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  • I played the twins a couple of times when the PTB is Released and i notice that despite what the trailer for the twins suggest, The twins power functions more as a scout and map pressure then helper in the chase. Because when victor manage to grab hold of a survivors, you are forced back into Charlotte and suffer a big…
  • I enjoyed playing the new doctor, he felt more fluid and enjoyable to play. sure he lost his static field but now his static blast give's a burst of madness instead of slow, consistence madness progress. i would even argue that static blast yield more information then static field, since with every blast, the survivors…
  • .> @tennmio said: My bad, I forgot that was a thing. next time, I will communicate with other people on the issue first before doing a straw poll. that was completely my fault, sorry. but thank you for your cooperation.
  • Yeah, I feel like there wasn't a lot of perks the killer can use that are good.
  • Good Question. This is worth Discussing about. The thing that brother me the most is the Devs, i wonder why they take so long to address the complaints of imbalance towards survivors. But of course, i think there's more then Fixing it and it wasn't simple as "Fix it and your Done". so i think it take longer then we…
  • HELL YEAH! i can't wait for the new Chapter :chuffed: Even it was not the major game breaker, the new content makes up for it and provide the devs more time to fix it.
  • The Cold wind Farms, i looked into the lore and i heard there's been a series of Incidents Surrounding the Cold wind Farms has it passed to owner to owner. Then it eventually closed down due to instability of the Farm. The Corn field and The Farm House alone will make a classic slasher movie. Imagine the hillbilly chasing…
  • The Hag, She needs a movement speed buff up to 115% and her traps need to be triggered when the couching survivor is too near the hag Trap.
  • Yeah, i noticed this was common thing among the survivor too, so i grow used to it. and beside i already know that Camping is not bannable offense anyway, what brother me the most however is WHY they do it, and i'm started to worry that it takes advantage of the survivors and started to act like Adolf Hitler and…
  • My Favorite was actually The Cannibal But since he is the Licensed killer, if i had to pick my favorite Original killer, it will be The Hillbilly. It's not because they both similar, but because i think the hillbilly power helps him to catch up survivors and maybe even downed them if you good. so i think his power is…
  • I saw your discussion and i agree. A map with no pallet is not fun, but so are maps with plenty or too much pallets is no fun either. There is stealth, but the stealth is not so good as "Pallet Looping". Currently Pallet Looping is the strongest but mindless option. Other option, stealth, Is generally weak because plenty…