Did you intend these changes to the sounds or they're just bugged?
  • All the things the others said plus sandbaggers. Lately i have been hit right at the pallet because of these assholes bodyblocking me. [BAD WORD] off.