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  • Yes, I kinda think gen stopper builds might be a viable solution for this killer. Puking on gens and windows in a restricted area (3 gens tactic). Letting people go away as soon as they're sick, and defending the clean fountains within your turf so they run out of auto-heal and are obliged to find a cure right in front of…
  • Alright thanks :)
  • So many things that are still unclear (to me at least) right now ! The terror radius things are quite confusing, since you cannot ear it yourself as a killer. But also, is there a way to accelerate to sickness ? Like puking multiple times on someone, or using add-ons that "improve" the vile bile.
  • There a lot of threads about the new DS, but none with someone stating the actual changes. Can someone explain them to me, or post a link so I can inform myself ?
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  • LOL . Just a wild guess but what if she meand "free escape" as a figure of speach ? Come on dude she was not being litteral ! Just as if I was telling you : "it rains cats and dogs", would you tell me how it is physically impossible, or would you let it go with the flow of the conversation ? Anyway, I truly liked how you…
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  • Are you ABSOLUTLY sure it works like that ? I mean those new perks arn't even finalized at this point.
  • By the way, I wonder how Solidarity will interract with Autodidact.
  • Dying light / Coulrophobia / Dark devotion / Sloppy Butcher Once struck, the obsession carries Coulrophobia away with him/her. Tunnel him/her to death ... seems easy, since you'll just have to stab once to down. Enjoy Dying light. 🤡
  • Just sharing my recent experience ; maybe you might find it usefull. So I haven't been playing for a while, and started again as rank 15. Right now it sounds more difficult to climb the ranks as a survivor than as a killer. I believe there are some low rank survivor who are good at looping and hidding, but there also seems…
  • I didn't played too many killer games since the patch came out, but I'm pretty sure the lag is MUCH more intense than before. I hope there is a way to fix it because I was just starting to get confortable as a main killer.
  • You're right about the knives. Anyway, I guess the point is that if DBD developpers did get (somehow) the Scream licence, they wouldn't need to make a whole new chapter about it ... all they need to do now is to give Legion a Scream cosmetic ... and let's rock baby ! It might also work with the Purge movies wich is nice…
  • Sounds rather distastefull (I'm 107 % serious there).
    in bananas Comment by Utna November 2018
  • They don't. However, the player who heal them gets altruistic blood points. But If you're talking about survivors who selfcare themselves just before the exit gates ... I guess they're just fishing for an extra Skill check to make +150 bp ... that's just lame in my opinion.
  • Infinite DS is a big No No. But what about a perk that change the end game ... Let's say : if you are the last survivor alive, the hatch doesn't open at all. Instead you get the opportunity to kill the killer by backstabbing him/her. Off course the killer would have a large speed debuff. The amount of blood point given for…
  • Player 1 :"Hey hello you, fancy joining me to repair this generator ?" Player 2 :" I'm cleasing a totem right now." Player 1 : "Allright guys the killer is a copycat." ... Starts running. Killer : "Wait, I'm your real teamate, I swear !" Results : epic fails all around.
    in The Thing Comment by Utna November 2018
  • Could he be the vilain from the Split and Glass movies ... or maybe something inspired by that character ? I'm truly interested in the answer of that question since I didn't see those movies. But as we're talking about split personalities and multiple powers thought that was worth a shot.
  • Who said that was the killer ? This is actually Meg with her Deathgarden mask. I guess she found the knife on the way and kept it to stick it to Dwights whenever they try to molest her in lockers. Dwight are such pervs ...
  • Most of those countries have US military bases ... that's why I presume. So of course, American people living there can still celebrate this holyday. The fact that some of them believe we (we as in the majority of non-american living in these countries) actually celebrate it, is beyond me.
  • Any event sounds good to me, but why would "ANY event" should be american ... See my point ? And please let's not pretend we can compare Thanksgiving to the Chinese new year celebration ... The later is more like Christmass in terms of number of people celebrating it, and in thousand of years of tradition (was a pagan…
  • As others pointed out, I'm pretty sure germans don't celebrate Thanksgiving ; and big shocker ... neither do the frenchs. In fact I believe that people celebrating Thanksgiving anywhere in Europe are either american imigrants, or bored people who have nothing better to do than having a party on a special day, just because…
  • Closer results indeed, but still wrong as long as your base data is the number of buffs. Even with quarters and double buffs, your appreciation of those values will end up being based on your personal opinion (wich I personally agree with but that isn't the point). I mean, we can't go around and give each patch a grade…
  • Of course we agree, but are we still discussing the number of buffs / debuffs ? I thought we where past that point. Thought the average number of escaping survivors per game between each patches would be much more representative of the game balance. What do you think ?
  • Who is us ... do I know you ? And why such results would be biased ... results are results, just like facts are facts ... the only way to add subjectiveness to results is to keep some information to yourself.
  • While these thoughts are interesting they are still wrong. We can't judge a balance by the number of weights put in a plate, but only by HOW MUCH they weigth. To sum it up: 10 x 1 Kg isn't greater than 1 x 10Kg
  • There's nothing to do actually, the whole discussion was started under the false idea that X number of buffs mean something in terms of balance. Any balance related question is about HOW MUCH and not how many. I guess the only way to measure it is the number of escaping survivor per match compared to the date of each patch…
  • @Radiant your sheets have nothing to do with balance nor the very idea of it. Just to have the concept straight, I would advise you to check the basics again. Take an old school balance with two plates and weights. Put something in one plate and the empty one will rise ... Until you put some weight there to balance things…
  • Just played 4 killer games tonight. I'm rank 3 and none of my queue time went over 3 minutes (Western Europe, PC player). In fact since I'm using Steam's internet browser right now, I didn't have time to answer before I'm done playing for the day. Just saying that If people truly didn't play survivor as much as before, I…
  • What better killer(s) for the winter saison then GREMLINS of course Survivor might be the old asian dude in the curio shop (because DBD have only a few old characters). His power should be Mogwai related (go fetch this, go find that, sing to distract the killer, ...) New item: THE MOGWAI. Take Gizmo in your backpack and…
  • While I fully agree about tournaments not being a place where we can choose to block some individuals, I believe you stoped talking specificly about DBD just to make a point. I've heard about DBD tournaments where almost all play play Nurse and Claudette ; of course everyone should be able to participate and nobody should…