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  • From now on you will always have the same error. No bloodpoints, no progression. No point to play the game.
  • Delete the game and look for another one. Devs did not fix this error since one year. I'm having this error since 1 year. Contacted to support 10 times. No fix.
  • I still have the same problem. Developers or support team wont fix it.
    in Sync Error Comment by Riquan August 2021
  • Welcome to the club. It will never get fixed. Start looking for another game.
    in Sync Error Comment by Riquan August 2021
  • I had this error last year on September. I still get the error. Can't play the game. You should look for another game. Devs won't fix it. I contacted to support like 10 times. It feels like I'm talking to a machine. There are no humans at their end support wise.
    in Sync Error Comment by Riquan August 2021
  • Welcome to the club. Say goodbye to the game. I'm having this error since 1 year. Still not fixed
  • The answer to my ticket is: Restart the game, Test the issue a littler later. Nice support, nice.
  • you solved it? (çözdün mü kardeş?)
  • Yeah dude. I'm really sorry too. I love the game but just cannot play it. If they fix it I want to play but they don't want to find a solution I guess. Trust me if %50 of the players had this error they would instantly fix it. But since the people having this error is like %2-3 of total playerbase, they dont give a…
  • I still get this error. It has been like 6 months or so. DEVS ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.
  • All of my tickets ignored, No dev answers on forums. Quit the game like I did if you want the error to be noticed. Don't play this broken game until they fix it. Make them realize they made a mistake by not giving a ######### about customers.
  • Just quit the game like I did until they fix the error. Don't act like their slave and try to play the game when it's broken. Don't be stupid.
  • When thousands of players are playing DBD without doing any of these stuff, who should I do it? I payed for this game. Just fix your damn servers.
  • Dzekior dont get me wrong bro. I'm pissed at developers making us use the VPN. I didn't want to make you sad. Sorry if I did.
  • Bro :D Why is the company forcing us to use VPN? Thousands of players playing the game without it. Why would I play it with a VPN? Worst solution ever.
  • Why would I use a VPN when everybody's playing the game without it ? We all payed for this game. WHY?
  • Still not fixed. I had this error like 1 week. Customer service doesn't respond to mails about this subject. The possible solution is using a VPN which I will never do. When thousands of player are playing without a VPN why would I? I payed for this game and they don't even care about me. I can NOT play the game because of…
  • Welcome to the brotherhood. They are forcing people to use VPN. This is a mistake that Albion Online did. In the end they lost %50 percent of their playerbase. They don't care about us or the Error code: 111 at the moment. But when people start to leave the game, they will eventually.
  • Why in hell would I play the game with a third party program when thousands are playing the game without any third party programs? I payed for this game like everyone else. It's has been 10 days guys. Just fix the damn error. Or fire the people who are working on this bug already. If I were in your company I'd only work to…
  • I think It's a server problem. There's a huge topic at Technical Issues discussion section. You can check it out. Hundreds of people are waiting for the fix. I tried every solution possible on my side. Nothing works.
  • Another hotfix wihout a solution and only balance changes. Nice Behaviour, very nice. If you release new skins I will buy them. Oh wait. I can't play the game because of Error 111. Sorry guys. No more money for you till you fix it.
  • I experienced several bugs. The bugs are acceptable if they don't affect your gameplay. I'm having Error code:111 since the latest patch. It's been like 7-8 days. I can't play the game. I can't gain any bloodpoints nor ranks. What's the point right? :)
  • I disagree with your last sentence. If fixing a MAJOR bag which prevents people playing the game is taking more than ONE WEEK there is a problem somewhere.
  • Instead of wasting money they earned from precious CONTENT and other stuff, they need to hire an employee for customer support first. Once they fix the bugs they will make more money. They are not aware of that. You are not aware of that too. I think you are an alt account of a developer fighting for a lost cause. If not I…
  • Well. I waited for 1 week for them to solve the bugs that I was experiencing which made the game unplayable for me. Then I quit the game and activated my wow account. I'm %100 sure the fix is on their side not mine. But there are no humans at the customer service. That's the problem. I had 500+ hours into the game. Every…
  • Why would I use a VPN when other players are playing the game without using extra programs? Devs should fix it.
  • Those blue posts are killing me softly :)
    in ERROR 111 Comment by Riquan August 2020
  • I also requested for a full refund for dlcs, skins and all the things that I bought for the game. The game is unplayable and noone cares. BTW in my opinions this won't be fixed soon. I used the get a similar error before the 4.1 patch. "Save game could not be read" error. Tried to contact the support about it. All they say…
    in ERROR 111 Comment by Riquan August 2020
  • After fighting for 5 days about the Error 111 and trying to make the support solve the "Error game could not be read" problem before the 4.1 patch I'm about to quit this game. They really don't care about it since we are a small percentage of players. I've seen these cases before. On social media platforms instead of…
  • This did not work for me.