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  • When you click the flashlight looking at the killer it swaps your character to face the killer which in turn makes it so you can have more sporadic movement to throw the killer off for the upcoming 360. No I'm not memeing and confidence in the ability to 360 is a joke especially with dedicated servers cmon guys
  • lmao I posted proof of the fact that we didn't do anything rude or toxic, but also that my friend and I weren't running meta perks and somehow you still turned it into a circle jerk about how we ran a bunch of 2nd chance perks. The proof is there already maybe stop being so blind to it and hell bent in complaining about…
  • Nice troll dude, I had one person with me and we didn't flame the killer in post game chat sorry to break it to you. The person who opened the hatch was also a pub so we had no communication with him either. Not to mention the door was literally 99% and a 5 feet away from the hatch so what was the issue? This is my last…
  • Meta squads? My ONE friend and I were running appraisal and plunderers with coins. I also stated that there was a flaw with matchmaking in the post game lobby. We didn't do anything toxic we just played the game and he was not as, good simple as that. Whether it was a matchmaking issue or not the case still stands. Either…
  • Someone told me about this thread and I read through everything and thought it was very funny, here is the VOD of this game so you all can understand that the killer making this thread actually does just NEED TO GET GOOD.... I'm sorry.....
  • Ahh the good old killers aren't scary argument into the I don't know a dictionary definition so I'm going to tell you what I think it means argument 😀 btw Stagnant means stand still, cease movement... you know like doesn't move AT ALL. Here you go
  • Can't tell if a lot of trolls or just bad players. The killer absolutely dominates chases and if you can't somehow make map pressure out of that... I don't really know what to tell you.
  • "Nurse is fine and has been since release same with her addons" the only thing that made me laugh more was the guy saying "legion was fine on release" this forum is great if you want to laugh at people saying ridiculous things
  • Imagine thinking that legion was fine on release... yikes
  • Self care is trash
  • Imagine having one of the better killer players in the game give you insight, then turning around and telling him he is wrong 😄
  • Posts on this forum never cease to amaze me 🤣