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  • This used to be much worse before endgame collapse. There were games where I afked in corner as killer waiting to see how long survivors would wait to leave on their own. Some would easily stay 30-45 mins. Once I even waited 2 hours and gave up and just dc'ed. I will never understand why survivors do this, but ultimately…
  • There are two problems with increasing gen times: A) completing generators as a game-loop objective for survivors is already boring. Extending it literally makes the game more unfun. B) While it may theoretically make weaker killers better against 4 players, you screw over smaller groups of 3 or less survivors, and also…
  • The big hole in your plan, is that if killers don't see a map they want in the selection, they will simply dodge the lobby. The current system in place of killers/survivors influencing map selection with offerings, is probably for the best. Not every killer should be 100% efficient on every map.
  • I have to agree with Peanits. While I'm not an expert at playing ghostface, I have found casually walking around in stalk is a good way to bait a survivor in "revealing" themselves.
  • Dwight because some poor soul never got that pizza...
  • Let's face it, this is a glorified (gorified?) game of tag with the bonus of being able to role-play our favorite slasher/horror killers and survivors. I don't think you should take it so seriously. Expanding to popular franchises like stranger things is a great move, as the PR/exposure alone should hopefully allow the…
  • This is really exciting news. Proud of both the community, and BHVR stepping up for us all. Nightmare on elm street was always my favorite series...First the Freddy re-work, and now they are going to do us right with fixing Quentin...So much win.
  • My personal all-time favorite: "gg you hentai-tenticle-monster helper"
  • Personally I would rather keep the shimmer and reduce or eliminate the time it takes to uncloak
  • The generators may belong to the entity...but the totems are personal. Don't touch my totems.
  • He's fine as is. The unlimited sprint ability really only shines with the right combination of add-ons, and maps. He's really the only killer who's able to put full map pressure on a team of survivors. Even then, he can still only chase 1 person at a time, so if a group simply spreads out, he still suffers the same…