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  • Lucky Break doesn't work on Oni's blood orbs
  • Everyone in the match, Killers and Survivors alike get penalized for genrushing with black pips, de-pips, de-ranks and low bp
  • The absolute zero accountability the internet affords people brings out the worst in certain types of neurological makeups sadly.
  • Just looked it up on youtube how to fix it and managed to get back 80% functionality. Sadly it'll never feel the same again and I have to backspace every other word which is giving me wrist ache so I'm going to inevitably replace it again maybe with a cheap one because omg. lol Also my fullstop and < > keys are boned too…
  • I think they already made the movie of this thread:
  • Not that I ever really used DS much because it's just a bad perk. I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about. I mean it rewards failure. Survivors who used it at a crutch have been done a HUGE favour with this nerf. Now they can move past the DS dependency freeing up that perk slot for far better, stronger builds…
  • HEY I KNOW! lets put a positive constructive spin on yet another thread defending noed with the straw man /do bones meme! =D I bring a Violet map and Small Game frequently just for that ultra rare instance when the planets align and I manage to find all the bones (5 of them) and any extra hex totems there may be and…
  • Yeah I have absolutely zero interest in anything that red ranks have to offer. Looks awful for both sides. Doubtful anyone had fun in that match either. All too focused on squeezing as much sweat out as possible lol.
  • What really annoys me is when a Survivor camps the hook and tries to 'rescue' me the instant I'm hooked - and they do this WITHOUT Borrowed Time Reasons why hook suicide is a thing. And reasons why being able to /kick another Survivor away from you when they try an unsafe unhook -should- be a thing.
  • Maybe make it so if you hook more than 1 Survivor within the DS timer, the first Survivor who was hooked loses DS activation status as essentially they haven't been tunneled as another Survivor has been downed and hooked since they had been..
  • It's something when fish doesn't even bother to show up.
  • Thing that pisses me off is there is no way to differentiate between: Network problems on BEHAVIOURS end Internet connectivity Rage quitting We are punished equally for all three even though two of them are not our fault, one of which is entirely behaviours fault. Baby cosmetic would go some way to resolving this…
  • There isn't; enough incentive to 'do bones' that's why they never get done. I've maybe seen 2 matches in 4 years that have had Noed fall out from under the killer before it's activated because all the bones where done before it popped. Some matches I take a pink map and small game and end up spending the entire match JUST…
    in please stop Comment by Tricks March 28
  • Bad sportsmanship is universally frowned upon and not accepted in any way shape or form with any sport?
  • This is the correct solution in all situations described:
  • "As a former paying member of dbd that used to fund the revenue stream that keeps the game alive by allowing it to be updated with new content - The toxic atmosphere generated by the community IS BROKEN and is detrimental to the health, well being and future of your own game" There I think that one works.
  • Huntress, because every -multiplayer- game needs an easy-mode, hand-held, babied crutch option. Oh wait, no that's just -single- player games. Putting an easy-mode hand-holding option into a -multiplayer- game just kills the game. Silly me for not making that blindingly obvious connection instantly. Some people just need…
  • Every now and then the game has network stability issues out of our control and drops out at any given moment, Getting DC penalties for a problem from something that has not only NOT been caused by me but something caused by behaviour annoys the hell out of me.
    in DC Penalty Comment by Tricks March 27
  • The nerf hammer's coming down hard on Spirit so I wouldn't feel too bad.
  • It's undeniable that some Killers are better at their job than others and all Survivors are just skins of the exact same gameplay style except for model size, shape and colour and sound capacity for varying degrees of stealth ability.
  • Get your electron microscope out and look for the pixels that change colour when she's going into phase mode
  • And once all the DS scrublords have their crutch nerfed they'll realize that a slew of other perks are actually better than DS then we'll have a whole new catagory of stuff to complain about.
  • Its all a part of behaviours grand master plan to ensure every bubba who ever clicks on 'Ready' is consistently the exact same brand of sweaty sack of crutch meat required to fit with the lore of bubba.
  • ALRIGHT! Sorted! Just let me get my electron microscope out and I'm good to go!
  • Definitely a cemetery with underground crypt aspect and lots of open, exposed graves / tombs in various states of mouldering disrepair.
  • Never used it myself. There are far better less crutchy perks out there I don't know what all the fuss is about.
  • "Getting the last word in and leaving" I like that. I mean sure you won't know what they say but in a very existential way, the instant you leave the lobby they literally cease to exist. Much like something in the far off reaches of the universe which we have never seen before to our minds eye does not or has not ever…
  • Just 'don't feed the trolls' and your all good I've found Seriously, not responding to these 'people' is the ABSOLUTE WORST THING you can do to them. Pisses them off no end lol. Your response to them is the very sustenance they feed on before they crawl back in to their rotting human skin suit and awkwardly stilt about in…
  • ^the reason why all bubbas without exception are complete and utter face camping, tunneling sacks of sweaty crutch meat. Solution? play as Cheryl
  • Really? good to know. I hadn't noticed. Must just be bad luck lol. That and I don't really enjoy playing anything else other than the occasional Legion.
    in Less hooks Comment by Tricks March 25