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  • how did the killer lose the match? isnt the match over when ALL FOUR survivors exit or are dead or some combo thereof? since when did the devs change the game to be over when all 5 gens get repaired? what patch added that soon as all 5 gens are repaired game is over and everyone goes to the point screen??
  • my fav is basement chest myers or basement chest bubba use the coin so the only chest is in the basement and use perks to protect it including insidius if they take that chest.. u fail :D had a bunch of fun meme games with surviviors trying to get the chest even got a 4k a few times from it make sure to rename ur steam to…
  • oni cant use huntress hatchets and addons either but theres literally a twitch streamer streaming that RN :D
  • agreed even the DEVS THEMSELFS have admited that balancing the game with SWF would be near immpossible and they said this on their dev stream way back before SWF was implimented i would say go watch it on their YT channel but oddly enough its the 1 of the 2 only missing dev stream vods
  • as someone who has mental disabilitys im the same way doesnt bug me in the least but is annoyiung that people are so ignorant with their words... that said i wouldve launched into a massive story to the person along the lines of.. :O why yes i am been this way since i way born... ye see it started in my teen years when X Y…
  • agreed genrushing is just survivors doing their objective effectivly and as stated the super extreme version is when they pop 3 gens in under a min and the other side of that coin... tunneling is just killers doing their objective effectivly extreme tunneling is killers doing their job effectivly... with a mori
  • no matter what happened nor what u do or dont like the simple fact is the killer didnt do anything against the rules or ToS the survivor who DCed did regardless how how scummy the killer played he played within the rules set by the GAME DEVS regardless of how good or bad the survivors played they broke the rules set by the…
  • agreed but comparing morality to a killer is useless its like trying to apply age to someone who is ageless/immortal
  • how exactly do u justify something being moral when one party is a supernatural killer with beyond logical abilitys that kills and tortures to appease a godlike being known as the entity who has the ability to rip people from our world into one of its own making where it feeds off of pain and suffering and the breaking of…
  • point of the game as killer is to feed the entity hope and fear the killer does this by proper amounts of hooking and hitting survivors letting other survivors rescue hooked ones and finaly after all the cat and mouse playing it culminates in the survivor being killed before they escape THATS the point of the game from the…
  • why does this surprise u? games have been doing this for years u can google rage quit bans in video games and see TONS of articles and videos about it persona 4: marks your account with a rage quitter mark that everyone can see and knows u DC when u get mad animal crossing: has a mole who stops u on login after ur rage…
  • i think they should have it so killer see's the survivor no matter what and survivor see's the killer no matter what equal balance long as ur looking in their direction i mean
  • i love doing speed limiter NOED bubba meme around all game and then watch as they dont respect the chainsaw and noed returns it to 1 hit downs had some fun games couple of them the people were like.. holy carp thats some big brain thonks we never woulda guessed NOED would effect chainsaw with speed limiter well played…
  • alot of these posts about how killers are such babys over the ruin nerf.. it makes me sad becuase it shows how little the survivors actualy pay attention. im pretty sure what has most killers pissed is the fact it was a wombo combo ruin nerf + the blatant way the patch notes showed MASSIVE survivor bias that massive slap…
  • i veiw this simple as i can... i am killer killer is evil killer does not play by the same rules and laws of the universe as normal people we can teleport go invis leap across vast distances allow a chainsaw to pull us across thousands of feet/meters oogle body parts to allow us to insta down you toss bottles of far to…
  • personaly if a survivor runs AT me to have me enable them to suicide on first hook.. i down them and move on not gonna enable that kind of stuff in the first couple of mins
  • personaly victory is alrdy defined by the game for killer: killing the survivors of which their are 4 for survivor: escape (not powering 5 gens but powering 5 gens AND getting out of the exit gates back to the campfire) i mean its not that hard to understand in my opinion
  • very noob considering if u spam LMB with doc in treatment mode he can insta yoink you from the unhook
  • exactly more time the survivors waste more time they give me to break pallets close hatch and such for more points than i alrdy had so nice of them to wait to make sure i get extra BP
  • why not? u brought an entire perk to counter tunneling didnt u? so why are u so angry about someone suggesting u bring a perk to counter slugging? its literally no different
  • no its not banable ive done the same thing with basement mikey using double stalk addons and purple coin offering an insidiius i even change my steam name to TouchMyBoxYouDie
  • hag gets corn blindness very easily and is hard to spot behind certain things as for pallets.. hag slaps the pallet apart so chucky could easily do something simaler vault he could jump up and then hop down nothing new there hag does a kinda hop demogorden ramsey crawls through it like a doggo as for hooks yeah there would…
  • personaly while blendettes are annoying.. i learned to just counter them massive terror radius doc... spoopy T1 myers find ways to take their immersion and stealth away dont just whine about it wont get better at the game by making these posts
  • i apologize i didnt mean to belittle u. but yes the same way it can be seen as NOED rewards killers for failing their objective it can also been seen as survivors reward the killer by not doing their other objective
  • u do realize cleansing totems is also a survivors choice goal... NOED can also be seen as a reward to the killers for survivors NOT doing one of their objectives... dont cleanse the totems dont get mad if NOED slaps u cleanse all dull totems dont have to worry in case there is a NOED
  • @Pugpablo123 i would love pennywise but i agree they would fail to make his power unique. your reason being his power being fear... so wasnt freddys in the movies. freddy is more powerful the more u feared him hence why when they started to not dream he lost his power over them as they didnt not fear him anymore. i also…
  • exposed also means in a dangerous situation exposed adjective in a vulnerable position or situation."the army's exposed right flank was under attack" synonyms:vulnerable, defenseless, undefended, unshielded, susceptible; rarepregnable "the army's left flank was exposed" so it does work for a 1 shot attack warning as u are…
  • escpecially since he is the only killer to be able to insta gib a survivor when they do the fake unhooking to try to lure out a hit
  • and what about the ones who DC against all the other killers too? ive had people DC against clown ffs A CLOWN with lvl 1 clown perks and no addons... or the vids of people DCing against a killer with NO ADDONS AND NO PERKS AT ALL? not slugging or camping not a nurse or spirit no ruin... so what exactly is the excuss then?
  • actually every killer is a HUMANOID even the demogorgon is a HUMANOID which falls in line of what the entity can control hu·man·oid /ˈ(h)yo͞oməˌnoid/ adjective 1. having an appearance or character resembling that of a human."a small, green, and hideously warty humanoid figure" noun 1. (especially in science fiction) a…