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  • Not here to burst your bubble but actually both sides are receiving buffs and nerfs aswell. I guess it just sucks if you mainly play Twins. Just look through the last patch notes. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/kb/articles/298-5-3-0-hour-of-the-witch Personally I find the dev-update for january pretty underwhelming…
  • True that. Thank you, I really was kinda worried for a second that we could lose the Flag-Charm aswell.
  • I dont want to take it even more far, but are you guys considering removing the Rainbow-Flag-Charm since people are getting harassed for using it? I personally got often facecamped and insulted as many disgusrting things just because I used this charm. With that logic I am kinda worried that we could lose it aswell.
  • First of all, I said: "We know both sides have bad perks that deserve better, but this time it is about killer perks." Dont twist my words like I would ignore survivors. You are trying to make it something about you while the topic is different. That's why I said, this time it is about killer perks. And I never said…
  • That is not even near the truth. All of those perks either good or even great. People really don't get how strong OoO still is. Knowing which perks the killer has like BBQ, Blood Warden, the new nemesis perk, nurses calling and more is so great. DS still does his job like before and if you are doing gens, then you do not…
  • I know but when I called Wraith out, people were coming to me like "You just need to counter him..." without giving me any counterplay or something to do against him besides dOinG GeNs.
  • Just stop looking for excuses. If you feel like you have every right to ruin peoples games by disconnecting, just because it doesn't go in your favor, then it is your opinion and fine. But see that most people doesn't agree with that unempathetic attitude.
  • Even good loopers are getting downed by Wraith. It is not so hard with strong addons. I would say what you really need Nemesis but you can change DMS to Ruin, Surge or PGTW for sure.
  • Just to make you aware: There is still a chain-hook-build. Play Nemesis, Make Your Choice, Dead Man's Switch and Furtive Chase. Make a Obsession, down them and camp in 30 meters range as a stealth killer (Like Wraith or Pig). Then one-hit your new obsession that you can see for a few seconds and repeat. While one after…
  • Yes, it is about Tru3.
  • That's right, but I am playing on Red Ranks and I guess since I am playing since the game came out, that my MMR is quite high. So my Wraith Killers are not dumb and understand that they don't have to respect paletts at all. It's quite hard playing around it since every option leads to another deathplace. The options are…
  • "He can still be mindgamed at most pallets" I really want to see it that. Explain me which mindgame you can pull if they uncloak up your ass. What option do you have their besides using the palett or getting hit?
  • I just want to remind you: I was chatting with someone in the lobby and I was trying to say, that the chat filter sucks ass. What I got was: "This game filter **** ***." Get your damn Filter under control or just delete it.
  • First of all thank you for your advice. Spine Chill makes of course sense so you can try to hide but the problem is more about getting chased. I don't tend to drop pallets immediately since paletts are way too important especially against wraith, but imo his speed if he uncloakes is so strong that I cannot loop him IF…
  • You are really rude for no reason and not even the slightest helpful. Btw he was right about Nurse: You can actually burn her with a flashlight, which no one is doing since it takes long and is hard to do, but you can do it. Right now you are the fool here with your attitude and how you talk people off without giving them…
  • I am sure you do, but please tell me what counterplays he has or how I should go against him then? I srsly want to know and get better.
  • Can you guys please leave this thread? Like you are spreading again missinformation and all of your argues are useless. Ever heard of the Status effect "Blindness"? Yeah I thought so. The topic is about the Wraith and not about your guys small ego where you need to discuss things that have nothing to do with.
  • That chat filter is the worse. It sometimes cencores nearly my whole sentence because it is noticing words of different languages. Like am I not allowed to chat anymore?
  • No you are not. I have no problem with Spirit right now BUT I can understand why people dislike her. Ever heard of empathy? No? I can see that.
  • You said: "almost every survivor perk are uncounterable to the killer." Which is indeed not a little bit true. Just a try to be overdramatic with how survivors perks are. Not the topic and still has nothing to do with what this whole discussion is.
  • And that is, again, not even true. Many perks have counters either through other perks, addons or killers themself. Don't start an argue about this since it has nothing to do with the topic. The Spirit is not the topic, so please don't waste anyones time or spread misinformation. The problem is that things have counters or…
  • Have you played Myers on that map? It is actually very fun and strong. Or Wraith works aswell. It feels like heaven to stealth killer imo. But at the end it is mostly not fun for both sides. I really dislike the school map.
  • Sorry to bring it to you but we are not stuck in 2016. This is not a stealth scary survivor thing anymore, it is indeed about being chased. And even the nurse has counterplays and you can atleast react on her. Nurse is one of the strongest killer, still engaging and fun to face - not like spirit. And now wonder why. Maybe…
  • I agree with this. Survivors / Maps had to be changed / nerfed. And it is not like they just received nerfs. It is just the overwhelming experience with nerfs for Survivors and buffs for certain killers which felt unbalanced. Right now I agree that survivors are at the weakest, but that does not mean that they are weak. I…
  • Yes I do play Survivor, what a surprise. And I play Killer. You are not original with that line.
  • First of all, Fun ist subjective not objective. I am really enjoying playing Killer in High Ranks in most cases. And I don't really know which super overpowerd survivor perk you mean but killers have pretty solid perks aswell. Just run Pop Goes The Wesel, Hex: Ruin, BBQ & Chili and Hex: Unduying and go Brrr. And most…
  • Just to clearify this: Before the Iron Will Buff she just had to put on Stridor and now their is no Counterplay anymore. Doesn't matter if you know she is phasing or not - she knows exactly where you are since she can hear you. Due to that no mindgame or skill would've changed the situation of the survivor. Some in this…
  • lol just because you win doesn't mean the killer is strong. Objectively speaking Trapper has is downs and ups. If he can't set up his traps due time pressure he will lose and feel really weird. But it can go the other way around. But that does not aply do Trickster imo since just go Brrr and the survivor goes down. But he…
  • That is not true even tho I am aware that we have many survivor mains that actually think like that. But please don't generalise survivors like that. Spirit got nerfed many times for good reason, but In think since Iron Will got buffed and you can actually hear when she phases, she is not near OP anymore like she was once.…
  • That alone shows that you don't read the thread nor have you understood it. Please don't waste my and your time with things that you make up your own.