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  • They need to remove him getting trapped by his own traps at the very least. He's the only killer who can harm himself by using his power.
  • Boons are only ineffective for casual/low mmr games. at average to high mmr games boons will carry the entire game for survivors. This is the context missing from a lot of the comments i see here b/c the game is different depending on your mmr (excluding insane matches where survivor que times are long so the game will…
  • Honestly idk why so much game data is client side. This is a huge part of why hacking is so easy in this game.
  • Yes there will always be a gap between solo and swf. playing at high level does require awareness of what the team is doing (or at least should be doing) so you know what you need to be working on. It's honestly the same with any killer. but with the top tier killers like nurse/blight it's so much more important.
  • Right. A lot of survivors don't understand nurse counter play. So this is a great post. Normally getting even to a weak pallet can buy you 5-10 more seconds in chase. Not against a nurse. So many survivors i see (both on my team when i'm survivor and am chasing when i play as nurse) will camp a pallet. Super bad idea and…
  • I completely agree. To be fair, against a god tier nurse you will still go down eventually. However the goal is to waste as much time as you can so your team can get gens done. Survivors should focus on teaming up on gens against a nurse so one 30 second chase will end up being 1 gen done including time to pickup & hook.
  • Nurse power is fine. Maybe rework some add-ons b/c a lot of them are just to meme. if survivors dc it's b/c they feel entitled and are selfish. A high skill nurse main can still lose all 5 gens against competent survivor teams. If you dc or suicide on 1st hook you're punishing the team to a bad game as well as yourself.…
  • A huge problem it seems is the game isn't attracting new players. The current MMR is pitting them against killers which top MMR survivors stomped into low MMR scores. On the flip, new killers get matched with strong survivors b/c the noob MMR score is pretty high still. On top of that the grind is ridiculous for new…
  • Honestly, it's hard to say which i'd prefer b/c swf stats are much higher than solo. On one hand yes i'd like the previous system back or even a first in, first out system b/c who cares? Let's just play for fun and not sweat. However swf should get harder games b/c of the tremendous advantage they have.
  • I'm all ears is a great perk for Nurse, especially on indoor maps. The cool down is a bit long imo but you can get quick downs when it procs.
  • Nurse is difficult for most of the survivor mains b/c her counter play isn't *throw pallet, tea bag, click click*. She actually requires a change to survivor play style. Personally I enjoy going against Nurse when i play survivor b/c it's a challenge. Gens really don't take long to complete, especially if you can double up…
  • Turn the tv off nearby the gen you're working on. A lot of her strength is due to her mobility.
  • Nemesis crashing consoles has soured me to the point where i haven't spent any $ since. Not even a hotfix from bhvr either. Made us wait 6 weeks so we could play killer again or use an exhaustion perk on survivor without 2 seconds of latency. I still play the game and enjoy it but damn, the devs still don't prioritize…
  • A token system would be good for all boons. That or give the killer the option to break the boon totem so it can't be used again.
  • The way you explain map spawns makes sense. However bhvr won't create a different mode of play. I'm pretty sure they've said as much. I still believe the best way to go is to make balance changes to maps. High mmr won't be impacted b/c the best survivors/killers know how to handle every tile to it's best. Sometimes as…
  • Right, the balance is hard to find. Especially with a few of the newer killers having stronger anti-loop powers. imo they'll need to focus on a mix of safe tiles and mind game tiles. The trick will be how many of each on the map and making sure the maps don't spawn back-to-back safe tiles like they do now.
  • Yeah idk what is going on in their tile/map design department. There are too many safe tiles. Personally i think the issue here might be the gap in skill between high mmr survivors and everyone else. Most players are casual so they don't have the skill to utilize safe tiles in the same way high mmr players do. So bhvr sees…
  • You die, that's it. The only question is how many gens get done. It sucks and is frustrating to be on the hook for your match. Loops as long as you can, stay on the hook for the entire duration to give the team gen time. Don't be a selfish ######### & let yourself die on hook. Waste as much killer time as you can even in…
  • it needs to be more of an open concept map. personally i struggle to get to survivors who are hooked in certain locations. I could be on the other side of the wall from the hook but it takes 20 seconds to get around to them. no other map is that frustrating.
  • According to a certain lead game designers definition of DBD skill, it sounds like you're in the right MMR 😆 But in all seriousness, solo q MMR is a death spiral if you have a few bad games in a row. I had a thread before covering my issues with it.
  • Nurse should've been a hotfix not a "we'll get to it in 6 weeks" move. When an entire killer is disabled it really can't wait for the next normal updated.
  • Once i know everyone is safe, I'm out. I'll maybe stay to heal an injured survivor who is in the gates with me. But no, i don't hangout just to brag to the killer. To anyone who says they want to give the killer extra points, just leave. Killer players do not want those extra 100 points in exchange for the tea bags and…
  • Yeah, this is a huge problem in the game right now. During peak times with long que times, the system ignores the MMR score to match players who've been waiting. I'm 95% sure it happens to both sides but it does seem to hurt killers more.
  • BHVR should be embarrassed for relying on players to report cheats in order to ban accounts. They don't monitor their own game enough to moderate. Cheaters have been on Twitch, streaming cheats, for hours without consequence. It should NEVER be 100% on the player base to report hacking for action from devs. Server side…
  • Easy, If you are being camped/tunneled, then you are low MMR. If you are being tunneled/camped, you're high MMR.
  • Kudos to you for hanging in there for your team. I always do as well if i'm being face camped. Gives them time to get gens done instead of me being selfish. Of course it's frustrating but might as well try to be helpful. My suggestion to help end face camping is expand the MMR system to include negative points for hook…
  • Overall numbers are still pretty good for the game historically. The big concern is if this negative trend will continue. Through current the game is on a 5 month straight player losses. The RE chapter did bring in a lot of new players but they ######### the game up for 6 weeks on last gen console players. At the time I…
  • The devs desperately need to address the grind in some way. Allowing the game to be given away free to players on different platforms surely does attract new players. But like you said, b/c the new player experience is so bad they won't stick around. So it ends up being a waste of $ for BHVR as well as the platform who…
  • Well damn, there goes my whole plan lol Yes, Saint Meg, the patron saint of DBD noobs 😀
  • Sadly you're right. M1 killers must resort to camping to get kills against average and above survivors. This doesn't even work against strong survivors teams with BT and skillful body blocks. The only exception is play styles. If there is a super aggressive swf or an overly-altruistic team, you can capitalize on them if…