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  • No. Billy isn't OP, he punishes mistakes just like any 1 hit killer. If one good survivor catches a chase, he can easily get 2-3 gens popped unless a mistake is made. Run your loops correctly and a 4k for the Billy is nearly impossible.
  • I found out that I am in love with Slashers. I live for the idea of a new licensed killer. Slasher movies are what I grew up on, in the prime of it all. I love Scream, Jason, Myers, you name it. I am getting tattoos to represent them. They all have stories and or ideologies around them that are super interesting to a…
  • I've seen plenty of other discussions about people wanting him nerfed, and many people posting about it on instagram. Not an official nerf, this is to the people who are asking for a nerf. Chill.
  • Exactly. Majority don't know what to do. What are the odds of getting a 4 man of all experienced players that can play her with no problem. Even if I know how to counter her, doesn't mean my teammates do. This causes me to waste precious gen time on unhooks, pallet/flashlight saves, taking hits, etc. A 3 legged dog can get…
  • Agreed, I believe he is a better killer overall, but he's less annoying to play for the survivors. Win, win. Next up on the wish-list, better queue times!!
  • 3-4 minutes? That's nearly impossible. Each gen is a minute and a half, and that's if you don't stop for one second to do any other task. 6-7 minutes is more realistic if you have a good team against a booty killer.
  • Farm? No. Play the game. You shouldn't Gen Jockey the entire game, get chased the entire game, or just go for altruism the entire game. Switch Gen Roles, switch on unhooks, etc. If you're in a solo match, then don't be afraid to get into a chase for a little while. If you're playing against dookie killers than I'm sorry.…
  • Not really for me, just try to get in chases more often and go for unhooks.
  • I think the emblem system needs a change overall, but I like the idea of being rewarded based on how well you achieved the goals of the game. A perfect game is hard in and of itself unless you're planning on doing it, taking precautions and things of that sort. I could double pip and get less BP than a trashcan in my game…
  • CORRECTION- that came out wrong about the looping, yes people are looping during the ECG to ensure everybody that is alive gets out, but not running a infinite. In my personal experience.
  • Sorry, the 104% was from when the perk first dropped. But is everybody going to play Huntress when you run the perk? Also, it's an end game perk so it doesn't help you throughout the game, and even during the end game collapse who is looping? Not an argument, just a discussion. I like to see what you think, and maybe you…
  • I play 75/25, mostly a survivor. But I do understand the benefits and the downsides of the new Ruin. As a survivor I'm not happy, I prefer a competition and not having Ruin at the beginning of the game is almost a guaranteed 3 gen pop within 5 minutes (for me and my group, not guranteed for every game). Yes, more double…
  • I like your opinions, except on adrenaline. It's a phenomenal perk in the Red Ranks but it also takes away another perk that could be helping you prolong the game. Hope in my opinion is a garbage perk because even at tier 3 you're running at 104%, compared to the killers 115%. You're not going to be looping at the EGC.…
  • Survivor is easy, but especially with a bad or mediocre killer. Green ranks you should be guaranteed to pip or double pip. Once you play Red Rank killers the games get longer, they run better perks, better builds and have a better sense of game IQ. The game has always been survivor sided, but the case is different for…
  • No. Should be lengthened.
  • For survivor it depends on your party size, rank, and the pool of killers at that rank. For killer it depends on what rank you are. Red rank survivors take the longest to get a game, meanwhile Red rank killers have a queue time of 30-40 seconds. Weird right? BHVR needs to fix some stuff. I suggest not staying at rank 1…
  • Survivors are sadly favored. Killers look for a survivor mistake, and if there isn't one made then 5 gens will be popped in a single chase, especially with the new Ruin.
  • I'm saying the community doesn't like change. New content is amazing, but a game-mode is content that the community doesn't want. They always say that it would make the queue times already longer. I've mentioned a competitive game-mode and everybody is against it due to their skill levels not being up to par with what I…
  • Definitely a possibility. The game needs a big rework, but BHVR has the most toxic community and a new mode would never be a possibility without a cult community.
  • It's a hyperbole. In my opinion, I'm actually good at the game compared to most red ranks. I only play with other good players, so in my case 8 out of 10 games are escaped or pip'd on. So killers lose most games in my case, keyword "my". Hyperbole, an exaggeration to get to a point.
  • She's still good. Facing top, top, tier players is a little bit of a challenge. But the majority of players get mind gamed so bad that a 4k is inevitable.
  • I agree, the change is just fine if it weren't a hex. But sadly it is. Gen times need fixed, always have. 25 seconds added on will balance the game amazingly. (opinion)
  • So how long would it have an exhaustion effect? 40/50/60? If so, tier 3 BT would be used just as the current BT is used. I say the best way to balance the perk would be to give it an exposed effect for a short duration, and even then I don't see a way to "balance" a perk that balances the game. Without BT you're subject to…
  • They've never implemented it because of the community they have. As a person who loves the game and is good but doesn't get anything for it, I'd love a mode with rewards for being at the skill level I'm at. Cosmetics and bragging rights as you call them, are the few rewards you can get for playing the mode. Like I said,…
  • I suggested a two man queue cap, this can cause survivors to be a lot more professional in the way they play. VAST MINORITY of course. All competitive game modes throughout history are played by the minority, because the majority aren't great at the game. Par at best and so they decide to play the casual game mode.
  • "Survivors will get there fair shake in the long run, and i'll explain further to your replies." I said that, so act on it. I'm a survivor main and I would love to explain further to your questions. You're acting like this idea is #########, just read my discussion and ask, make civil comments, anything but making…
  • No, not balanced for 4k kills per game. I said at the end of my first post, and I quote. "Survivors will get there fair shake in the long run, and i'll explain further to your replies." ASK ME QUESTIONS, I'm a survivor main and I can easily explain how it can be balanced for both parties. Don't make a cretinous comment…
  • The RNG nature is an easy fix. There can be competitive only maps, where both the killer and survivors can learn and practice on. The queue times can easily be fixed as well with a few changes to the ranking system. Terrible idea? Maybe to a casual. But if you play the game wanting a challenge, and wanting the game to be…