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  • Bruh, go for the full meme, "pressure gens 4head"
  • I'd like to laugh at a fat man that looks like Danny Devito running from the killer. I'd play way more survivor just to laugh at the wheezing sounds when he runs or fat jiggle physics like on clowns belly lmao.
  • I think it'd be fair with how sounds for killers are in the toilet now, survivors can run past the killer on some maps and the footsteps just are to low to hear or the chase music is ear bleedingly loud for no reason other than to give survivors another chance to get away.
  • I agree the "good" killers will be fine like nurse ect. but killers that have nothing for looping are going to feel the lack of bloodlust, Myers, Pig, Wraith, Plague and Legion are gonna get cucked at bad map rng, god loops at crotus pren asylum and Mother's dwelling house, Terrible map design at Haddonfield and Midwich.…
  • Leave M&A's secondary effect alone take away the fov bonus and just give shadowborne a new bonus would be my idea if they let killers have shadowborne base, the chase music drowns out any sounds anyway and sounds get bugged every other patch so letting killers see more would be great cause the devs have constantly been…
  • With how bad sounds have been nerfed and music turned up to ear bleeding degrees this fov change is most welcome imo. Hell they can change shadowborne, delete the M&A fov part while keeping the terror radius part and just keep the killer fov static like t1 or t2 shadowborne and that'd be amazing.
  • You did get scammed, they will hide behind there EULA to deflect from there anti-consumer decision. They did not announce the new skins would be on sale as well further proof it was a knee jerk reaction to the feedback they got from the garbage event.
  • You call this an event? I'm sorry but if this is your first dbd event they've done way better in the past, I'm sorry this is now the experience you'll expect from dbd events from now on.
  • I'd rather they leave them how they were, none of them were crossing any lines from what i read, there is also alot of edited comments as well. It just seems like they want this thread to go away like when people brought up fps issues on console. They'll give a warning next time, someone will go against the warning as the…
  • Pretty good job so far, they deleted a page worth of comments on this thread from last night i see. They aren't unjustified in there frustrations imo, the people that chose to support the game before the knee jerk discounts happened deserve compensation, they got scammed out of there shards they put time into building up.
  • I really think the perks that come out with each dlc should be free or make the original characters free and still make use pay for the licensed characters but just getting away from the pay to win aspect is all i want and also not having game breaking bugs not being in the game would be great, i'd be willing to pay for a…
  • IDK, monetization is going up but the quality of the game seems to be the same, the new graphics look pixely, bugs are still too abundant for this live service game and optimization is not a priority still. We have 1 game mode and they can't seem to make it bug free or nondetrimental for players like encountering something…
  • i genuinely feel bad for the people that bought these skins before the knee jerk reaction the devs did by lowering the prices of the new blight skins becasue of this nonevent and players leaving and backlash to not even 1 skin being given for free when in the they atleast gave us 2 full skins in the past. They really gave…
  • I hope the game changes course, i don't hate the devs but damn it's hard to make me like them when we constantly get bugs in the game and stay in for years and they joke about it like it's okay, it should be embarrassing.
  • Better quality content, gameplay and less bugs to match the increase in monetization, it's really annoying seeing the "battle pass" after every match when i used to play every day.
  • My favorite chase music was when it was broken, it almost didn't exist and i could actually hear sounds during chase without the annoying music blasting my ears.
  • They don't understand how to use the breakable walls so they make the killer break them like predropped pallets so the window next to it isn't an infinite or god loop, how fun and interactive. I really hope they atleast addressed tile spawns becaue MacMillon maps had a bad habit of spawning Jungle gyms next to shack and…
  • The maps are my biggest gripe with how they aren't making well designed tiles and spawns but adding breakable walls next to god windows to force the killer to waste time. The map guys don't know what they are doing, it's all style and no substance with these map updates imo.
  • Map designers suck at there jobs, they need to go in the corner and put the dunce hat on. Breakable walls right now are just dropped pallets survivors can't use and make the killer waste there time breaking them all so the infinites can stop. I thought they actually knew what they were doing and was just using the Cowboy…
  • I would say wraith or trapper, they are the 2 originals that new players will pick first and sucks that as these new players learn enough about the game that these 2 killers aren't worth taking compared to other killers like Ghostface or Hag which do what they do but way better. I have an affection for Trapper since i…
  • I really like that idea of getting token for a health stack since they gave that increase to slug heals, I really hope they do this.
  • Legion hasn't gotten a blighted skin yet, I hope each member gets there own skin for the fans of each of the individual members of legion. I'm not a huge fan of legion myself but they are a original designed killer and they've been in the game longer than Oni or Deathslinger.
  • The Thana change seems kinda useless, they are scared to buff it because the potential stack of addons and perks so idk why they don't just rework all these things that give a debuff to survivors OR just make 1 of them the premier slow down action speeds perk while reworking everything else. Dying Light, Thana, and…
  • I don't think any killer is op but i do hate playing against Hag cause my teammates don't crouch after an unhook and Trapper makes me scared of grass and leads to me playing too cautious and making stupid mistakes.
  • The way dead hard is supposed to be used to dodge an attack is almost impossible cause I find myself exhausted on the floor and dead hard decided it didn't want to work at that moment, so i can see why people just use dead hard for distance now cause it's garbage any other way imo.
  • Framerate is finally stable on all platforms, praise the entity but it's a pipe dream. I can't see anyone complaining about that if that were to happen tomorrow. It'll never happen until next gen though because they basically gave up on current consoles.
  • I'd love 10 meters at base, but i'd also like a flick of sorts or just full control or more control while the knife is in the ground. It's fun trying to get crazy shots but it really sucks when you miss and they get miles away.
  • I'd like his handling when he is dragging the great knife into the ground be give him full control instead of making it clunky and get rid of the red lines that tell survivors the attack is coming. Idc if the cancel is getting nerfed, I just don't want him to be garbage after this, Pyramidhead is like a dream killer for me…
  • I don't like generalizations at all, you are arguing on what you think I think. I do think some killers and survivors go too far with there whining and are ignorant to some counters but we can't treat everybody like that when they actually have merit in what there saying. Keys and Moris are not fun to play against or…