Thanks for actually liking my posts. Usually I think I'm just being a grouch. I switched to dark devotion because that is sort of my relationship with the game. It upset sets me greatly to the point that I had to stop playing it, but I can't actually just let the game go.


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  • There has been a lot of killer players switching over to survivor and discovering the game is pretty easy on that side of the fence. Personally, I've had far less stress to deal with and doing the standard survivor things like looping, gens, saves, etc. hasn't been particularly hard to pick up. Survivor is just isn't…
  • It would be nice if they darkened the blind again. It hurts my eyes too, but it used to be worse than it is now. DBD in general just needs a suite of accessibility options.
  • You can just bless over the hexes and deny their effects and Pentimento only works if people cleanse a totem, but since they are using boons they won't cleanse. It's not that much of a time waste and definitely not a 100% counter to boons.
  • Most killers don't really stand up to a proper coordinated SWF to begin with though. Nurse, Blight, Spirit, and situationally maybe Hag deal with SWFs. Huntress can deal, but depends on their aim and the map. Legion theoretically could as they have the mobility, but have too many handcuffs considering their power isn't…
  • Why say something that requires more information so people can understand your point of view only to not give that information?
  • What killer would have to be nerfed if SWF wasn't a thing?
  • I enjoy playing with friends as much as the next player, but please try to understand that SWF is often pretty unfun to play against for killers. Communication and coordination drastically change the color of a matchup in any multiplayer game, but in dbd, the inherent flaws of the balance and game type become heavily…
  • Dead Hard isn't a problem, but it feels like a problem. It works well and does exactly what it is supposed to do and nothing more. It's just that what it does is effective in a way that feels bad to grapple with as a killer. You get used to it though
  • You can see someone's build so it doesn't matter if the killer doesn't want to admit it. As Dr. House used to say, "People lie." He also said, "Life is pain! Everyday I wake up in pain!"
  • If the match is enjoyable then I'm not super concerned about the result as long as the bp in the end is still enough for me. I feel like back when the game looked more at bp to determine wins losses didn't get on your nerves as much and people genuinely wanted to play longer games anyway. Right now, killer isn't that…
  • Gen speed is a problem, but not one that can be solved by necessarily just making them take longer. Gen repair is just an overly simple objective to complete and needs to be redone to be more complex. Games would be more engaging if gens were a more interactive component every now and then. Though that would require some…
  • Because boons give you a buff and unlock an action that survivors are generally already capable of doing. Freddy's wake up mechanic is meant to make people value using their specific alarm clocks which move around the map after each use which is better for Freddy than everyone waking each other up.
  • To address the very last part: That's ultra depressing on so many levels, yet also hilarious. Now as for the cross progression thing in regards to auric cells, it probably won't transfer those due to having been bought through a different storefront.
  • That's a reportable thing. You're not supposed to help the killer in that manner.
  • Siren Head and Slenderman can keep doing their thing in their own respective areas of the internet.
  • That's me having horrible proofreading skills on my posts. I meant to say "which is my bad", but my brain apparently can't handle writing responses at 8 in the morning. Holy crap, no wonder this devolved. See, now I am angry, at myself.
  • Why would you assume I'm angry? What context is there to make the assumption of anger?
  • That's literally what i said... I missed an 't, but why is my bad, but your reading comprehension is should have covered for that based on everything else in the post.
  • By laggy i mean there is a short amount of time that you can't just shoot instantly. When Artist sets a dire crow there is you can't instantly fire it, it has to exist for a second and the more you put out the longer it takes for you to be able to both fire and replenish her crows. Pyramid Daddy's gotta dig his sword into…
  • Artist is in a weird spot as you could argue that the lag time between dire crow spawn and dire crow firing sort of evens out the 115% movement speed. She's not laggy, but her power is. Nemesis isn't exactly what I'd call a ranged killer. Pyramid Daddy's like Artist, his power is a bit laggy to compensate him moving…
  • While other media have made works with Jack the Ripper and the Ripper has went from being a serial murder case to being a full blown legend with different conspiracies there has to be a limit. Storytelling with saucy Jack functions because the reader or viewer isn't meant to be in control of Jack. Even in games where you…
  • Killers haven't been the power role in a long time my friend. The real power lay in the hands of coordinated survivors.
  • I mash so I can get the action prompt on the first possible few frames.
  • Against beginners Bubba is particularly strong because they don't know how to really deal with him. The longer you play and more you learn about how to engage with each killer, the more Bubba's flaws start to stand out. Bubba's not really that menacing once you realize how easy it is to make him bonk on terrain. He's not…
  • It took me a while to find a build that worked well for me with Legion. Once I had like a proper meta build though and could start learning the ins and outs of the killer I was able to experiment with different builds. With Nemesis I found that I just kinda like the m1 perks for him as he was already such a mechanically…
  • They don't really provide granularity though. Most perks are functionally worse when not Tier 3 and it isn't as if you can scale back to tier 2 or 1. To have granularity the perks would need to have versions you could swap to and from with enough of a difference between the versions that there could be a statistical reason…
  • The current state of the game has robbed a lot of good will from the player base on both sides. Killers are generally not in a good place with MMR, Boons, back to back to back nerfs without any compensation. Survivors are generally having a better time in the game, but people are getting camped and tunneled out of the game…
  • Nemesis is far from being the best at anything. Zombies have some of the worst AI and pathing imaginable. For the handful of times they push someone off a gen or stalk around the hook, you have literally every other moment where they get stuck on literally every little thing that has collision or their pathing breaks and…
  • The average killer TR is a 32 meter sphere. So this idea falls apart right there. Another thing that makes it fall apart is the fact that what you want would just lead to the any survivor wanting to avoid the consequences of franklins just running the killer on tiles near the item. It is the sort of thing that absolutely…
  • DBD may have dedicated servers, but it doesn't have the backend needed to pinpoint why a connection drops. If it did then a lot more people would be getting benched for much longer periods. To be fair, most games with dc penalties really discriminate between disconnections. If the server pings your rig and doesn't get a…