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  • Not shocked at all another oversight by BHVR.
  • Agreed with everything. Also the boons seem to not have height restrictions I believe I saw used on meat plant so they had the whole map secured
  • I am just saying killer's found it to be toxic so they reacted as such Idk why I quoted you. Bored I guess. Without PC users my que times are high
  • Um your not even in the real world based on the description so how can you be blinded? Logic is required to make the character background and ability make sense. Yeah just look down, so fun. Hence why I run lightborn and tunnel flashlight users for being toxic.
  • Toxic survivors are real, flashlights abuse, gen rushing pallets reset to be reslammed constant teabagging who is to hlame? Both. Started with survivors and killers adapted to make ends meat.
  • All my PC based friends cannot play as this is in fact a steam based thing after the update, why are so many bugs still not found after all the work? My gosh can't even play with my buddy now.
  • Odd, I will make a pass at that tonight and check it out that actually maybe the same thing I keep hearing but sometimes this occurs on the third gen oddly when I am in a chase and I am 100% certain that it happens only when in a chase and I usually will drop a chase to apply pressure in the recently fixed gens location,…
  • You think I go AFK no you won't just die or do a gen to which I may actually let you do if you beg you finish all of them then I may let you live or die but at least I let you have the points I get sweaty and thirsty for a actual chase rather than, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, teabag, escape.
  • Why yes it is thank you. I WILL obviously make a better detailed statement about a desireable Morphing killer later on.
  • One or two at most who am I kidding if I am lucky. I stopped trying at 10pm last night.
  • I also don't think that boons should be the survivor's hex that is the one that can be continually brought back in to the game unlike hexes. A bit one sided in honesty but you know. If snuffed out snuffed out then survivor's will whine for better hiding spots so both sorta benefit but really only the survivor's will.…
  • I am literally asking for a killer that is a Morphing concept but being stupid while doing it.
  • Read the lower half of me not being stupid for being awake for 24h killing people and getting gen rushed and teabagged all night.
  • That would just be fair it would force them to cleanse the totems as normal lose the boon lose the hex the way it should have been before hand honestly. But here we are.
  • Fine but no other boons can be used when this one is in play. This one will deactivate all other boons.
  • It's gorgeous yet not gorgeous, she looks less Asian and more white girl than her story background. She should look more Asian not more white girl. David looks like he is dying. Wait actually isn't that Adam? Not David?
  • Well 8 meters is literally on top of a locker anyway, if your listening you can hear them breathing, injured or just run Ironmaiden and come back when they get out lol or use Ironmaiden and check the locker super fast and move on lol. Either way you are seen at some point.
  • I agree that it is not worth a the rarity of it's current form and all the addons are better in comparison to this now so brown would actually be a bigger reason to use it as I use vaulting speed/ kicking speed addon when cloaked as it makes my life easy hit something cloaked, move on and back on top of the survivor in a…
  • That uncloaking increase would have been better trade than the meters if anything 9-10 meters would have been better and this is coming from a Killer main.
  • You don't understand it was actually OP before. You have sheer speed with the wraith, if you need more than 8 meters your doing it wrong but however I believe it should show people in lockers as a trade off because 8 meters is pretty darn close and a good wraith would be on top of someone easily but 8 meters lets you see…
  • I don't deny if I had to rank killer's it would be in favor of Myers but I have seen so many when I started and it was easy times even when I sucked at the game, I don't deny outside of a real match instantaneous death isn't a win. But Movie Myers is a special kind of fun, would have been my go to if I had Movie Freddy, I…
  • Just a mention entity displeased, he failed as his job, because he didn't meet the standards to be a good killer even when he got two kills with a mori it wasn't enough, an he claimed to have that addon was OP? He used a bug in order to gain a situation in which it hard can be said can be doable unless your a potato. Edit:…
  • This was a clear and obvious answer to the issue with that addon it only allows for you to kill one, unless you meet the insane requirement of killing one right before it ends otherwise you cannot get back to T3, I don't deny it takes time and can be done and is a bit much but the hugest thing is he is garbage, he said he…
  • I don't deny if you bring one of the stalking addons for increased speed it's pretty easy but I have found out during this I feel required to use deerstalker, Knockout, Dying Light and Spies and or Than or The clowns 50% healing reduction in order to prevent them from getting back up as grabbing the survivor's doesn't…
  • Only perk I have seen worth it's salt is dying light, worst thing is it deactivates the moment when the obsession dies instead of just not being able to get anymore stacks forcing me to leave someone alive the whole game and make me aware of whom I can't hook sometimes they body block and I slug them and then they DC on…
  • Amen and the worst type of survivor's are the one that sit still and wait for you to hit them with borrowed time and run out a open exit gate and Tbag at the end. No fear of death when there hardly is any deaths when you have a small amount of understanding and know how.
  • Also increased gen times is mitigated by survivor's actually bringing in tool boxes which give a more balanced approach to the problem solving gen rushing for killer's but hey, you have to have the survivor's make a mistake not the killer who can literally lose a game due to one mistake or you know one lucky dead hard…
  • Hexes are overwhelmingly obsolete and boons are infact a more balanced version but for survivor's sake, Survivor's I know for a fact can sometimes spawn on top of them. totem locations in auto heaven actually spawn near the damn generator's but ironically they don't touch them if not lit. Because you know why bother unless…
  • Do you realize that a single tombstone is a huge amount of stalking? You actually have to cap out on 1 person then 1 person and anhalf I believe, the amount of stalking it takes would cause the survivor's death if they let him stalk that long as it isn't hard to use lithe and get distance or sprint burst and cut the line…
  • I get that hexes do not mean it stays in the game the whole time, but having to use UD is a bad example of how often survivor's will actually spawn on top of the hex, causing it to be gone in seconds and If not a perk will find it or map, now I believe that hexes shouldn't ever have been "lit" as the in game description…