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  • This...this actually hurt me to read in so many ways
  • How Is Built To Last better? You may get few more uses out of an item but Streetwise also affects nearby Survivors, I'll take Streetwise over Built To Last imo. The rest you kinda explained things I didn't know, and glad you explained, and things I understand. But outside of SWF, people don't have to unhook Survivors, and…
  • Not really, I enjoy playing Killer and Survivor and spend a bunch of time on both sides. Undying can be used with plenty of Hex perks, NOED, Haunted Grounds (maybe), Ruin, Third Seal, Thrill. So its gonna be very useful. Blood Favour is gonna kill new players or people who aren't that good at loopong the killer, its not…
  • Whats wrong with Build To Last? It works once perk trial, and only works if you use an item enough to deplete it, and on most items its almost useless (ie common medkits, some toolboxes, common flashlights) so I dont see many people using it unless they go into a game with a very nice item with good addons. Desperate…
  • They aren't in the meta and being a big concern because besides perks they do nothing, if they added like more blood points or something for doing a totem then people would do it. But even with the group I play with nobody touches a totem, I can agree its a thing they should include more of a reason to do totems, but as it…
  • Rude? You said said I'm playing a broken record and came at me I play both sides and love playing both. You are just saying that perks shouldn't be considered a problem until people play with them for a few months, the purpose of the PTB is to fix any issues with those perks or maps or new Survivors/Killers, not fix them…
  • Really? I feel these perks can mix and match with most builds, we are probably gonna see these perks get used quite a bit for a while.
  • And that perfectly fine, these perks seem like they are for certain players, but I say if you can get them you should try them out with other perks. If you go up to the first few comments you can see what issues I have, I dont think they are bad perks, I just feel they might need tweaking in some way eventually. If you…
  • 1.) In case you haven't noticed he is supposed to come out next month, I made this as a way to discuss what people think since I don't talk to many people who have opsoing views and like hearing all opinions 2.) I don't know what you think developers do, not all the time do they add something is it because of an issues,…
  • Uhhh yeah? Killers could end up getting 4ks every game and ruining the gameplay for survivors. Honestly I feel with the new 8 perks are 1 sided, but also the Killers new perks seem like a way to buff Killers without people complaining about Survivor perks being just as strong.
  • I Definitely don't think these perks will take over the meta, but it would tweak it, out of the 3 Blood Favour is definitely the weak one, with windows being a thing I can see Survivors having a chance, but in the open it could change loops. The cooldown is definitely nice and will keep it under the radar compared to NOED,…
  • I agree with Killers being in a good place, but Hex: Undying I can see being really strong if paired with something like Hex: NOED or Hex: Haunted Grounds, ect. I like Dragon's Grip so the Killers can have a better handle on the Gens and it could stop the Gen Rush, but I feel the 60 seconds if the Exposed Status is a bit…
  • What meta? And Killers will complain about not being strong enough until they can 4k in their sleep. At this point I feel the perks for Killers are way too targeted at taking away how the Survivors play the game, which isn't bad, but I feel if this line of Killer perks without having fair Survivor perks keeps up, the…
  • Yeah? But overall her map presence is insane, being able to cross the map at an insane speed and see scratch marks, as well as being able to yoink people off gens at any given moment gives her a good amount of pressure, and with the right perks she can be unstoppable, she' rated S-tier or A-tier for a reason.
  • You think the Spirit is weak? Are you okay?
  • Okay, you don't watch a lot of DBD do you? Honestly replying to you hurts my head, you don't make sense when you reply and then confuse people, they upload videos they think are entertaining, not only wins but okay bud
  • But what does that mean? You can't expect people to enjoy the game if you make all killers strong enough to 4k a talented, rank 1 SWF group, it makes the game boring and survivor mains won't play the game anymore unless they put 1000s of hours into the game or sacrifice their teammates
  • Ss Noob3? Monto? Tyde? How do they get 4k's with meme builds at rank 1 one?
  • So what do you suggest they do to fix it?
  • I... I don't know how to respond to you when you ignore what I say and get whiney so I just won't respond to you anymore
  • What? My guy I safety pip with one kill as killer most times, as survivor I get screwed by teammates because I can't talk to them or they aren't that good. As killer I only need to worry about downs and getting kills, even as legion I still get easy games or 1 survivor escapes. So I am confused, are you saying I am bad…
  • I feel that on a personal level, but I learned a bit from watching Noob3 and I play with another friend who is pretty good (but dosen't take the game seriously) and i goes alright
  • I feel I should mention, if I didn't, that because of matchmaking I have faced red and purple ranks lately at rank 17 and didn't have a single issue. and most of the time I play with one friend and that is it, or I play with a few friends who just started to help them out and teach them the game. I get people saying I…
  • It would be pretty cool to see a pig rework or slight change to her power, I didn't mind the whole " if you have a helmet on you can't leave without dying" but i support a Legion change or better addons
  • So you're legit saying what I am already saying, if they are in a 4 stack and playing together then it's difficult, but what do you think would help fix it?
  • Look for Booper-Snout's post or something like that on this thread
  • Hey I'm fine talking about what people think would balance they game, in their opinion, but so far nobody has suggested anything, they say killers need a buff and when I say I think they are wrong they try to prove a point and not suggest a way to buff them, if you take it as petty and absurd then go ahead my guy, I'm not…
  • No? They don't deserve it, if they get nerfed any harder then it would be impossible to ever escape, Killers are fine as of now in my opinion, with some tweaks and maps work things would be even for both sides
  • Honestly I'm not whining, I like to ask people why they think Killer buffs or why survivors need nerfs or whatever is a hot topic because it shows how much they know when they talk about a buff idea that's absurd or stupid
  • Its piss easy? What? My guy I've had games where I do 2 gens and heal 2 teammates and I never see the killer and dont pip, I've had games where the killer is on me the entire game and dont pip, playing survivor requires you to save teammates, do gens and run the killer around and even then if you go down once you get a max…