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  • Oh I agree it's much better than before. And I suppose you are correct, in the sense on some level it's "good" to me. I really only ever play with friends but I used to play both sides. Yes for the type of game it is it as balanced as asymmetrical can get. I do however play it far less. I only find it good when playing…
  • I mean asymmetrical means uneven so yeah. I never said I was unhappy in any way. It's just always going to be a shifting balance no matter how much anyone complains. That is the point. You literally have several killers that break the game mechanics. Lot's of perks are overpowered and underpowered. I've accepted it's bad,…
  • Can't we just all agree this game is horribly unbalanced and the developers don't know what they're doing? This is an asymmetrical game so one side is always going outweigh the other. Perks get changed so there is no reason to complain. As long as one side whines, the developers try to please it and vice versa. Also gay…
  • Simplest option is just to remove ranks. But we all know how broken the game is any yet we still play it.
  • They care it's just hard to balance an asymmetrical game. However that hook changes was a bit too much. 30 seconds for all respawn is too quick. I think it should have been at most half of what it was. Plus the toolbox is useless at this point now. Next thing i see coming are key and flash light changes. It's getting…
  • Im still waiting to see what an "unknown error" means. That and why I get a random NAT error every so often.
  • Just get rid of the ranking system all together. It serves no purpose and there is no incentive to be at high ranks. On top of that since this is an asymmetrical game, balancing is never going to be proper. Hit boxes are an issue only in a few ways. I've been hit over a fence in haddonfield by a few killers when it's…
  • Just remove ranks and queue times are solved. Plus the randomness factor of being paired with new and old players makes it interesting. Also there is no incentive for being at a higher rank.
  • In all honesty they should just remove the ranking system. It doesn't serve a purpose. You get nothing at rank one. If there was some incentive to be a high rank then maybe. Most higher ranks are either sweaty killers and toxic survivors or swf. I've even had 4 red ranks against me at rank 10 so yeah.
  • BT and DS both got nerfed way back. BT only applies to the unhooked. Used to be both. DS is now just slugged out for 60 seconds. As for SB, DH and adrenaline, they are all situational, if you want a survivor look at it. On the killer side you have mori's, ruin, bad hit boxes, the basement and any other way to slow the game…
  • Actually i play both quite a lot and I agree it does but the fact you can't turn it off is what's annoying to me.
  • Not against Oni. It's better to be healed so he doesn't get his power superfast.
  • I say add a blind mechanic to when survivors fail a skill check on a gen. The explosion adds a temp blindness for a few seconds.
  • It seems with oni being out now its a needed thing or a medkit.
  • I mean if you're going to nerf keys, then nerf ebony moris. As op as killers say survivors are remember you keep getting survivors nerfed. Bloodlust is now a thing, hitboxes increased in size, perks are consistantly nerfed on survivors and not killers, aim assist was also added. But lol to that.
  • BT is ok but DS needs to revert. By that I mean it persists until you're picked up as a one time use. No juggling. So basically make as it is now but remove the timer, I've just been seeing killers wait it out, even if i run into a locker to make sure i can use it on a tunnler.
  • True, but still that is a benefit for one side over the other. If you do that you have an unbalanced game. Granted i agree its harder at higher ranks, but at the same time you need to develop a play strat to combat that. I've still 3 or 4k most times even without ruin. The only balance to that i could think of is reducing…
  • That really doesn't make it far for them then. The whole thing is built around split second decisions. If you can't down them break off and go for someone else i do it all the time especially with swf. But gen speeds are ok. What makes them quicker is if you have more than 1 survivor on them. Plus killers have perks to…
  • Agreed. It should be changed to 2 at max.
  • It's no different for killers man. I just try to make the game fun for everyone. If i bump into a wall as billy i look at the wall and smack it then go on my way. I don't tunnel and i never use the basement because its too strong. The only time i mori is if it's a daily. Lets be honest mori's aren't fun for any survivor.…
  • Hate to say it but being the meta perks. Game isn't balanced for any side really. I've beat others with and without them. Most red ranks use ruin and sloppy as a combo then 2 random one.
  • That needs a rework again. All killers do now it just wait it out. I have to jump into a locker half the time just to use it if tunneled. Needs to be reverted back to old one BUT still goes off before you can be dropped. Prevents slugging or causes it. But tbh the whole game is horribly unbalanced. Most killers at red…
  • It amazes me that a killer being op in some way is the biggest issue when we should he focusing on hit boxes. Plus he's not op if you learn how to play against him. I've run circles around players at high ranks as a survivor. Playing him is easy too just bring chewed pen and another addon, can't remember the name, and…
  • It's not the Nat that's the issue it's dbd. I never had this issue untill recently. No problems with anything other than errors of the unknown kind and "nat" issues. Even when i set it to open I was still having this problem.
  • *Cough* basement op *cough*
  • Like 100 per offering idc, I'm just sick of seeing them in my inventory. It's an eyesore to me and bothersome.
  • Need some psychedelic trance music for doctor, jugs, spoons and a banjo for hillbilly, slavic tribal music for huntress, the carnival music for clown, saw theme music when you're about to die from pig would be cool too.
  • Its been 2 years I doubt you'll bring back either offering event. Seeing as how the rift is out you really haven't done an event since year of the pig. How about just turn them into blood points?
  • Just make a 2v8 then all is done.
  • I have a good one, no basement, hatch only with keys, decrease hook respawn to compensate for no basement, reduce amount of keys found or in bloodweb to prevent it being overused, decrease wiggle timer by like 1 second to 15. Also revert to old hit boxes since they doubled in size since the games inception. I'd say that's…