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  • Yup. earlier i got hit with Freddy's snare and used dead hard to gain distance to the pallet and didn't go anywhere, then became exhausted. Might be Freddy's snare causing this issue or if its INTENTIONALLY suppose to ruin dead hard. That would be a disgusting decision from the devs
  • They work but it’s incredibly hard to time them correctly now cause the chop in the zeroing. Really annoying cause you can’t tell if it’s actually zeroing or not and a lot of the time it’s zeroing too late on perfectly time pick ups.
  • nothings going to happen to somebody throwing down pallets for no reason but yeah it’s annoying and unfortunate to have an idiot like that on your team. Pay attention to the survivors status on the bottom left. It’s really easy to tell who is who by injuries, healed, downed, hooked, ect. However I wouldn’t mind seeing…
  • i bet you’re a rank 15 killer that has little knowledge about the real balance issues in the game... gen rushing lul
  • My only complaint about spirit is she badly needs a vault animation.
  • Yeah it’s always a swift kick in the nuts when you buy a character, spend hours worth of bp on and it’s all for nothing in the end because anyone with half a mind knows it’s useless after the nerf
  • Imagine end game and closing the hatch not being good enough now for killers. Take away the small chance they may even find the hatch before getting killed or getting that far in to the game, that’s if they even bring a key which isn’t incredibly common. I play red ranks where it’s a consistent Billy, nurse and spirit…
  • It’s a dumpster perk now lol 3 protection hits is ridiculous and on top of that their game registration half the time doesn’t read what technically is a protection hit.
  • the way the devs are leaning with their beliefs of " balancing " the game, at some point they are going to remove sprinting from survivors at this rate. I'm all for actual balance but god damn, every patch is cutting something from survivors while killers go unchanged or buffed. its hard not to see how biased and single…
  • i love it, especially the face and hair.
  • Just going to be another dead perk. Pretty annoyed that I legitimately bought Ash for it only to be useless. I think it does need some work but the way they think is ridiculous.
  • All of them are great, except Nea’s green hair. If they fix the bald spots on the back of her head and how visible her scalp is I’d love it. Doubt they will though
  • From the front it looks great, but from the back it’s so god damn awful lol. They just need to colour her scalp or patch in the missing bits of hair
  • I like all of them.. except Nea’s, this is disgusting with all these bald spots