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  • Now that the ptb is closed, can we at least know if feedback about the new streamer mode is even being listened to? This feature is extremely important to me and many others. I just want to make sure it's not only being created for big streamers and leaving out the little guys.
  • As I said, I can agree with that, but it doesn't make it fair that he has built in light born. Perhaps letting him have the light born as he slams someone into the wall, but he quickly drops them and has the option to pick up, the same as a killer would have their basic attack cool down after a hit. He would only "GRAB"…
  • This is good to know, but man is it frustrating that there isn't an option to show our info on End Game Screen, like how the killer has a fair game till end game.
  • Honestly, it's a mix between lack of cosmetics and the big part here...the Iron Will nerf. I want to play her, I do...but even with Iron Will, she's as loud as Zarina is normally when injured. That's crazy, man. I can't do it. I was so excited to play her, too, but...yeah...She's way too loud, and one of the few survivors…
  • Haha, thank you. I do hope BHVR at least acknowledges how important the first part of this is to a lot of us.
  • He actually can be. He can be flash bang saved and a duo beamer timed correctly can save someone. Also, he doesn't grab people from lockers OFTEN. Whereas Wesker downs people using his power most of the time. Almost every time he downs someone he picks them up automatically with his power, so he always has it.
  • I actually hope they don't hide them. I've found I get less frustrated when MMR messes up and gives me baby teammates, because I see their prestige at the start. Like, if I see someone P3 or less, I know that either they barely play that character, or they're newer to the game. So, I get less frustrated when they do…
  • I wouldn't mind this at all! I just assumed that either the animations wasn't set for all models/rigs, or there could be an issue with some sort of licensing involving the *thumbs up* related to Rebecca, but I'd LOVE to have this on all survivors.
  • Just checking to see if this is getting any traction, so this doesn't go live in this state if possible. Also, I was informed that ... -If Blastmine deactivates it takes the gen progress with it, and requires re-earning/doing all gen progress for it.
  • I feel like a lot of people don't realize that the survivor is basically "exposed" at full infection. If Wesker "bounds" a survivor at full health and full infection, they are automatically grabbed / carried away. So, there is still a big risk from being infected.
  • Just wanting to make sure this issue is caught before it goes live. I've also read other reports that Blastmine in conjunction with this perk will delete generator progress / wiretap is destroyed no matter what generator is kicked, even if it's not the one it is active on.
  • This means so much to me that you'd take the time to come write this much after hearing me talk about how much this feature means to me. While I know that many people think "it's our choice" to advertise ourselves and we should deal with what comes our way, I just don't see why that makes sense. I know there are good eggs…
  • I can agree with this, so wouldn't a fair compromise be that he only insta grabs / has lightborn if they are full infected & instagrabbed. However, if he simply hits them for their second health state / even slamming into a wall, the survivor slams and then is dropped to the ground. He then has the ability to pick them up…
  • yes, people would intentionally get grabbed for a MUCH HARDER flash light / flash bang save? I would much rather him only grab if the survivor is fully infected, and sure give them free lightborn if that's the case. The problem is it is already EXTREMELY hard to even be in a position for this, and he is not saveable. He…
  • I 100% agree. We tried for about an hour and were unsuccessful with Flash Bangs or Beamers. I saw a clip on Twitter of someone getting a FB save, but I'm almost positive the killer just didn't look away fast enough, because it was a public match. If this is intended, please don't allow him to grab for EVERY SINGLE hit that…
  • Thank you, I try my best to give helpful feedback on features. In this case, Streamer Mode is EXTREMELY important to me, and I hope the devs will at least acknowledge my feedback.
  • lol. I hope it's a bug, but yeah, we tested it many different ways, and he definitely cannot be blinded until he fully finishes the slam/grab...which at that point, he can look away.
  • Pyramid Head literally wears a Metal Geometry box, he does not have Lightborn
  • I'd actually love something like this. I was saying earlier I hate perks that incentivize my team dying. Horrible for altruistic players, and really leads to horrible teammates sometimes. Even if they wanted to keep it an endgame perk, perhaps once the exit gates are powered for 90 seconds you have no grunts of pain /…
  • I agree with all of this. I gave feedback before this patch came out that it needed to be adjusted. The requirement should be reduced in general, but also, please...stop screwing me over because someone hops on a gen with prove thyself when I'm at like 80%, and I don't get the rest of my flash bang. Right now it takes 50%…
  • I'll be opening a ticket for this soon. I've written out a long post with multiple clips / screen shots to prove that Dead Hard + Pallets are bugged, and I believe they experience the same issue. It would seem when they altered dead hard/pallet validation the patch after they gave DH validation whatever they did created…
  • This has been an issue for a while now, but I don't believe it has been acknowledged. Could we please get some eyes on this? It'd be really nice to fight the 4 slow down meta with a gen build.
  • Could also literally have precious menu backgrounds for animated wallpapers. I'd love that so much. Imagine having the rpd lobby as your background.
  • I'm a huge Resident Evil fan, it's literally my childhood. So, of course when it came to DBD I couldn't contain myself and I splurged to buy EVERYTHING. Claire is one of my favorite characters in the series, and even though her face was messed up, I was certain it was a bug that would be fixed promptly. Over a year…
  • I thought this the other day. I was running my silly lucky break build, and I got to a corner and started healing myself. I was on death hook, and a Meg came up to heal me. I could have continued healing myself with my medkit, but she started bagging relentlessly, so I let her heal me. The whole time I was sitting there…
  • It is definitely shocking that certain issues like this aren't at least "acknowledged". To clarify, I don't expect an immediate "Okay, we're working on it, and here is an ETA", but a simple - "Thanks for catching this, I'll make sure people are informed". I just want to know the issue is being taken care of. It's so very…
  • This issue seems to be becoming more common for more people after midchapter. A lot of people that thought I was crazy when I said I was experiencing this from Dredge release are now also dealing with it since mid chapter. I hate that it's plagueing more people, but I'm happy to know I'm not crazy. This is pretty…
  • Just hoping to get this acknowledged. Been an issue for a bit now, and I haven't seen anyone post it.
  • Hopefully this can get looked at. It seems like a small fix. Although, some things that seem small are a pain with coding. It'd save me from ripping my hair out in solo queue.