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  • I never run ds as a survivor even when killers try to tunnel me. I am confident enough in my own skill to get out of the chase with what the map provides. also most ppl don't mind current ds being used its a fair perk imo what majority of ppl dislike is how it becomes a ''you can't touch me'' bubble for 60 seconds even…
  • I do agree 45 seconds is too long but I also do not think it should be an instant recall either as that opens up clinging onto a survivor with victor instantly calling him back and sending him off again to down the survivor whats the point of leaving him attached to a survivor anymore you might as well just call him back…
  • Exactly!! I would love Jane to get more skins shes my favorite survivor I am already sold on the artist one!
  • Thank you!! feng, claudette and kate all got really nice formal wear so I would love to see Jane get a formal outfit as well. I think it would suit her character since she would go to events and such being famous!
  • in relation too the battle pass will the cosmetics involved with the pass be exclusive for that battle pass only? and will you be able to unlock the cosmetics after the event in any other way or will we miss out forever?
  • its actually happening to other skirts as well it has happened to my skirt on claudette and on meg it just seems to be an overall physic glitch with the new engine update im sure it will be fixed soon (in better news fengs sweater seems to be finally fixed)
  • from the amount of time I have put into this killer thus far I think they can be a pretty strong killer. I find using the frenzy attack to get the first hit easy then to follow up afterwards with normal m1 only dashing to gain distance helps out a lot and I have managed to get some 4ks with this killer pretty easy for the…
  • I so far enjoy the map the only thing I have noticed is the map has loaded in broke a few times like a hill you could usually walk up on was completely blocked off by bamboo at the end of it so I had no way of walking up it along with a few other map spawn issues like that. other then that its a map that requires a change…
  • I would like some Halloween cosmetics for killers and survivors similar too how nurse got the pumpkin head last year!!
  • I have played her on rank one and so far I am enjoying her. I have played between maybe 8-12 matches with her yesterday and about 15ish matches on ptb I think she can be really good with the right player using her. I was able to 3k-4k most matches yesterday with her with not too much trouble my only advice is not to use…
  • something that could help is maybe the killer spawns in front of the totem?.. I also liked the idea Ive seen before where the killer can light up their own totem out of the selected on the map.
  • I do this quite often but when I get someone in the basement as hag place a single trap in front of the survivor go about doing my business then end up getting a 4k because the other 3 survivors fell for the same trick teleport to them drag them off the survivor hook rinse repeat 4k in first 3 minutes
  • I like the hag she is the killer that brought me to high ranks and the first killer I played in this game so she holds a special place....I also like pig
  • new nurse outfit with a plague doctor theme with the bird mask would be cool
  • It seems like megs hair is freed from its hair ties would be layered shorter at the front or maybe even a fringe of some sort and longer at the back she Is a runner so it seems coventional to tie up any lose hair most importantly in the front since it can get in the way..
  • she would crack open the cold one with your teeth and slav squat drinking the entire bottle of vodka in one sitting before going off too kill the rest of your friends in the fog.
  • in my survivor matches I haven't bitten the bullet to him as of yet but I have seen other survivors struggling to deal with him over jungle gyms for a similar reason. its also hard to unhook them after they are hooked because he throws the tonic after you unhook letting him down the survivor again with relative ease over…
  • I love outsmarting the killer when Im survivor I try to minimize any looping In my matches its much more satisfying when you truly outsmart the killer by skill not just running in a circle,drop and repeat. and in my killer matches I love out smarting survivors tricking them into making moves they think are safe but what I…
  • yeah I agree I can see the eventual clown mains doing well with him if they know when to wait and when to land the tonic loop points could end a lot quicker if he lands them right
  • for a brief moment they like cough at the beginning of getting hit ive picked up I thought it stunned them I had more than one survivor just standing at a window coughing letting me hit when I have thrown tonic at them but maybe it was just coincidence and with the screen distortion they just couldn't see me.
  • I think with the right build he could be really effective his tonic has a brief stun when it lands and stops survivors from dropping pallets I only had a few matches as him myself but I found especially in the killer shack he is quite effective for blocking off the pallet or window before they initiate allowing a hit.
  • she stuns the killer with wonder wall for the rest of the match.
  • "**** you and your magic Doritos!!!" im a hag main...
  • I can hold my own against most killers but Freddy is a killer I always moan at the sight of if your the first one hooked you are Freddy only priority for the rest of the match until you die since he can't really do anything with the other survivors its not the players fault just how his mechanic forces you to get use out…
  • Cant wait to play as new survivor Taylor Swift and new killer the Darkhorse(katy perry)
  • I finish in about 2 hours 4pm Irish time. I like her hippy vibe she gives me she seems like shed be a chill girl to hang with!
  • I hope its out before my shift ends so I can come home to it. I really like the look of the survivor I may have a new main!
  • I agree rarely ever see jake or ace in my games. Quintin I don't see an awful lot of either he is one of my main survivors so I get to feel special whenever I play him lol.
  • I'm having the longest day in work waiting for the ptb I'm so excited for later!!
  • Hello I have been playing dead by daylight since its ps4 launch and recently moved over to pc as well! I main both killer(hag/pig) and survivor equally I go by TheScarletPotion on steam! if anyone wants to play!