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  • Sprint burst is fine mate, what they need to fix is dead hard and getting hit while exhausted
  • How tf do you open gates and cleanse his totem if you can't trigger his traps by not stepping in them
  • Why was onis chase music changed? I really like the previous one on the ptb
  • It's a touchy topic but I do agree with @Mr_K
  • While I don't play killer nearly enough to see the full effect of ds I agree that something should be done about it. Maybe change the timer to 40-45 sec or just rework i…
  • Agree undetectable status pretty much makes the perk unusable
  • They literally said that it was made for the casual audience and that you need to play about an hour a day to complete the entire rift
  • A lot of people on this thread don't understand that I am not expecting to complete the rift nor what it offers to me. I'm complaining about the time needed to complete it …
  • Not being able to complete the rift as a casual player is not a good marketing strategy and the amount of people running with a bought pass says so. It was falsely advertis…
  • From this right here that you wrote people can see how deceptive the rift really is. Yea it only costs 1000 cells but we are not factoring the time needed to complete it. I…
  • Because removing the tiers which contain auric cells will lessen the grind substantially making it requires less fragments to complete and making it less time consuming and…
  • The first is that they advertised it that way, they said how you will be able to get your cells back after you complete the rift which is true but what's the point if an av…
  • Exactly my point. During my time away from the game I've stumbled on some battlepasses in some f2p games and they were quite fair. They were not falsely advertised nor anyt…
  • What's the point of having to spend the auric cells on it when it was advertised how you will be able to get them back so you can buy the next rift
  • I would rather they not give any auric cells back in the pass but lessen the grind so I can have enough time to get the cosmetics.
  • All the challenges in the tomes in all four levels give 350 fragments, the rift needs 690(the first tier is automatically unlocked) So to unlock the rest of the rift you ne…
  • Wow congrats to him. How much time did he spend on the game in those 19 days
  • Read my previous post about the rift and you will realize how grindy the rift really is. Rewarding loyal players is not the same as rewarding hardcore grinders that sleep o…
  • The math still stands, having to play for 4 hours a day is what the majority realty can't do including me. It was said that the rift would be catered toward the casual audi…
  • Maybe it's obvious now that the rift is one month in but back when I bought it it was advertised as casual friendly, how it take one hour a day and that everyone could com…
  • I wish I was as smart as you.
  • I would be much happier and less frustrated if they just scraped the rift and put everything in the store. As it stands right not it's just a trap for the casual and late …
  • The thing is that you not getting stuff for free, having the reward be gated a huge grind means that the devs don't respect your time or your money, and it also incentivise…
  • Like I said it's either commit and grind every day or don't buy the pass. Not buying the pass means not getting all the cosmetics and accessories which I would be fine if a…
  • I've taken a break out of frustration to see if the devs would adjust the rift, even a month ago I've made a post saying the rift is grindy and how it shouldn't be
  • It's not that I don't want to play 7 games a day, the problem is that sometimes I don't have time to be playing a game for that long
  • For me it looses the feel of just playing the game as I normally do knowing that I have to play at least 7 games if I'm to be able get the next tier for that day
  • The point of battlepasses be a side reward for playing every day, it's supposed to be something more for your average playtime and not having to play and grind like a mind…
  • Having to play non stop to unlock the rift means something is not right. I've stumbled on some free to play games that have a less time consuming battlepass
  • I got similar results averaging in about 3,5h for one tier at rank 10 (survivor). Needless to say it's absurdly long. Something needs to change and I don't …