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The 3.6.0 PTB is now live on Steam! For full details, click here:
We are aware and looking into the issue which caused players to have their rank reset further than intended. If your rank was not reset at all this month, this is a visual bug and closing and re-opening the game should fix it.
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  • Or at least a swimwear collection featuring David, all David in different swimsuits, speedos, scuba gear, board shorts, even a banana hammock! Or a more mature collection, BDSM David.
  • Iron will to help me mindgame in chases and stealth, and d-strike for insurance when i fail at kiting a tunneling killer. i haven't used exhaustion perks for months, and have come to find them unneeded.
  • While a free hit sounds amazing as a survivor, the way it is activated requires the opposite of good play (getting hit 3 times). It could be changed to something similar to stakeout; 2:30 minutes of being chased activates it, and/or 6 minutes of ter…
  • I'm a survivor main and I love going against the spirit because it forces me to think on my loops and jukes. Same with the nurse. If I got got, kudos to the killer for being a great mofo. Other killers that give me thrill during chase are hillbilly …
  • What do you mean by "good at the game"? If you mean always doing safe saves, preventing 3 gen strat by doing gens in the middle/in a cluster, then any streamer paying more attention to the game than their chat is good. If you mean the bes…
  • In my survivor matches, I noticed some improvements. Namely my game had smoother and natural moving skillcheck hands, some fps gain in a foggy match(offered hazy reagent) and in lery's library, and sometimes faster distant object rendering on my med…
  • I was actually replying to his second statement about being hit. I take his first point as valid, and that and my statement don't have to be mutually exclusive.
  • You probably played against a laggy killer then (as in the killer had a high ping to the server). From my experience when I played on the server in my region, I received the same hits I would peer to peer vs killers in my region. However, when I pla…
  • By the same token... DBD should allow players to play or dodge the lobby, by showing the player their opponents' ping to the server, (killer's for the survivors, survivors' for the killer).
  • Yes please add region lock if dedicated servers are implemented. I live in South East Asia, so I play lobbies with green ping (Asian servers). My experience has been against killers in my own region, I have an ok time in chases. But I've had killer…
  • Wow, this happened to me too, I wasn't able to play for 2 weeks and now this 8104 error., are we only gonna be able to play next patch? If so, bad on you BHVR.
  • Yes, please. Swimsuit cosmetics for everyone would sell like pancakes... C'mon devs, please give us this.
  • I'm reporting two bugs: Once in a match, two of us (survivors) couldn't move at the start of the match, it was on Azarov's Resting Place. The second bug was a little different, after being shocked by the doctor, my survivor couldn't run. I was pre…