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  • So to break it down challenges need longer to complete and are more challenging....... Well thats how a CHALLENGE should be. We don't talk about darksouls lvl of challenging you just cant run through the rift like the flash and the rift is open long enough that even super casual players can finish it if they want to
  • Last second switch is just stupid and that's it. Bhvr gave killer the ability to see if survs bring a item because it's 1v4. Every one defending last second switch are simply people that like to abuse it and bullie people
  • Never. If you dwell around her enough you know the typical poster and even then I always view what they say at the moment. I myself had bad days or misunderstandings and some people might be more emotional or invested in certain topics so I can't judge them on what they say about balancing for example when we right now…
  • Nah 50% is alright I would just love if the fun we have gets more. Atm you roughly have a 50% win rate wich is fair but the problem is that most of the games you lose feel like a kick in the guts because there was no chance in winning and most of the games you win feel like there was never a chance of loosing. The amount…
  • I would say lethal persuer fits from a lore perspective. And infectious fright fits really good for aderis
  • Make the flying more consistent and make it part of his kit and ability description
  • Totally understandable but then BBQ should also stack and when you start with that people will say but bt and ds need to work because tunnel bad and then the whole idea of the cage as a total hook perk counter gets lost. But how often do you face phead in the end? I haven't seen him in ages
  • I think the problem is that they aren't really owned by bhvr but by neteas who makes the mobile game for the Asians and they also have a lootbox system these things are bound to so I think it would be so easy to give them. To us
  • I mean the there is a reason why stacks couldn't be gained that way and that is that the cage is designed that way. The killer gets no BBQ stacks or dms or devoure. Nothing related to hooks in any way works with the cage and thats how it's supposed to. I think specially coding that x perk still gets stacks would be to much…
  • No. Sure swf are often harder to beat and sometimes just plain impossible to beat. And bully squats exist but we should not remove the ability to play with friends that would be the doom of this game. We should balance the game so killers can compete against good coordinated swf and we should get solos up to a similar…
  • OH that's a confirmed thing? Well that sucks one for each role would have been cool but I will buy it anyways
  • For me it's Was also rpd. First game with sadako and I just had bad luck that both hooks near the armory where already destroyed by sacrificing and then boil over made it too hard for me to reach a hook so I had to slug. Well above the Amory was exponentiall CoH shadowstep -. - I had to sit there and watch nea bleed out…
  • So you want to tell me your average killer player can have consistent wins with trapper against an equal good team of survivors let alone swf. Even if he enters the higher mmr ranks? And I talk about having good games and wins and not a win from time to time and between them just a slog of unwinnable games. And I really…
  • Yeah Okey that explains it because I always thought her to be 18 despite her appearance but I also think grown adults can very well rock the uwu smol girl appearance without getting underaged vibes but that's a personal thing
  • You are indeed right I just Google it and susie is 16 by the time they enter the entitys realm. Now you could argue if she still technically gets older or not but this indeed should rule her out for the dating sim. In another note isn't that a normal thing for dating Sims to feature 16 year old students atleast from what I…
  • Really? I remember them all being atleast 28 with frank and Julie being older then the other two but I could be wrong
  • I known.... I'm just praying for susie BTW two answers in a row that's a good day for me ^^
  • Pls Mandy tell us that you guys secretly wait if the game booms and if it does you give us aderis and susie and artist
  • That. I want nothing else but that. Let me go to the basement and press a button to flush them out.
  • That's one of this classic stupid situations. A addon pass and maybe some small buffs would be good but he is already very good at tunneling so he can't ge buffs and addon pass but because he doesn't get that people that really like him are more likely to Tunnel with him because it's the most effective thing. A bit…
  • I can see the xenomorph work in Dbd but Predator don't luckily the two aren't really a pair that needs to go together. Don't get me wrong the avp stuff is great but they are separat licenses that atleast for me best work alone
  • I don't understand that sentiment towards noed. Sure it is some un earned help if you camp but how about we work on camping instead of NOED then. Overall noed is fine as it is it gives survivor something to fear and a reason to work on totems. Sure some people will say but noed has even value when it's not picked because…
  • Definitely legion. I just love the fast pace style stabbing people. They feel like a human to me like a killer I could actually encounter in the real world more then the other still human killers (well except the shape). I played them before the update and I am super happy they managed to buff them without taking away…
  • Nurse and Billy if I had blight he would be in the same category to because I don't do so good with the movements powers in the game
  • As sad as it sound s camping and tunneling is just the most effective way atm. Gens are going really fast and you often loose two or three while you are at your first chase and since survs just love it to throw them self at you while you camp it's just freaking efficient. Tunneling is so good because the earlier you can…
  • But the thing is you only pick that one aspect of DH. DH has many more frustrating unfair aspekts and that's why it's gonna be reworked. And I know camping sucks but you can send your regards to the test survivor that needed 5 minutes to exploit the hell out of bhvrs last attempt to fix facecamping. The devs said when they…
  • For the thousands time they work on a face camping solution because they also want facecamping gone. They are mostly cool with proxy camping but they want to make a base game mechanic to help against facecamping but it just needs time to make a good working solution and not some hasty made band aid that can be abused
  • I don't know if it's the case for the dredge but would it be a neat feature if a killer just bombarded you with sound so you can't hear other sounds and even get problems with your voice
  • I think since every locker only can be locked once it's Okey how it is maybe they could add a little channel time because atm it's like gen tapping and sure you don't need that long to push a bold lock but atleast a little lime because it looks silly seeing how they do it while running away
  • The way I always saw it is easy. I kill who I see. That's very simple I don't camp and I don't tunnel I walk around and hunt if I patrol gens and I stumble over you who is just recently unhooked it's bad luck. If I search for a survivor and come to an recent unhook I will follow one of the two scartchmarks I see if I…