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  • As someone who uses Small Game in my every day perk build, I entirely only use it for totem hunting. The trap thing was nice, kinda, but I don't really care to use it for those. What it does now give us, though, is a totem counter. We've been asking for a totem counter for the longest time and I actually think this was a…
  • At first I thought it was super broken, but after playing a good chunk of games on both sides: Killer: I started off today around rank 13 getting paired with red ranks and was getting decimated. I'm awful at killer and generally only play for archive stuff. But I'm good enough to steamroll new survivors (sorry noobies) so…
    in MMR FEEDBACK Comment by Siren March 2021
  • First: I love DbD and I want to always support it, however. Please, please, please, please listen to the feedback you get from the PTB. The players that take the time time download the test build, sink time into it, and provide feedback from it are among your most dedicated players. There's no reason our feedback should be…
  • I would pay any amount of money for this cosmetic, holy crap.
  • Ranking will have 0 effect on matchmaking after they push the change through, as they stated in the blog post, no matter how high you climb or how low your rank drops.
  • It's not toxic. But people don't do it very often in games so the killers never expect it, so it is extremely frustrating to them when multiple hooks are sabo-ed. I tried to only do 3 hooks per game, but that's just my personal preference.
  • Sure, the killers I've spoken to in game must be delusional then and feeding me false info. We can run with that. I don't care if you believe me or not, cause I know what I'm saying is true. The fact that you're demanding such hard evidence with no consideration that it may be true, shows you probably won't change your…
  • I've asked other killers who run both perks when I come up against them how it's working, and they have always said it works well. I take info from discussion threads in here from regular players, dev posts, survivor main streamers, killer main streamers, and info I gather with questions I ask in the end game chat. I…
  • Trust me, I've paid too much attention. I've read everything. I've listened to the streamers talk about it. With all the info I've gathered, I agree with the side of the coin that it's just average players needing the crutch perk, who now can't stand on their own two feet cause they've either never learned or forgotten how…
  • Red rank survivor, I've seen the success it can have, if you don't cause half the survivors to DC from it. Purple rank killer, I don't slug/camp/tunnel when I play killer unless a survivor teabags, so I can't vouch from that side either.
  • I include both survivors and killers in my statement. Everyone should learn how to be decent without crutch perks, survivors should learn to do other things such as cleanse totems rather than holding M1 on gens the whole game, and killers should learn how to apply pressure without having to camp/tunnel/slug.
  • @HazeHound Eh, ranks haven't meant anything for so long already. It's easy for killers to get to red ranks by just playing scummy and slugging everyone. And red/purple ranks have been full of crap survivors for a long time as well. Corrupt doesn't really do much but push you towards the killer, it only blocks the three…
  • Not really. I play Legion in red/purple ranks and don't even have Ruin as a perk. I don't camp, slug, or tunnel unless a survivor teabags me and I do just fine. You just have to keep the pressure on and learn how to keep up with mind games to end chases quickly.
  • That's actually what I do on some maps that have a disadvantage to gen set up. Keep pressure on one end of the map, force them into three gen-ing, sometimes even four gen-ing themselves, and then they're frankly kind of screwed.
  • Hit the nail on the head, Behavior isn't killing their game, people's crappy attitudes are. I've never seen so many people think that the better option to a change is to whine and cry and throw temper tantrums, rather than just saying "well that sucks, but I'll just have to learn to do better." It's super cringey.
  • You know, I've been thinking about that a lot too. What did the killers do back then, just lose all of their games?
  • I'm a bit confused, are you saying the Ruin changes are going to be more beneficial to average players then? I've seen most who think the higher ranks will actually be a better place full of better players now with the change. Personally, I don't really care much about rank. Any killer get get to rank 1 by playing scummy,…
  • Yeah there's many different factors that contribute to how the games go, but that hasn't just become a thing with the Ruin change. I can definitely see it working well with all of those killers.
  • I'm still stuck on how you keep saying they removed Ruin. It's not removed. Removed means gone, non existent. They simply changed it. And if you think about it, it does the same exact thing as old Ruin, except it reverts gen progress instead of just slowing it down. You just, you know, actually have to do things as killer…
  • Or strong because some people know how to play killer and keep survivors off of gens? Do you often have killers that are okay with you just sitting on a gen in front of them? Man I want to play against those.
  • False, I've played against it at red ranks and it's still strong. Gens just don't get done if you actually play killer properly. Gens regress at 2 TIMES the normal speed with tier 3. You just want to complain.
  • Again, that's a map issue, not a perk issue.
  • It wasn't removed though... Have you tried actually using it since the change went through? I swear to you, the perk is stronger now. Use it, and patrol your gens, and they will never get done. And as I've said many times now, if it gets cleansed in the beginning, then you're in the same boat as with the old ruin.
  • No, we're just able to look at the bigger picture of the game, or just don't care at all, like most of us with the Ruin change, because the performance of killers should not be based on one single perk, ever.
  • Because the player base always throws a fit with any big change? Ruin turned into a crutch perk for average players to help boost them into thinking they were better than average. Even if gen speeds were reduced, with that mindset they would have continued to use Ruin after the nerf and would have still been dependent on…
  • So your first point. I don't think they worded the doctor changes correctly tbh. These changes were definitely made in the interest of killer players, not survivor. He's much, MUCH stronger now, so to continue being upset over some writing seems a bit silly at this point. I still stand by the point of ruin was such a…