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  • This was predicted the moment bhvr announced base kit buffed BT. Which is why i was against the idea, b/c survivors would just start rushing in for unsafe unhooks right near the killer.
  • Some good answers here but I'd stress a couple already mentioned. Even if you haven't played killer before, you have a starting MMR around 800 i think based on dev feedback. If you're playing during high survivor que times, your more likely to get matched with higher MMR survivors too. It never takes long as a killer to…
  • I'm sure it'll end up being a new perk added to increase recovery time. BHVR loves to provide band-aid fixes in the form of perks.
  • Love the data. Question, what do you think caused the win rate drop from 6.1 - 6.2? I wish bhvr would allow swf indicators in end game screen so that can also be tracked and mapped up with data like this.
  • Mostly chase builds. My guess is no one was on gens while 2 or 3 of the others were hovering around each other in chase. Survivors lose b/c they forget to do gens.
  • While it wasn't perfect, emblem matchmaking was certainly better on the survivor side at least. my killer games aren't any different really. B/c current MMR only tracks escapes as "skill", i end up with worse & worse team mates in solo q b/c i play altruistically. So i escape somewhere around 1-2 times per 10 matches. And…
  • I was hoping for a Mori which can be earned somehow in game for all killers which work similar to PH or Sadako. But this system isn't good for a lot of reasons. As a side note, in my opinion, they probably wanted to give base kit UB and just made this the excuse.
  • plus 45s you might slug all 4 and hook 1. then the other 3 are getting up.
  • Quick & Quiet plus Head-on. B/c at this point, bhvr should just kick the killer players while we're down lol
  • Holy F just run Distortion if Lethal Pursuer is meta. It's an amazing counter especially since the buff. Big baby wants perks nerfed instead of using obvious counter play.
  • 10 seconds is more than enough. The only reason to run the BT perk is to create a situation where you're freshly unhooked team mate can body block the killer to stop them from downing the unhooker. As a person who normally plays solo q when i'm survivor, this is going to cause poor decision making on the behalf of other…
  • Lol amazing post. Keep the PSAs coming
  • His infection hits, either from his power or zombies, should not cause sprint burst. it's really a waste of time to infect someone then have to chase them for 2 more hits giving the survivor 3 sprint bursts. when i play nemesis, even if i win with 3k+, i rarely get past power stage 2 b/c it isn't worth hitting with his…
  • Blinks special attack is cool plus i wouldn't mind nerfing the distance add ons so they won't stack. A lot of her add ons just feel like memes and aren't worth running. her base power is fine.
  • It's selfish for survivors to dc b/c they don't like playing against a specific killer. If you dc against nurse it tells me you have zero skill and want to just throw a pallet, tea bag, then run to the next pallet. Nurse makes us play a different way. Get good.
  • Right, so play style aside, this means for the amount of safe tiles there are on maps that killers should just brute force as many as they need to for a down. Then hope 3 gens aren't done in the 1st chase. This in my opinion is a large part of what has led to the camp/tunnel strat being so prevalent lately. By the time a…
  • Anyone who takes the time to point out all the mistakes made, no killer player is 100%. The point of the video is to showcase how many safe tiles there are which M1 killers have no mind game. This is also why so many higher mmr survivors complain about only seeing nurse and blights. I do refer to this as poor map design…
  • I guess define what a free escape vs free kill means? If a killer can get a hook during EGC, i totally understand why basekit buff BT feels like a free escape when another survivor hook bombs to save them without any hook save perks equipped. If the killer doesn't have an instadown ability, they both get out. All survivors…
  • My guess is b/c old corrupt was being used in the majority of games. The devs have said in the past when they nerf a perk it's partially b/c it's used too often.
  • The basekit buffs killer received weren't super impactful on the game. The DS nerf from 5s to 3s stun and DH change had the best impacts for the killer. Survivors received a lot of buffs to perks (which is fine btw i'm happy to see some meta change on the survivor side for once). The last patch was more balanced i feel for…
  • The issue to me is, bhvr set win conditions as escape/kill where previously the win condition was whatever we as players decided it to be. MMR needs to include more stats in it. kills/escapes are great stats to track. But they should not be the only stat tracked for matchmaking. Camping/Tunneling amped up hard after mmr…
  • Do you normally play in EU? in NA where i play the evening has longer queue times for survivor. Clearly the last patch brought back more killer player b/c what was previously a 5 minute wait during peak survivor times, is now less than 1 minute. To expand on my point, now that buffed BT is basekit, survivors can run…
  • All this will do is make a tunnel wait 10 seconds to take the hit off the hook just like regular old BT. I don't see this having an impact on the survivor community who want it b/c camping/tunnel only works if the other players aren't doing gens. Good survivor teams can get 3 escapes easy if the 4th who gets camped has a…
  • Alright, a 5th perk slot for survivors. Let's see how many killer players stick around after the Wesker excitement fades.
  • To help solo survivors out, they need to add more categories into the MMR system. I solo q a lot and rarely swf. My survivor MMR rating is tanked b/c i die a ton due to my team not getting gens done, multiple players going for the unhook, any other number of things which were mentioned above. The fact that MMR only tracks…
  • Her range add ons could use a pass but overall her power is fine. It's the range which makes her crazy strong. All of her other add ons are literally jokes.
  • Yeah that map is poorly designed. each map iteration spawns at least 12 god pallets which you have to break as killer to continue chase. i'm sure that survivor was salty his team didn't finish the gens lol the game map is clearly easy af if the team is on gens while killers are busy kicking god pallets every 10 seconds.
  • It's ok on Plague now b/c it "encourages" survivors to cleanse but that's it. Even on Legion it's lackluster. Rarely will all 4 survivors stay injured so killers won't get the 20% slow down. t's ok but there are better perks in my opinion all other killers can run in it's place for more value. I agree with some previous…
  • You still have rng scourge hooks which means the killer won't get a PR proc on every hook. Which means they won't get PR on every down as you say. If you have progress going on multiple gens, only one will be affected per PR proc. Lastly this incentivizes a killer trying to get hooks and leaving the hook to pressure gens…