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  • I think that the bloodlust speed would be okay if the effect were something other than an instadown, like maybe a hindered effect with a small timer. Cool art by the way.
  • I'd change the "FACT:I made this..." spot a spoiler warning and be sure to say that it is a Dying Light spoiler. I've already completed the games, but other readers may have not.
  • I like this idea, but it would require a lot of thought and make balancing more difficult
  • This is interesting, but it cannot be used well or even at all until good A.I. is developed for the game. I really like this idea though, so if good A.I. actually does show up, I'd like to see this.
  • I think that the killer should probably be able to move at 50-75% his normal movement using the ability without he ultra rare add-on. Otherwise, the survivors could just run and hide around a tree or something. Also, horse power's speed bonus is too big. Even with both of the speed perks in the game, the killer can only…
  • The man, the myth, the legend: Mochael Myors
  • From my own experience, you just need to know how to play Freddy right to beat the high ranks. I made it to rank 1 using Freddy when I got the hang of him, so I think the only thing stopping people is the skill needed to use Freddy. I'm not saying that Freddy is incredibly hard to use like the nurse, but I would not say…
  • This looks really nice! I don't know much about Resident Evil, but I at least know Chris and Jill, so this would be amazing to have!
  • My poor Freddy is getting talked about behind his back. This is a sad day for Freddy mains everywhere. (Although I am good at Freddy, he has not surpassed my Michael Myers main, and is therefore not worthy of my profile picture)
  • Just wondering, what was the inspiration to use Dark Sense and Devour Hope?
  • I am actually considering that. I just know what I should do to avoid being backstabbed or how to chase someone effectively after said backstab.
  • Maybe the survivor could fall off of the hook at the end of each stage, pulling the hook down with them, therefore sabotaging the hook as well.
  • I think that the perk Professor's Knowledge would actually work better as a new add-on for the map that lets you see the auras of survivors within the map's radius. This is mainly because the perk is specific to one item. This could be said about saboteur, but that perk can be used without a toolbox as well.
  • Amazeballs
  • I feel like Decisive Strike is fine as it is, since the killer rarely leaves the decisive user alone after they used the perk. This Decisive update is just ensuring that the Decisive user will not escape from the killer.
  • By god, it's beautiful. I think I'm gonna cry...
  • Then I'd say that I have to agree with alivebydeadlight with how situational it is. Only Kindred, Alert, Dark Sense, the killer key stone, and Rancor will allow this to work (it already happens with Object of Obsession, so I felt it was meaningless to mention), so that's 4 of the 107 perks in the game, and only 1 add-on. I…
  • Okay, Raccoon implemented the word "Experiment" in the title for a reason: He was testing how viable camping was. Sure, he got his own results, but he can't just say he got a 4k, can he? He's got to give evidence. The way that I feel about camping is that, although it is a viable strategy, it ruins the fun of the game for…
  • From what I have seen of the comments of @Raccoon I think I can tell that they were doing this as an actual experiment. Raccoon's main intent was not that of being toxic and posting reactions, but using a different-than-usual playstyle and posting the results of the game. The reason it was a good thing for the thread to be…
  • I see how some of you are saying that more positive things, be it upgrades, changes, or new perks, should happen, but at some point, there gets to be too many higher numbers and things need to be nerfed or even removed. You could look at it this way: A person has a disease in their arm to represent the disliked parts of…
  • Realistic mode would have to include nerfs for some killers, like anything that speeds up killers, as well as any of the trap killers. It would also need to remove the aura from Michael Myers' stalking, and maybe the Huntress should have less hatchets. Also, pallets would probably have to be removed at that point, because…
  • How would Card Trick work with Kindred? It would be pretty unfair to get free BBQ because somebody brought Kindred 3
  • How about the skillchecks don't appear more often in Killer Perk 1? On a side note, are you creating a new discussion when you create your DLC?
  • This is some nice feedback. The only thing I don't agree with is a NOED like exposed on Lingering Wrath, which I'm guessing is what you meant. This perk is meant to punish either those who are trolling you by staying behind or those who cannot find an exit, so an exposed status effect on only the last survivor seems more…
  • Maybe you could just change the perk to where the survivor gets a benefit to something while any other survivor is in a chase.
  • I know that this could help the person who has it on, but perk 3 only has a bad effect, so no one other than trolls and killer helpers (most likely) would use it.
  • I've got some perks, but not names for them. Killer Perk 1: Skillchecks appear 5/10/15% more often and every missed skillcheck grants a token up to 5. For every token, skillchecks are 1/2/3% smaller and missed skillchecks regress the generator 1% more. Survivor Perk 1: For every survivor at least 16 meters away from you,…
  • I was just thinking about how a killer would probably pull a normal nail out anyway, so I didn't say nail to start with. More about that, I think that the lower tier item could just be a shorter stun than the higher tier item and then they could be named as such.
  • Botany knowledge actually does increase self-care healing speed.