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  • Look, I know I need to play survivor more, but at this point, I am begging survivor mains to play Killer more. We're already incentivized to spread our hooks out. Not only is it worth more XP, but it gives us better emblems. And there's perks that give you a stack the *first* time you hook a survivor (I run No Way Out, but…
  • Sometimes, reading these, I get the feeling that some survivors are claiming any Killer that does not perfectly evenly spread out the hooks is "tunneling". Like they feel a killer should elect to not give Chase because they've hooked you twice and the others once or never. Doesn't matter that you're the one that failed the…
  • Look, I wanted to pick them up and hook them, but I couldn't find them again, okay? It's Deep Wounds' fault, not mine!
  • Killer can open a gate or close the hatch to force endgame. Closing the hatch also auto-fixes all the generators.
  • I've made that hit on a survivor fast vaulting a window a few times. It's mostly just being close enough to land the blow before they vault.
  • See, here's the thing: As far as I've gathered, "Tunneling" is community slang for "getting tunnel vision for one particular survivor"? It's a kind of mild griefing where I'm aiming for this one survivor out of all survivors to specifically down, hook, and sac. I'm... not doing that. All the survivors are approximately the…
  • Look, I did a match where I didn't throw a single knife and got a TPK. I don't know how else I'm supposed to get blood points *and* give survivors a chance. Using my power is letting them have counterplay at this MMR.
  • Or, I hit them, eat the one second hitstun, and they get to rabbit for 20 seconds and lose up to 22 seconds of future protection.
  • I know Decisive Strike is the one where they get a free wiggle out. That's fun counterplay! It means I get another chase! Borrowed Time is the one where they glow white for a moment instead of hugging the ground? I was under the impression that it could only proc once per saviour per match? It doesn't really seem that…
  • One survivor ar 2/3 hooks is worth more XP to me than two survivors at 1/3 hooks and often they're a quicker Chase because they're still Injured and I now have a fresh stock of knives. Going after the rescuer by choice is a bad decision for me in every sense of the word.
  • 1.) Flashlights have a battery life that is measured in seconds. They're not infinite-use. You can still move and act when you're flashlight-blinded -- it's not a stun. Just break the pallet they've trapped you behind or spam out a blind swing. It's not like you care about the missed-hit stun when you can't see anything,…
  • The game went temporarily free on Epic on Thursday, Dec 2nd. You made this post on Sunday, December 5th. It's absolutely new people. (I'm one of the new people, Hi!) people are still learning the game or picking up the FOOS and aren't aware of the several-years old games' organically grown non-verbal communication and…
  • Look, I got the game when it started going free on Epic, like, three days ago. Honestly, just chase them, get your 300 blood points for the free weapon hit, and call it a match. Maybe nab XP for a hatchet/knife/harpoon instead if you're chasing down a ritual or an Archive challenge or something. Or even just practice with…