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  • Didn't get it as well. All iridescent and merciless. (Steam) UPD. Nevermind. Tried again and got it with 1 Gold and 3 Iridescent still Merciless. No idea what are actual terms to get it then. On all other killers got it just fine. Only cenobite's one is finicky.
  • Nevermind it fixed itself. Somehow o_o
  • Yeah turning off overlay is a way to go. Funny, Steam updates being the issue never would get to my mind if not for other people here. Literally never had any problems with their betas so it never stored in my memory when they have released them. Just slammed that restart button and had not a care in the world 😂 Glad we…
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • Yeah im now finding threads in beta group about the issue in other games too. All answers lead to disabling beta and overlay.
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • Just played on regular client but with overlay on. The thing still happened on 2nd game. Now trying regular with overlay off.
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • @Morbid @Johnagon_Infinity Do you guys have Steam beta client option on?
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • You need to wait a bit on the tally screen to see that challenge widget actually counted your progress. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to pop up and if you won't wait and go to the menu it won't count your progress. Had this "delay" when i was doing challenges so figured it out.
  • This is what happens if you won't restart the game and keep playing: It stucks so much that even highest dpi does not help anymore and it looks like performace issues. FPS counter in the top left proves it is not.
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • @MandyTalk Thanks for acknowledging this problem! Hope you people figure it out before the next chapter or Lisa's back will be full of daggers 😅
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • Yeah, it feels like it sticks to a middle of the screen and its really hard to unstick it. If you play even longer camera just stops responding to any mouse movement and you cant press any buttons in the menu unless you in the middle of alt-tabbing...
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • Here how it is first couple of games (usual DPI): And here after it bugged out (you can clearly see how i reset my mouse back when running out of space cause DPI is so low): Also i think is worth mentioning that it never doing that mid match. Only as you load in a next one.
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • Still think its one of the Win 10 updates. Theres nothing that could connect all of us with this issue. Only problem is why it's so inconsistent. Like if update had broke something then dpi would be like that all the time not after a few games. Weird as hell. I doubt that devs will acknowledge this soon so hoping chapter…
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • Can confirm. Started all of a sudden. Exactly on second match after launch. It's like invisible cursor that moves the camera getting stuck in a very tight space at the center of the screen. Sometimes camera stops working at all and cursor in the menus disappears so can't press buttons. Weird, thought it was graphics card…
    in DPI Bug Comment by PurrFace March 2021
  • I've submited a ticket to support and got it fixed. Suggest you guys do the same 😘
  • @Peanits are you guys aware of this? Seems pretty rare of an issue since it's the only topic i found. Is it possible to retrieve these cosmetics at all if we, for example, past those tiers already?
  • It worked on the PTB though. Please help :(
  • Just unlocked the next tier (35) with auric cells. Got the items from that but not from a previous tier. Really wanted this top for Jane. If it can be fixed - i would appreciate that :D It happened after i did a Sore Ankles challenge. The Rift overlay didnt appear for me on the right side of the screen after i got back in…
  • Same. Got a specific error that rift reward could not be obtained. Didnt manage to screen it though.
  • This stuff looks like Auric cells tho. Maybe a way to earn some during an event. Maybe just discount for them.
  • @weirdkid5 why you and people in other discussions targeting the scream? @Luigifan64 and @CuteDwight clearly said that they like old voice better. Scream can be fixed without changing an entire VO, i believe. Since it's separate interaction.