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  • I'd agree with this with some stipends - maybe 30 seconds tops, and doesn't prevent actual spit from infecting you as that's direct interaction with the killer. It may even make some survivors do a quick risky play by cleansing towards the inners of the map to unhook someone before the immunity goes away.
  • Was he leaning from the wall adjacent to the stairs or literally standing in the center? There's a sweet spot ghostface can lean from where he can stalk while safely not being reveal able by people in that direction. To counter it you should wait out of view for him to come down towards you or walk away. Either choice he…
  • The last match I played as wraith had 2 flashlights and they tried to do this to me. The trick is to stop uncloaking immediately as it lets you move quickly and avoid the flashlight to prevent it. They waste their flashlight and stand nearly still allowing you to then uncloak safely and get a free hit.
  • one match I got instant dc on first down because he failed to use a near-safe pallet properly (didn't drop it on first loop) and then 2nd person dc'd right after. other match was fine but person who got 2nd hooked in basement gave up
  • The only time I fought against it I feel I knew exactly what she was doing. A single blink ~20 seconds into the match then nothing. After last gen was done I did the noed totem (a team mate happened to have hunch + map). I walked to the closed gate and saw my spine chill light up. So if someone tries this remember to face…
  • I don't, but I become EXTREMELY immersed since I'm now on death hook for no reason.
  • Yeah I feel they reduced that 3 second "nothing" period a weensy bit too much. Even 2 seconds would be fine honestly. Punishes him if he misses, but still a reward for hitting.
  • I've played against him once, and just finished my first match as one. first down: rage quit. second person I find 10 meters away, stands still and takes a hit. I walk away, disconnect. otherwise, he feels 300% better.
  • Most of them are safe now from what I've seen. The 2 in the operating circle are the only ones that remained unsafe from what I saw in my 2 matches in there.
  • The only thing it had for it was the size and shape before...they changed the shape so killer has to travel further for corner gens. Now they increased safe pallets in a map with infinite windows to use (only some being 'useless').
  • Meanwhile basement glitch got fixed for (almost all) survivors in less than a week. A glitch that affected a small amount of one side rushed to be fixed vs a glitch affecting the entire side. I understand that there's difficulty differences based on the recent stream, but a full month isn't long enough to give a "yep x…
  • Was it just bad rng for me or did the Lery's rework turn every single pallet outside of the operating circular room into safe pallets? The hallways used to be almost all unsafe / gameable with the "long rooms" / bathrooms being generally safe.
  • So right now it's: survivor doesn't heal and rushes gens after being unhooked cause they have a good 45 seconds of immunity, and there's always a locker nearby most generators on a map. After change: you choose to work on gens while injured giving up your DS and risking being "tunneled" which I call passive (the killer…
  • Except survivors can and do dodge - via disconnecting when they get insta downed by huntress. Or face a spirit. Or walk into a trap 5 seconds into a chase of their own fault. Or match ends before loading in because someone didn't load in because of the yellow mori. Or they got hawkins (one of the now two remaining killer…
  • They've decided this is a legal tech a long while ago, unlike the current hook one which is confirmed to be removed in the future. The rift update removed it accidentally, but was added back in with oni one. It's actually slightly harder now compared to pre-accident, but generators spawning near the tractor won't disable…
  • All the people saying it's easy to counter: any of you got a video example on hand? I'm not great at imagining how to aim properly to not hit the hook pole or the hooked survivor and rather the person between the 2 things. I'll also admit it's only been used against me twice out of the what 50 matches since it's arrived?:…
  • Parroting what everyone else said, post phase lunge means you have to wait a second to attack a survivor if you didn't land directly on them giving the dead hard value a bit more if they aren't on the ball. Add on that as soon as you walk behind a small wall all of your sounds vanish unless you're a generator. I happened…
  • My favorite is +rep fairplay killer and same guy -rep plays nurse (before the nerf)
  • Your video actually shows the issue: you heard her from open areas. The bug is sound vanishing when survivors/generators/totems are out of line of sight. You can even have this happen as a survivor while working on a generator that has a wall nearby and you 'hide' the generator from your line of sight. Before you walked…
  • The only doctors who will be hurt are those who relied on static field with distressing + addons to constantly put people into t3 to stall the game. Small maps like all the indoor maps + coal tower had him covering near the entire 'effective' map (ie the gens you need to work on).The improvements to the chasing part (which…
  • I like plague's ability when actually playing her while clown falls short in feeling (there's a reason people call freddy a better clown). Add in that all 3 of her teachables are between great perks to usable depending on killer vs clowns 'meta' perk, beginner helping perk, and memeish perk.
  • I feel people use borrowed time just so they can rush hooks safely without care of their team mate since hey they can eat a hit fine. Then team mate body blocks their ally because they can + DS combo. No time put in to heal yourself to get that free second hit value
  • Replace self care with borrowed time and you'll probably get 4 in the top 5 :P
  • It's been said in another thread that they are reducing the shock therapy's 'cooldown period' and fixing the delay from shock fired to shock hitting (it's currently .25s later than normal)
  • Yeah if people are talking about that initial-release DS nerf then yeah it's a nerf, and even back then matches some of the things BHVR has been trying to reduce/get rid of: MoM's nerf, insta heals and so on giving third/fourth chances in a single chase. That DS would be an instant second chance unless the killer was right…
  • yeah I honestly can't tell if they're talking about something else or the rework which became a buff to anyone who played killer for a while.
  • Sadly I had this exact situation when I first got plague. 2 minutes on her temple map of spitting on my 4 unblocked gens till gens got unblocked so I ventured out to my new gens and later come back to my first gen with someone on it. As with most killers you have to change your playstyle if it's obviously a trapper (while…
  • When you were hit by a killer's basic attack 3 times, it activated for a free hit when injured. Now it requires 3 protection hits which are much harder to get. Imagine every single survivor taking a 7th hit if you're playing "fairly" or a 5th hit if you're downing them injured each time to be fully killed. They nerfed…
  • "surge because it doesn't require you to kick a gen, just like the new hex:ruin".
  • I'm mentioning surge because it doesn't require you to kick a gen, just like the new hex:ruin does. Or is your point only to a single perk of your choice at a time?