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  • I feel that. I have moved my goal post to "have fun". I'm not DCing but i am saying "I kinda get it". I understand people's salty distain for the current state of things. The game has undergone a big change. It's not game breaking but play style breaking for some. Longer gens against more regression don't make the game…
  • I would never play a 60 min match lol. 15 mins is long imo.
  • I don't like that pending mori change. It does not seem "organic" to me. It'll be interesting to see what happens if everyone is slugged.
  • One person getting hatch is not a win for team survivor. Nor is that a loss for killer. Recognizing that a single survivor is better than you but you crush their team so you commend them by giving hatch IS sportsmanship. Same goes for someone who clearly has never played more than 10 hrs. I was given so many free escapes…
  • My point: "survivors could turn the table..." That feeling is not there anymore. The match is set a lot sooner.
  • How do you bully someone with iron will?
  • Saying that "people don't want to play and that's their problem" is a bad moto for an online only multiplayer game. In the past, killer or survivor, in every match there is a moment when the momentum shifts and the outcome is pretty much locked in. That feeling comes a lot sooner as survivor.
  • I've always thought letting someone go was good sportsmanship. If I crush your team but I can't catch you until it's 1v1 then you go free. I get the point. It would throw the numbers but it's always been part of the game and not super prevalent. If the devs knew how to define outliers, which I assume they do, they could…
  • At some point, if the game isn't fun, you are asking them to do something they don't want to do. It's kind of like your boss asking you to come in on your day off. DCs are crazy right now, true. But the game feels different. Shifted from a chase-based to efficiency based. Us solos are not efficient. When I see the match…
  • That's not the game I play lol. I've played too many hrs on this new patch, soloQ. Even with the uptick in DCs, killers do not let up. Tons of bp offerings, 1 hook, next.
  • Last night I just memed around with survivors, whom all seemed grateful. Gave me the opportunity to try 3 killers I've never played with. I have bee playing 80/20 survivor/killer for the past year. I know it rarely happens.
  • I played one against one last night. They then invited me to follow their twitch stream. It wasn't fun. It wasn't just that they were an AI bot, they also had cheat codes. They spawned all 4 of us solos together in the same jungle gym with themselves. They had every perk. You couldn't not break their totems. It would have…
  • The movie "Devil", the elevator movie, I found surprisingly good. Worth a watch.
  • Felt like physics class reading this.
  • Fair enough. I'm no survivor main. I 60/40 typically and switch which side I favor every other month. Not happy when either side DCs because things don't go their way.
  • Do you DC if you lose all your hex perks in 60 seconds. If not, we can be cool. High risk/ high reward.
  • No. I'm in the spirit is okay camp. I suck with nurse so I'm not sure as I don't play her enough to comment. They are not a instawin by playing with them but they are like hex perks: high risk high reward. If you are good at playing them they are difficult to beat but that's the way it should be. Rewarded for talent. I…
  • While it is not possible for all killers to Instadown, some can. Those that don't have other strengths. Like if my biggest concern was DS I'd use pyramid head. If I don't want to deal with pallets I'd use the many killers with antilooping powers. And if want to be a dick I'll play bubba and camp you in the basement. There…
  • Yeah. This. Exhausted on the ground.
  • bait it or... Instadown with Billy, Myers, oni, ghost face...or Use exhaustion hatchets. I feel like I always end up in a game against an Instadown killer when ever I have DH or against plague with inner strength.
  • Downside should be, when dead hard is activated the survivor let's out a loud obnoxious groan of pain like David and Elodie would. I think dead hard is fine. Countered by baiting it, instadowns and exhaustion add-ons. Baiting it is the easiest. It is strong but once it's gone in chase it's presumably gone till the end of…
  • 2 uses seems excessive. Perhaps allow one interaction. Maybe self-care or exit gates is allowed but not both. I wouldn't go any further than that. It could use a slight buff. 2 uses is too much. I think the fear of DS is gone from a killer standpoint. When playing in the past, I'd slug you and move on. Now I pick up and…
  • Common knowledge kind of implies everyone agrees, which clearly they don't. But you used sound as a means to track so we'll shoot from there. A common tactic people use is dropping pallets when in phase or fast vault to a slow vault and vice versa. That's not even using perks. Wouldn't that be a counter? Phase is a limited…
  • "your spirit is trash youdonnevenknow" There is no COUNTER to your argument because you refuse to believe that anyone has faced a gud spirit except you. Also, it assumes the people you're speaking with are not as gud as you. It's pretty flawed and doesn't present a compelling argument to defend your belief. You essential…
  • This game goes from zero to sixty fast when leaving the brown ranks. It's also compounded by a lack of killers. Some days are like that though. I'll be against four red rank players, tomorrow it'll be green and the next day will have all the colors together. Who knows how match making works? Nobody.
  • Body: Jane Face: trapper Feet: wraith I'd like to see wraith get a pair of sandals this summer
  • It is hard to endorse this game without disclosing the grind. The only option is run a full party and play "offline" but that is not always possible. Didn't consider that tbh. Some of the ultra-rare add-ons really change the game for killer or survivor. I just wish there was a way I could have my friends, who like this…
  • I agree with OP. It's like skill level and perk access models don't fit each other. Your skill eventually out paces your access to perks then your skill is hindered by perks. My friends think this game is cool. They like to watch me play or even play on my account. None of them will ever buy this game because of the grind.…
  • I tell my friends this game is fun, I enjoy it but don't bother starting (due to the grind). My friends like to watch me play or play on my account but they don't want to drop hundreds of hrs to play a game and enjoy it. It's like the skill level and perk access models don't equate. Your progress is hindered by access to…
  • This. Sometimes I'm tired and would rather lay on the couch.