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  • With Surge you aren't required to kick the gen, they should make it consistent.
  • Yeah your second paragraph entails all of DS now though. Someone can be an obsession but it's because the other 3 players are running DS.
  • Yes you gave up a few seconds if you could make it to the hook safely - and you get a hook out of it. Otherwise you would have to slug them...sounds familiar. If we're using a hook as map pressure then the slugged old DS person is 1 person not on a gen. Yeah they definitely didn't use it back then - but that's more because…
  • Yeah...old DS was easily countered and since only 1 survivor got "full" use out of it - less used it. Now all 4 survivors can use it equally and since you can't slug someone in a locker there is no counter to it since you can't drop them after pulling them out of the locker. The old "just slug them" worked for maybe the…
  • May I ask what this nerf is everyones mentioning? I started feb 2019 and the only change to DS was a giant buff
  • They aren't talking about the pre-game lobby bug that was changed. They're planning on removing ranks from the post-game perk/items/addons screen.
  • Of normal regression rate. When a killer spends the...2 seconds? kicking a generator it starts regressing at .25% per second. 1x that rate is the same. 1.5x is ~.375%. 2x is .5%.
  • What do you mean 2%? It's .5% per second. And that's only at the highest level of it. A survivor spends 50 seconds a gen and it'll take 100 for it to regress to 0.
  • I had the same but on blood lodge. A grand total of 3 hooks (1 after gens were done) with ruin.
  • Which DS nerf are you talking about? I'm trying to find out if this is a differing viewpoint or just a different DS change that happened before I started.
  • It'll be slightly easier yes...Assuming you still get enough whacks on players and hook actions (ie someone giving up on first hook denies you 2 of the possible 12 where you need 9 minimum...so no one else can miss a single hook which is hard to do when it's down to the last player.
  • Not to speak of things unreleased...Be prepared to be rather disgruntled tomorrow.
  • I don't know honestly. After all the extra matches I've been playing due to the rift's grindyness and challenge attempting, I'm quite burned out. I unlocked my last unlockable killer via shards so there isn't a huge need to play a match a day anymore and dailies are only bp so I should do my best to ignore those. Maybe…
  • He aims for the 4k/win (I say win cause he usually lets the 4th hatch escape after he's secured victory). In his streams sometimes he gets a bit greedy and he ends up with a single hook when he had someone downed + downed another, but saw another and chased them for far too long so #4 saved the previous two. Though I…
  • He's never liked Ruin honestly. He usually says something along these lines "If I win with Ruin, I don't feel like it's a win usually. It stays up for most of the match and I have some of the easiest matches." He's also quite a heavy user of slugging / single hooking though which I personally don't agree with, but it's…
  • No it's just the basement bug got fixed near immediately in comparison to the sound bug that is still going on since oni's release - the speed boost which I thought got fixed is actually still going on at times, one guy was running circles around me as trapper right into a trap. That's why we don't feel good about "hey…
  • Game breaking bugs...like the one that's been going on for a full month that released with the basement bug which got rushed to be fixed within a week (barring the few outliers that still happens supposedly). Killers get them too. So 3 nerfed killers along with RELEASING 3 new killers. Releasing a new killer isn't the same…
  • It's almost like the past 6ish months haven't been very kind to killers overall.
  • May I ask what this nerf of DS everyone is talking about? I started early 2019 and the only changed to DS has been an overall buff. pre change: I have an obsession and down them. There's a hook 5 seconds away. I pick up, take a step or two, drop. Rinse and repeat till hook. Non obsessions were never an issue unless people…
  • Your blue bar is in the wrong starting position for this to be accurate in balance.
  • They aren't going to get gatekeeper more easily though: it's only a bonus if they 3k+ (cause hatch escape is fine for gate keeper) which isn't what their aim is if you remember their constant statistics 'goals'.
  • It definitely isn't - Queue times for survivors in red ranks has a wait time at the moment (ie the people who play most). This would mean we're above the 80%. Meanwhile killers in the lower ranks have a longer wait - because survivors rank up so easily meaning they lose their opponents. Now we have matchmaking broadening…
  • Except for every 4 survivors there NEEDS to be 1 killer. Say there's currently 800 survivors / 150 killers at the moment (random numbers). That's 150 matches going on at any time with 200 survivors waiting for the next killer to pop up. More survivors won't cause any more matches to go on, and increase wait time for the…
  • It's noticeable ever since the nurse rework / rift introduction. I'm not saying the former is the reason: the latter likely made more killers try out survivor and realized how much easier it is to play and do well every single game regardless of their opponent. It was even released with a nerf to instant heals so survivor…
  • Peanit's post in another thread.
  • Supposedly it either will once you stop working on the generator, or you'll see the sparks right away even though the killer kicked it. Therefore you'll know when it matters - when you're the 1 survivor out of 4 being chased off 1 generator.
  • Meanwhile you now have 3 survivors working at 100% speed vs 3 survivors working at 100% - ruin's speed (rng). I'd take the former as a survivor 100%. I'm honestly not perfect at skill checks like some people are so I sometimes would miss a skill check by hitting too early to try for those greats, or just hit a good and…
  • Honestly this would make it worth using when pairing with other perks - If all you need to do is continue working on a gen (something you're doing anyway) why would you waste time looking for a totem + 14 seconds working on it when that time could be spent finishing the gen you're not being pressured on.
  • People are going to start seeing a lot more corrupt intervention now I assume. Ruin stopped people from stacking on gens which ended up working in survivors' favor often, but it still slowed down all survivors effectively. New ruin now pressures...the survivor you just chased off a gen? While 3 survivors work unhindered…
    in RIP Ruin Comment by S_Panda January 2020
  • Both maps have a different basement spawn which could end up just as bad. Lery's library/'office' is hard to get into as a killer as there's 2-3 window entrances and otherwise the killer has to do a decent walk around. Ormond has the shack as the other and like above can be opposite-cornered. Best bet would be…