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  • Jeff Bezos is the Entity. Ask anyone who worked at Amazon.
  • 95% of the Huntresses I run across do that. I have no idea why. At least it gives us a chance to escape. Then, every so often, I run across a non tunneling or camping Huntress and then my best chance of surviving is generally Hatch. Huntress has an amazing chase power.
  • You've seen a non-tunneling Huntress? For real?
  • It's because they would prefer to go against a facecamping Bubba and you ruined their chances by picking Clown. No, seriously I have no idea why anybody would hate on Clown. Clown's one of the weakest Killers in the game and unless you have a phobia about being chased by someone with emphysema there are Killers that are…
  • It sounds more like you got outplayed or your team outplayed themselves by letting the Killer get a good 3 or 4 gen set-up. There's a macro strategy as well and part of good survivor play is not letting the Killer get an easily defensible 3 or 4 gen.
  • I'm looking forward to the OTR buff as well. It should make tunneling a lot less effective and incentivize going for the unhooker. I'm thinking of pairing OTR with DS and then bringing BT and Kindred just to help out my teammates and see how that goes.
  • Win or lose I always end up with a lot of BP when playing against Legion. I find playing as Legion fun running around going stabby stabby and vaulting pallets. I generally play as Frank if I want to pip, Susie to farm, Julie very occasionally if I'm undecided what to do and then there's some other guy but even the other…
  • Roleplay as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. You can't move if anyone can see you.
  • Complaining about the Hatch not having counterplay kind of gives me the same energy as standing around in the exit gates. You won already; take the win gracefully
  • Almost there!
  • That's a fair point but I'm not saying punish teabagging. It can't be punished because people need to be able to crouch to avoid attacks. The most I could see is if BHVR put a half second delay on it so it looked stupid. I think BHVR should do something about toxicity such as teabagging, hitting on hook, etc and…
  • Not really; I'd find it embarrassing to be totally cool with using a gesture whose root is simulating a sexual act performed upon a person without consent but you do you.
  • Nah,I'm just pointing out you don't get to choose what other people are offended by. It's literally not your call and you're the one who said you're planning on changing your behaviour due to a forum post. Also, that's not an offensive picture or what I consider teabagging; it's people having fun.
  • Us vs them isn't good at all. The problem though is that the teabagging Ghostface post was made by someone who has vigorously defended teabagging and annoying the Killer so that gives it less weight than a post from someone who hasn't done that. Also, saying but Killers hit on hook! is whataboutism. It's toxic but is also…
  • No problem, you can gaslight the Killers you come across if they're offended by it too. Also, I can't believe some people get offended by comments people make on a forum. I think their egos are so big that something so small as words on a forum sends them off the deep end.
  • No problem, it was a rhetorical question. I already knew the answer and it's not like my response changes what you were going to do anyway.
  • Gaslight much?
  • Here's a picture of a gaslight to flesh out your post.
  • I'll add some translations of arguments for teabagging so we can read the actual arguments. 'It's just crouching': I like to gaslight 'It's just smacktalk': This is either 'I'm 14 or younger or have the mentality of someone 14 or younger' or 'I have no empathy'; possibly both 'Maybe video games aren't for you': I like…
  • The biggest impact of this PSA is reminding people the Oni exists.
  • My queues are less than two minutes but, as before, it depends on the time of day. Before 6 PM PST up to two minutes; after 6 PM PST practically instant. I haven't seen a long queue for Killer ever since right before SBMM was introduced.
  • Move erratically. Use LOS blockers Mind game and double back a lot. Figure out when she's going to blink by listening to her sound effects. If she's chasing you and not blinking run in a straight line. You're faster. Watch for the red light that shows where she's blinking to in general. I'm not saying this will work…
  • You missed DH should be changed straight out, Tofu thinks there's a lot of good points in the patch, supports the dev's efforts and phrases the negatives as this is defintely something that should be watched but might not be that bad. Overall, it's a good, balanced video but your description makes it sound like it's a…
  • Ngl, it looks pretty hard to pull off from that video. The stars have to align almost perfectly or you have to almost throw the match to do it.
  • If OTR is changed to deactivate upon being fully healed, or being hit while Endurance is active automatically changes the Endurance status into Deep Wounds (whether the survivor is healthy or not) I don't see OTR to third protection hit into Mettle of Man to DH being more than a very niche situation with a lot that can go…
  • Is 'Overcharge is OP' an attempt to get another meme like 'Nerf Pig!' going?
  • I'm having fun as well
  • I've been getting occasional survivors playing map offerings when I play Killer. When I play Survivor, roughly 1 in 6 Killers play Moris but so far no map offerings. Sorry I should also add all my Killer games have been really chill but that's because I haven't even been bothering to kill survivors over the last couple of…
  • You're at low to low intermediate MMR if that's happening frequently. Any Killer that doesn't know when to drop chase is not high MMR. I'm not saying you should be at that MMR or what MMR you should be at since I don't know you. However, if Scott Jund still has his video up about accidentally bullying low MMR Killers it's…