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  • Same here for me on Xbox I'll queue with a friend and wait in the queue screen me and him both ready only to hear him talking about what map he's getting and oh the killer is a clown meanwhile I'm still here with him. Thanks
  • Not gonna lie I'd be quite happy with giving him more of a cooldown for canceling maybe 1 second full not too sure about any more than that, once he pulls up and you're about to reach a window you're forced into a stupid "guess better" situation where you have 0 control over whether you get hit or not unless you have dead…
  • If you thought the frames were normally bad oh my God as soon as you get bloodlust as killer your frames completely die every single time. That clip is my own I have very good connection and I'm on the Xbox one X and it really is that bad. https://youtu.be/VAsm05z7dg4
  • Time to play console Huntress and watch as my hatchets instead of hitting a survivor will just disappear into the æther
  • Do you honestly think they're going to do that, after everything you've seen in the recent. Because I don't, I've lost faith in them to do the right thing, and if they are going to add a second objective then nerf ruin when you get to that point, not sooner for absolutely nothing aside from rank 15 survivor convenience
  • Actually no it's not good for the game, tell me how nerfing the weakest killers in the game and buffing the strongest killers in the game is good for the game. Nerfs the weakest because they have no mobility tools to pressure gens properly and make 0 use of new ruin, buffs the best killers because they never needed old…
  • The problem with new ruin is it doesn't accomplish anything other perks can't already do, I'd much rather have pop and be rewarded for getting consistent downs than this trash. It's not a bad perk on killers that are already the best in the game (Freddy, Billy, Spirit, and Nurse) but it's an even bigger slap to the face…
  • Here's what people don't seem to understand, we don't need another generic slowdown perk, we need one that helps early game right from the start. The only killers that benefit from using new ruin are killers that were already easy enough to apply pressure with, you lumped killers like Legion and Clown together with Billy…
  • It's all good, I saw a good opportunity to stress why Ruin is used so much and why nerfing it at the moment is a terrible idea and I thought I'd have fun putting together the new post Ruined tier list
  • I think this is a little more fair My logic was who benefits the most from new ruin, who gets hurt the most by old ruin getting removed, and how good they are now. Hag: Always will be very strong but has a moderate learning curve, can just use corrupt and get nearly the same effect Nurse: Most recent nerf hammer really…
  • Here's the thing man, new ruin doesn't accomplish old ruins use. With new ruin there is no instant early game gen slowdown which is why everyone ran it, to say that there was no risk to the killer to run it is a lie, everyone who runs it knows that it's very likely their perk won't last past 30 seconds but what it did was…
  • I gotta agree, strong perks are being nerfed for the most part and for good reason but the core issues with the game are being put to the side. That's really what gets killers going about this latest patch is they didn't even bother talking about why this perk was used 80% of the time.
  • That's not a horrible idea and it would give players who aren't as skilled (not in the same rank) a better chance at success without being too intrusive. For survivors though it should go with the lowest rank in the lobby, not a random rank 15 they dragged along. It'd give rank 9 killers a slightly better chance vs the…
  • How about when Enduring was nerfed, how about when brutal strength was nerfed, how about when surge was nerfed before it was even used, how about Legion being obliterated for over 8 months now, how about Nurse being destroyed making it even more difficult to play (godspeed if you play on console), how about when mend time…
  • Sounds like a certain other rework that just took place... hmmm
  • Well you see, True said Ghostface is good so now everyone must run him. ######### it I'd rather play against Ghosty boy than fixed spirit/freddy. Just run spinechill you already know you'll be fighting nothing but ghosty boy
  • "The stats show" you mean the stats that account for absolutely nothing that's happens in game aside from if people died (DC's count to that btw). The thing about those stats that people for some reason don't get it is it doesn't account for Mori's, teams that three gen themselves, people that farm eachother off hook,…
  • Are you telling me consistently 2k'ing isn't mediocre. It's the definition of mediocre dude, you wanna know who has a 50% kill rate? Clown
  • Honestly I'd rather it just not be a Hex perk, as is it's garbage and could easily be better but it's held down by not being worthy of a Hex totem
  • Seriously, the only thing they should do at this point is work on making the big maps smaller. We all know they aren't increasing gen speed and anyone who says they are is a moron, they did it before and it didn't work then so why would they do it again. However making large maps smaller would keep maps like the game from…
  • I'm glad you're fine with mediocrity but most of us like to win, sure ruin might be the be all end all of perks at rank 15 but rank one is a whole different beast and should be treated as such but that's not important obviously.
  • Why yes I have an I can wholeheartedly say the perk is dogshit unless you get Badham Preschool. The best part about this perk is now the devs can look at reducing the map size for maps like Omega corn, sadly they butchered a very useful perk before actually solving the problem of why 80% of red ranks games had the perk but…
  • The real best part about this change, devs can finally pull their head out of their ass and get to work on making the maps overall smaller, nobody except Billy mains and survivors (even some of those guys don't) like the corn maps.
  • Hey you wanna nerf the best perk in the game for low mobility killers that physically can't patrol all of the gens in time, fine we'll just use our mori's on them and move on to stronger killers like Freddy and Spirit. No ruin no problem, you want killers to get good you got it
  • Wow an opinion from survivor main that isn't just "APPLY PRESSURE CRUTCH KILLER", pretty rare these days and worth the read. Me personally I'd like to see certain maps reduced in size and the number of pallets lowered slightly, that would make weaker killers viable without making high mobility killers disgusting.
  • Yeah I really don't know what they were thinking unless their "Playtesting" was on Badham Preschool only and they don't even know their own totem spots. It's a crap perk and anyone saying otherwise without a damn good explanation is lying through their teeth
  • Yeah, I mean certain killers like Billy and Freddy won't care about this change. Clown, Legion, Plague, Pig, Ghostface and the rest of the killers without movement tools are gonna be thrown to the wayside. Rank 1 survivors think killer diversity is bad now? Wait till next patch, gonna be nothing but Freddy, Spirit, and…
  • I mean it's definitely more helpful than "APPLY PRESSURE TRASH KILLERS".
  • "Killers will have to rely on their own skill to apply map pressure" Yeah I can't wait for the Legion's, Clown's, Myers, Pigs, Ghostfaces, and plagues (easier killers to play against but at least fun) to stop playing in droves because the one perk that mitigated their lack of a mobility tool early game is gone. I hope you…
  • Wow, it's even worse than we thought lol. So not only is it going to die instantly it's also just going to C block our other perks. Great game design, we should just stop complaining and accept the dickening