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  • Still, no one is listening!
  • It takes time to Master Billy, it takes time to Master Nurse, it takes time to Master how to break a loop I Respect a good billy cause I know he is hard to play, I respect a good leatherface because he is easy to Loop, I respect a good Huntress caus…
  • No one is listening man, they are just busy making new killers instead of fixing Deadhead or Servers issues
  • How! mind games buddy, you go this way and trick me by coming back again, moonwalking, there is a 100 ways to break loops! Yupe just like I said, another player who has no …
  • 11AM-2PM, at least 15 minutes queue time, same killer 5 times in a raw Tot…
  • Will anyone ever listen to us? arent we paid customers! what is going on!! been looking for a game for 20 minutes and still looking cause of this [BAD WORD] server am stuck on Please do something!!!!!!!
  • I did buddy, I changed my server to Germany, DBD still find the nearest Dedicated server which is ME server and connect you to it
  • Only one I see crying is you now buddy with your stupid post, if you are one of Spirit Players then who's crying? Only thing I can say is that you are another killer who is missin…
  • no one is listening to us, and not even late night games, am on finding game now as survivor for a good 10 minutes at least been waiting for a game! same players, same kill…
  • Yeah i just commented there and I voted your Up
  • We have a big issue with the Middle East servers, the numbers of players are extremely low our queue times are unbelievable, survivors games takes about 10 to 15 minutes while killer games could take up to 30 minutes before loading into a game I hav…
  • Same Killer, Same Players, game no 7 Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do sommmmetttthinnnnggggg
  • I Played against the same killer maybe 6 times today! like really find a solution for us!!!!
  • Half an hour waiting for a killer, am sure it will be one of the 2 killers I been playing against for the past 4 hours Please Dev's allow us to play different servers when this one is busy or…
  • we had a game today together bro, Rexus was my name Maybe the ping is higher from you in Iraq, am usually 60-70 Ping buddy
  • Poor killer after waiting 30 minutes he gets these ranks in his game! why? cause we dont have enough players to be stuck on a server alone, please allow us Asian and European servers
  • Waiting in lobby for good 30 minutes waiting for a 4th player Why? to have a Green Ping, please allow us to join different servers in Asia and Europe
  • this middle east dedicated server is horrible, queue time, match making and rank matching is just horrible
  • Please change the criteria where we are stuck on Dedicated server with same players, queue time is unbelievable
  • Yupe, I have a post of the exact same scenario, Look it up in the search and Comment on it, maybe someone will finally listen to us Same Players, 10 minutes Survivor queue time to find yourself matched with different ranks that shouldnt be, and 20 t…
  • Same Players, Same Players, Same Players, Here is a killer that actually commented on this Post earlier, Yupe playing with him, what you think?
  • Same Players, Same Killer, 2 games in a raw Please remove the restrictions of dedicated servers, we dont have enough players in this …
  • Here we go, One more, Red and Purple against Green ranks Common Guys please remove the restrictions, I cant play with those low ranks…
  • Or like that Rank 13 killer against Purple and Red Ranks! Common guys! Remove the restrictions of Middle Eastern Dedicated Servers, Allow us to play other servers
  • Rank 2 Killer why ? Cause there is not enough players on Middle East Servers, Please allow us other servers
  • Yesterday I was getting into different servers, was happy to play Today its impossible to find a game
  • 5-7 Minutes waiting time only to find same killer, different rank survivors and killer Please allow us to get into Asian and European servers too This is really getting too much to wait 10 minutes between every game!
  • Do you live in the UAE and use Etisalat Internet? hard luck buddy, there is no fix for this, I play PC from Abu Dhabi and I use Proxy Server not to have the issue, PS4 not sure how to use Proxy there
  • as UAE resident, I either connect to Europe Server with 170 Ping or Asia Server with 120 Ping, and both feels a bit weird, but happy not to see Red ping anymore still
  • open If the main IP given from Etisalat start with 5 or 31 Proxy will not give you internet, so keep restarting both router and GPON until you get an IP starts with 94 then activate proxy it should would Etisalat some times have issue …