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  • I...don't know about that. I ran into a Russian SWF that brought Exponential, Unbreakable, two sabos, 3x further hook offerings and an Eyrie offering. They basically kept 2 hooks permanently sabo'd which created a big area where it was impossible to get someone to a hook and stalled the game out for almost 30 minutes,…
  • The second I use this, someone DCs. Almost 100% guaranteed.
  • Midwich, Yamaoka, Dead Dawg are generally pretty fair. Shelter Woods can be very RNG, but usually fair. Asylum is decent on most killers.
  • ...That's not a strawman, at all. I can attest that as more of an intermediate player who prefers to play a bit chill, most of my games are way better than they were under ranks. Actually: That's a pretty good example of a strawman. Or at least an analogy so faulty that it's pretty damn close to one. He's saying that it's…
    in OhTofu on MMR Comment by StarLost 3:34PM
  • I really wish we could see our own MMRs, because that would make these discussions a lot less anecdotal. All I can say is that, wherever my own MMR is (I'm guessing intermediate to high intermediate), it's...not bad for the most part. Every now and then I'll get a pretty obvious smurf or an entire evening where my games…
  • Starstruck+Agitation+PR+STBFL on Doctor is so dirty you can only legally view it in Germany.
  • I completely agree that CoH and Dead Hard are totally busted, but NOED is just a...frustrating perk. It's not so much that it rewards bad gameplay, it's more that it's just a pain to deal with as a solo player and can sometimes feel a touch unfair. I don't think it should be nerfed yet, but I would like to see it reworked…
  • Woof, didn't even think of chainsaw killers. I'd hate to even try them on RPD. I've...learned to live with RPD. It's a horrible, horrible map - but it's just as horrible for survivors. Hag works okay there, but she doesn't really have many weak maps as is. Myers struggles due to the sheer size of the place, but it's fun…
  • The first post is a meme. I will say that, like Cenobite, she's a noob-stomper supreme that is nigh unplayable at higher MMRs. Her Ambush is just...dumb. Too slow, too obviously telegraphed, doesn't have the pallet-break effect that similar abilities on other killers have.
    in Pig Duality Comment by StarLost 7:48AM
  • Someone always DCs the second I use that one. If you really want to be evil, combine it with Ruleset #2. Unless it's a SWF, you'll cause complete chaos.
  • Far too many people sleep on Pain Resonance. I'm using it on almost every killer now and while it's not quite as devastating as Ruin or Pop, it's so damn consistent and allows me to proxy 'kick' gens while immediately doing my next thing. Combine it with Agitation (and Starstruck on some killers) and you are a complete…
  • That's not my experience in game. It feels like people rage DC the second they think they're in for a tough game, or are playing against some sort of 'pet peeve' killer, which honestly amounts to half the roster. This is especially true, bizarrely, of the more exotic 'mid tier' killers that require people to play a bit…
  • So, you've got: Surge: Not a good choice. It's very weak on Blight, as it doesn't trigger off your rush. Drop it. BBQ: Great on Blight and a solid choice for most killers for BP. Keep it. Monitor: Useless on Blight, aside from the slight FOV increase. He's an unga bunga rushdown killer, not a creeper. Drop it. Ruin. It's a…
  • Here's the thing though. 'Unfun' tends to mean, to a lot of people, 'I'm not going to get an easy win here'.
  • It's a ton. My guess (no evidence, just an assumption) is that he automated it. This used to be pretty common (AFK bots) to farm shards. Very bad news if enough people report you - but I don't think people really bother. I know I have the occasional butt queue (where I queue and then forget I did) and I've never been so…
  • Yup. Smurfs gonna smurf. Honestly, this should be bannable - it kills your game for new players. Fortunately it's a lot more difficult under SBMM than it was under ranks. It was so easy under ranks that even some fog whisperers openly admitted to doing it. That's exactly what people did. Just hard AFK from the start for…
  • Anyone with strong anti-loop and an ability that isn't negated by clutter is...okay on The Game, especially if they have a pallet breaker. Anyone else - oh man this map can be horrible. You have exactly as much fun as survivors feel like giving you.
  • This would make sense if those DCs didn't occur at the very start of the match - the second someone goes down or at times, even gets spotted early. And it's not even necessarily the person getting hit - it's not terribly uncommon for a survivor to make a mistake at 5 gens, go down - and two of the other survivors DC. That…
  • That's so odd. Mornings are when my survivor queues are reaching 'half an episode of American Dad' in length. I wonder if it's a region/MMR thing.
  • It would be a touch too strong if it did. PR is already a brilliant perk, just...perfectly balanced and satisfying to use. I would hate to see it nerfed.
  • I can attest to this to. In November, my survivor queues ranged from 4 minutes to 15. December, it was more like 3-8 minutes. Likely due to the snowman shenanigans. Now it's back up, possibly longer than even November - 5-10 minutes minimum. Killer has been 2-3 minutes at the outside, but since the New Year, it's been…
  • The thing is - there are plenty of other groups also looking for killers. The fact that I've been getting literally instant pops even at silly hours (5am!) while my survivor queues are long enough for me to clean the lounge while I wait is quite something.
  • It would be complicated to implement fairly, but I actually really like this idea.
  • Sadly, Pig's addons make her a killing machine at low MMRs, and with BHVR balancing around gross kill rates in isolation, she'll probably never get the buffs she needs.
  • Killer: NOED. Survivor: Literally a coinflip between Dead Hard and CoH.
  • You have to have a decay, otherwise someone has a bad run of internet issues - plays for a year without issues then has to DC because a hacker is taking the game hostage and gets permabanned.
  • ... You know, I'm honestly not sure if you are serious here.
  • DbD is a little indie game that exploded, and the devs are still playing catch up. I don't think they can make it server sided. LoL completely fixed the DC issue with LeaverBuster. A pretty simple system - if you DC once in a blue moon, you won't even notice it. If you start DCing a lot proportional to the games you play…
  • Firstly, whataboutism always means you concede the original point. Secondly: Ruin is fragile and unreliable. Undying isn't even that common these days (a lot of killers have moved over to Pop or PR based plays). Endfury? Sprint Burst requires a fair amount of skill to use and is nowhere near as oppressive as DH can be when…
  • I don't think that most people do it with good intentions. Nearly all the time it's done to be BM and gloat at the killer. It's always teabag teabag flicky flicky pretend to give a last courtesy hit and then Dead Hard out of the gate. These days I just ignore the gate, or I'll wait just outside (if I'm playing a small TR…