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  • I don't mind Vigo's so much because he has a different tone. He's not a friend to any of the characters; he certainly isn't friendly with the killers, but the lore implies his experiments made the killers more powerful (though that's not borne out in gameplay), so he's not an ally of the survivors either. Most importantly,…
  • Other people have already pointed out that this has been canonically disproven, so I'll adress what I think is a fundamental misunderstanding. The Entity doesn't actually need sacrifices. It doesn't miss out on anything if the survivors get away. The sacrifices are just a means to an end to get everyone running around,…
  • Wasn't he in Mortal Kombat X?
  • To be fair, it's not as if they'd have to learn the language themselves. If it is an accurate translation, they probably just contacted an anthropologist or professor specializing in ancient Babylon and asked them to whip up a few phrases. It probably wouldn't be hard for someone with those skills, but those skills are…
  • Funnily enough, an Elvira comic book launched just last year. The license can't be THAT expensive.
  • Please replace all female running animations with either the Plague's animation or the Hag's animation. Nothing in between. Decide who gets what animation randomly.
  • It was definitely intended to be used in combination with Object of Obsession, both of them being Laurie Strode perks. It also predated Barbecue and Chili, so the biggest aura-reading concerns at those times were Nurse's Calling and the Wraith's and Shape's add-ons.
  • It's currently very hard to track survivors using sound. It used to be easier. Stridor helps if you can get it, but I've twice gone from level 1 to 50 with her without seeing it. That aside, Spirit benefits greatly not just from your experience but the survivors' as well. Ironically she tends to suffer against less…
  • The devs may contradict themselves, but the Lore stream is the latest word on this subject that I know of so I would assume it takes precedence. Besides that, I would love to see any evidence that survivors cannot become killers (or vice versa), because I am not aware of any.
  • I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying Behaviour is wrong about the game's lore and that you understand it better than them?
  • There's no hard and fast rules for who the Entity will take as a killer; it just seems to sense the potential in them. It's taken people who have never killed anyone simply on account of their rage (Spirit) or their desperation to escape (Hag). One would assume that a survivor who snaps and kills another would qualify, but…
  • I did and you were wrong. I didn't want to embarrass you by calling you out in particular.
  • If I remember correctly, in the lore stream they said that it would be possible for survivors to become killers and vice versa. I don't think they specified it would require a loss of hope in either case, just that it could happen. That said, they didn't get into much detail and didn't seem to consider it anything other…
  • I think the devs have said or implied that the trials haven't always looked or behaved the way they do now. The earliest trials (from the Entity's perspective) were probably just a killer and some survivors dropped in a forest to run around and die, but probably didn't provide as rich an emotional feast for the Entity. The…
  • I don't approve of message board vendettas, but in the interests of cataloguing information, here's my citation for genderless Entity: Jump to 23:04 if this link doesn't retain the timestamp.
  • I believe it's stated somewhere that the Entity can exert power - such as kidnapping people - only in areas where great violence has occurred. This factors into a lot of killers' backstories, but very few survivors'. Some people theorize that the Entity takes dead people, which is most strongly implied by licensed…
  • The official website has a lore section, though it's clear Behaviour hasn't been very dedicated to updating it. You may want to give it a read: As for everything else, you're heading into the realms of conjecture. I think the Entity's realm was once described as a place outside reality that human minds can only reach by…
  • No, don't just binge the wiki, that's crazy. Here's what you need to get started: The Entity is a creature from outside our reality that feeds on strong emotions such as fear and hope. It's plucked several people from our reality; some of which it makes killers and some of which it makes survivors. To generate strong…
  • Me neither, actually, but I know it must be. I mean, it makes more sense than half the other things I listed.
  • Technically, her bio doesn't say she died, it just implies she was taken at the point of death. You can say that about a lot of characters, though. Hag, Pig, and Spirit were either dead or at death's door when they were taken. Freddy is a special case, but Myers was "dead" as of the latest movie at the time, for all that…
  • Official Dead by Daylight paraphilia list: Bloodplay Tall/buff men and women Feet Breathplay Voyeurism Hard vore Electrostimulation Furry Drugs Obesity Exhibitionism Vomit I'm surprised they haven't worked bondage in yet, but maybe that's part of their agreement with NetEase.
  • I'm sure there's someone out there that genuinely loves the OG killers' mori animations. I'd rather we add to them rather than take the originals away. Seriously, though, BHVR is leaving money on the table for as long as they don't do this. I don't know how many people would buy alternate moris, but definitely enough to…
  • **Agreed.** The system might work for solo survivors, but killers easily shoot up to a level they're not ready for, and a decently coordinated SWF almost immediately end up on a level that they couldn't handle if it weren't for their crutching on third-party tools. Terminator525, I suspect that in those games you're…
  • So if all the survivors are handcuffed and no one is already carrying a toolbox, the game is over?
  • How long would the survivor be stunned after the Demolition Swing? What does it mean for the Wrecker to be exhausted? Is it charged like the chainsaw, or something else?
  • I like all of the powers, but I think they're too weak. They don't provide much gen pressure, mobility, or utility in ending a chase. Even if the killer had all of these abilities at once, I don't think they could put as much pressure on survivors as they'd need to. Harbinger might be underpowered as well, especially since…
  • Come Prepared is an interesting idea, though somewhat ironic in that it inherently makes the survivor less prepared. I can see it being popular with streamers. Exorcist hard countering Haunted Ground and the Hag is a big no-no. Hit and Run's movement speed boost is fine; the increased stun is not.
  • I like the idea of a locker-focused killer, though I agree with Raptorrotas that picking lockers off a map might not be the best way of doing it. Personally, I'd do something like this: The killer presses SPACE (or whatever) to enter the locker, and while inside the locker, the killer sees the aura of all other lockers.…
  • I've had matches where killers disconnect as soon as they see the map. I'm sure, at least once, I did so without blinking.
  • The hatch isn't there for the survivor's convenience, it's there for the killer's. I don't want my killer games to end up dragging on for half an hour as I hunt for a last survivor who is too immersed, stubborn, or simply vindictive to do anything but hide from my terror radius and hope I disconnect out of frustration.