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  • Well... take that logic and turn it around. "I spent time blessing that!" But "oh well" that's the risk of using a Boon. It can get overwritten. I think it's more than fair given a killers Hex is permanently disabled unless Hex Undying is active. And I see survivors taking time to shift their boons to new locations all the…
  • I always find that there are ways to either bait, last second dodge, or vault to avoid plenty of attacks. It's not just about doing a lil 360. While I do like the idea of him earning it by taking a protective hit, it doesn't synergies with his other peeks very well given No Mither, but since no one tends to run that, I…
  • Sadako Yamamura actually lived in the well for thirty years. She's roughly in her mid to late forties. I was quoting someone else... but it somehow added you instead :/
  • Oh lord, I want to like it, but that cosmetic makes me think of a huge duck chasing me xD combined with her bird chokes, I'm basically laughing my head off running from "big-bird". On a side note, I've had a healthy dose of her today!
  • The problem is that he looks like a Dangan Ronpa character. -_- I just wish he had more to him then "sexy pop idol with knives". I don't mind attractive or normal looking killers, but at least the others have something that sets them apart besides the walking fanart style he's got. Even just making him pale would've…
  • The map can be traversed with excessive ease within 45 seconds. If pop is active, you'll have a gen in mind to use it on (usually) and you'll get to disrupt the progress just fine unless repressed alliance is used, which would have the same effect with the 60 second timer. Most killers that use Pop are almost exclusively…
  • I think you've made a good choice in maintaining the reference while keeping it within the range of Hillbilly's likeness. Excellent job!
  • I like the fact that he's similar to his roots (Leatherface) Plus it's nice seeing one of the original three getting attention besides the Wraith!
  • I like the really 90's feel these have, very cool!
  • Thank you very much! I am honestly just so happy that so many people like the idea! You're very kind <3 Thank you as well! I was honestly worried that I had messed up by not pushing the boundary further (Maybe put her in the dead miko's uniform) but I liked the idea of adhering to her ruined from the aftermath of a botched…
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • Thanks! Im glad ya think so! I always like outfits that are focusing on the horror of the character.
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • I'm glad! The spikes were my way of showing "corruption" from the failed purification (:
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • I really wanted to make something that embellished horror and her seething rage. ^ - ^ I'm glad it is scary!
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • Thank you, I'm happy so many people enjoy the concept! I was really wanting to make her a skin that fit her lore without being some kind of reference or an inside joke.
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • That's incredibly kind of you, thank you so much!
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the concept!
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • I SWEAR it was just a weird moment of chance while I perused new submissions XD But also again, thank you! ^3^
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • Oh wow wait. I got on here like, just to look I didn't realize I responded a minute after you wrote that xD but thank you!
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  • Thank you, you're very kind for thinking so! I'm glad you like my entry! <3
    in Rigbeta Comment by Rigbeta April 2020
  • A "smart" survivor plays using perks to their advantage, having one perk cause exhaustion with a powerful stun is still useful and breaks some of the meta by introducing another alternative playstyle type perk. If you don't wanna be perma-exhausted, use something else. Simple. The perk is listed as anti-tunneling, but we…
  • I am successful in matches playing primarily without exhaustion perks. It all depends on the player's ability to adapt to a playstyle and challenges. Look at the clown, he can easily delete exhaustion perks with certain add-ons, same with a few other killers. You're not helpless without those perks, there's still ways to…
  • What if using decisive strike made you exposed for the rest of the match? You use a get out of jail free card. But because you didn't work for it, you have to work harder. Or maybe you're permanently exhausted. Or even broken. Something that makes your role as the newly appointed obsession hell, but you have to accept the…
  • I'm not certain if the survivor would be Rin, but the devs have discussed potentially having Killer versions of survivors. So it's not too crazy, especially since the entity has the entirety of the multiverse to pull people from. Keep an open mind! 😜
  • Is it unreasonable to have my own response???
  • I hope he never gets in DBD. I hope instead we get more original killers. Because it's honestly frustrating that everyone wants (*insert existing horror icon here*) in the game, when original horror icons could be created with much more freedom. Everyone wants The Nun, Pennywise, Alien and Chucky. They all have their own…
  • Look at her character model, how she switches between emotions, how macabre and broken she is. Rational thought has more than likely been completely destroyed in her. She's more than likely unable to comprehend anything beyond kill and destroy now that her rage has been ignited. She is a cataclysm in a broken body. Onryos…
  • He doesn't fit the lore at all. He's a cosmic entity that hunted human children to feed on their fear. The reason he was beaten is because the adult versions of the kids realized his strength was dependent on their fear. The survivors in dbd are all adults, and the entity that created the facade of pennywise doesn't get…
  • I don't really get the hub-bub here. They just made her hair have actual strands instead of being a textures cloth like it was before ptb. It kinda actually looks a lot better compared to how static it was before the changes.
  • No problem. I can see why my comment might seem like it's aiming towards causing agitation especially since you've had to repeat yourself about your intentions regarding the post in general. I think the devs should indeed consider expediting the hook process towards either full sacrifice in the scenario you've pointed out.…
  • I was actually talking about DaS's comment but I forgot to quote them. I agree there's an inconsistency that should prolly be addressed cuz the parameters of it are a bit skewed.