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  • She has teleport, which is much faster than any killers walking speeds, of course she doesn't walk. It's only faster in a straight line. When you need to go around objects, etc, it's much slower. To be good at Nurse, you have to try to get it right more often than not, because getting it wrong is very punishing. Again, she…
  • You might want to look up what a straw man is
  • Literally everything is "agree to disagree" territory when you're discussing with someone who refuses to accept simple facts. Is the sun a big ball of burning gas? I dunno, it could be made of cheese. Let's agree to disagree? Fact is, you're saying that the Nurse having to guess which way a survivor is going to go, and…
  • Uhh... did you read what I said? Yes I did. Your opening statement - in reference to my pointing out that Nurse having to guess where to blink is a mind-game - was "If what you constitute as a mind game IS a mind game - then back-revving with Hillbilly and Tentacle whips in the open are pinnacle of mind games." Because…
  • The Nurse is broken because she ignores every defense that survivors have and use against every other killer in the game I only have several hundred hours playing Nurse so please do correct me if I'm wrong here. Are you saying Nurse's cannot get stunned by pallets? Are you saying Nurse's do not get stopped by walls, etc?…
  • Oh please, you cannot compare Nurse's blinks to Hillbilly back-revving, or Nemesis tentacle strike, or Huntress hatchets, or Demo's shred etc.... for one very simple reason that clearly demonstrates you know nothing about Nurse!!!! Hillbilly and Bubba can cancel their chain-saws Nemesis can cancel his tentacle strike…
  • Except MANY maps have been kill-switched in the past few months due to inaccessible totems. Many?? i.e. more than one, or even a couple, so at least three? Please name these three maps that were kill-switched due to inaccessible totems
  • Oh man, this is the greatest bit of comedy writing I've ready today! "Survivor goes behind a wall. You GUESS where they are. You repeat this if you did not guess correctly. If you GUESS right, you hit them. That is not a mind game." Dude, what else is a mind-game except forcing your opponent to guess their way to…
  • You can't do anything against a good player - killer or survivor - that know's what they're doing. That's not an argument. It's actually a position of hypocrisy because I've yet to see any survivor main ask for survivor nerfs because of god pallets or a million-and-one 2nd chance perks and options they have, it's all to do…
  • That's why you fake which way you're going to run, because once she's committed to a blink, she can't stop. Also, the small walls are great for jukes because if she doesn't charge up her blink enough, she won't pass it. And if she charges up too much, she'll overshoot. Plus she also has to work around your own hitbox, and…
  • I still get severe frame-rate drops by using controller + mouse... it's been a year now. It used to work perfectly until the Trickster update
  • Give him a ton more traps than he has now, and make them translucent
  • I love going against Nurses
  • TIL: A literal breaking bug which caused the killer's game to consistently freeze, and was exploitable by survivors to force this effect on the killer, forcing the killer to then DC and suffer ever increasing penalties... is exactly the same in terms of seriousness as a different bug that causes blinks to land ~0.5s…
  • What's with this continual survivor rhetoric of "uncounterable" issues? There's counters to pretty much everything, you just have to learn how to do it. Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The only real things that I've seen that doesn't have counters is Iron Will (literally nothing killers can…
  • Nurse. Favourite to play as, and favourite to go against
  • Because not equipping the P3 weapon if it bothers you that much is too hard??
  • Yes... but if this particular survivor was to be believed, it doesn't work through walls, and it doesn't work across the map either 🤔
  • Things I Learned... hiding in lockers (literally everywhere on small enclosed maps) is a pro-player play 😂
  • Err... you do know lockers are a thing, right? So even in a small map, if you get struck with starstruck (which means you're likely close enough to not proc BBQ) you can literally just wait it out in a locker. You don't HAVE to start running around in full visibility! It's so easy to counter, I literally don't understand…
  • There are options other than holding W??? 🤨😂 Seriously though, it's really boring reading all the hate vs Nurse just because survivors can't be bothered to learn how to juke her or exploit her weaknesses. She's my favourite killer to go against
  • Been accused many times of wall hacks thanks to aura reading perks, etc. I stream rarely, so was able to capture the moment on one occasion when someone was convinced there was no way I should know where they were, and no amount of explaining how BBQ works would satisfy them
  • Starstruck Nurse is a bit unfair I've got a radical idea... hear me out. How about, you keep your distance from the Nurse when she's downed someone or picking them up? Simples. How is it fair for a killer is next to no mobility other than her blinks to have all attack related perks nullified because you don't…
  • Its hard to believe that anyone complained about showing player grades - that is one of the best aspects of the post-game screen. Did you even read (and understand) the blog post relating to this?? Seems completely credible to me.
  • Being completely unaware of scratch marks. I can't tell you how many times I've had survivors tell me that they were literally invisible and I shouldn't have been able to track them, only for them to check stream and lo and behold... their scratch marks are visible plain as day (even better when they're expiring because it…
  • Wraith when I picked up the game for obvious reasons Then switched to Spirit; I liked the stealth aspect and the sounds were on point at the time Then a whole bunch of nerfs and bugs happened (sound occlusion, etc), plus was going up against depip squads so put time into Nurse and now she's my main
  • That's literally what it used to be. And it was broken. One key meant all 4 survivors could escape out, with nothing you can do about it. So, no!!
  • Be careful what you wish for, I suggest you get good with Nurse, get to high level MMR and try to understand why these add-ons are used before complaining. This. I wonder how many people calling for her to be nerfed actually play her, and realise how hard she is! She should literally be the survivor's beacon of perfection,…
  • I grinded a lot to get all perks on my P3 characters. I don't want to grind any more. I won't feel bad if they got rid of the tiers. I'd be happy I don't have to grind any more. How weird that we're in a place where allegedly we'd rather not making things easy for ourselves because we don't want others to have things easy…
  • Correct. They didn't. But does that prevent you from answering the question anyway if you have the data (because I'd be interested in the numbers), or do you just want to confine the discussion to exactly what OP said?