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  • Yes that's correct. I have never used a key unless I found it in a chest, as I think they are too strong, but they're nowhere near as strong as an ebony mori. If a killer is committed to tunneling (ie chasing people off hooks) , ebony moris reduce …
  • Thanks for the welcome. For me, I have used an ebony maybe five times as killer in a year and a half, and each time the game has been a crushing win in under five minutes that made me wonder why I bothered waiting for a game. I do agree that my su…
  • I thought it was clear that I was not recommending that as the actual idea, just that it was my preference but I'd decided against to make it less controversial. Apologies for not being clear.
  • I think that most people who play killer were not saying that kill rates were really low, or at least I wasn't, but that the only reason kill rates were decent is because survivors mess around/are bad on this game. When, as a killer, you run into a …
  • That would have no impact on whether a killer could perform a mori, so I don't really see your point, unless I'm missing something.
  • Honestly I think noed is a pretty bad perk anyway. I've had to play with some pretty awful builds while I've been levelling all my killers up that I never used to play, meaning I've had a bunch of games with noed and whatever build I could throw tog…
  • I have to second this. I'd also like to see some other statistics, such as chase length per killer. Number of hook actions. Etc. There are a literally dozens of different statistics which could tell us a lot about how the game plays and how good or…
  • Might sound like a strange one but I really enjoy the audio of the game, and using crows to track. So I guess you could say the environmental stuff.