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  • Currently, it's Quentin, dunno why but I find him... likeable XD My first main though was Jake (sabo Jake).
  • Tunneling, as annoying as can be, is also a very efficient gameplay for a killer. If there are 4 survivors, and you hook one, and you start chasing another one, then that means that one will get the hook rescue and another one is doing a gen. If there are only 3 survs, you eliminate from the equation the one doing the gen.…
  • Claudettes who think that crouching is an auto camo and do it in the open hoping the killer will be that blind...
  • I personally hate facing a Myers. There are so many things about him that annoy me. His muteness, the way he stalks but the fact I hate the most when going against him is that his add ons provide him of a wide variety of possible gameplays and you always have to be guessing what it'd be: all seeing, speed evil, infinite…
  • For me it goes like this: 1) Freddy 2) Huntress 3) Trapper 4) Billy 5) Doc 6) Nurse 7) Wraith
  • Gotta give Quentin boy some love. I like running a "nurse Quentin" build and farm benevolency...
  • He's the most fun killer to play as for me...
  • A 4 seconds transition would make him pretty strong. I humbly ask to at least allow Freddy to interrupt actions during transition. And yeah, autoaim not going for awak survs would also help A LOT. I'd start testing those two and then see if anything else is needed. But anyway, I wouldn't refuse a base 4 secs transition!…
    in Freddy buff Comment by Taretsu June 2018
  • From this list, Huntress. It's a no brainer for me. Not only I find her very well balanced while still fun to play, but also her concept design (lore, looks, personality) is beautifully crafted. Even though I don't main her, she's my cellphone wallpaper.
  • Count me in! Freddy main here! Once you get the hang of him, he can be pretty strong with the right build. I just have so much fun using him...