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  • This is simply dumb. You sound like a killer who’s failed to pressure gens and have been DS’ed at the endgame multiple times. Maybe you should improve your game by gen pressuring rather than chasing one survivor for long periods of time then complaining that DS is too strong. Killers these days have way way better perks…
  • Yep, I’ve had many games like this. I don’t know what they’ve done to the matchmaking but they really need to fix this quickly otherwise they’ll see a lot of new players just quit the game which would be sad cus this is a really fun game
  • Exactly. I’m a rank 6 survivor and I’ll admit I’m pretty average in the game but I’m experienced but even when I keep facing much much better killers like rank 1s it’s just not fun, especially if your team mates are like rank 19 or thereabouts.
  • hex ruin isn’t even that frustrating to cope, sure it’s difficult but it’s not OP or anything. I find it it’s just an effective perk but doesn’t ruin the whole game. I can think of way more bullshit perks or add ons that take the fun out of the game than ruin. It’s a basic perk and for me its totem usually gets found…
  • Nurse ain’t even good what r u on about? ghostface is better than all killers you’ve mentioned
  • Nah but even so, Spine chill hardly improves that. Every argument I have about Ghostface being OP people say use Spine Chill then he’s easy. I do use spine chill and it hardly makes a difference. It’s only handy in letting you know that the killer’s looking at you, cool but you won’t know where from
  • Absolutely agree. The only ones disagreeing with this are obviously killer mains. It’s so OP. People saying just dodge them cus apparently it’s easy. Bs. Huntress hatchets have a bs hit box as it is so now combine this with her hatchets being 1 hit down that’s just so ridiculously OP. Basically don’t need skill now with…
  • I think with all of Pig’s weaknesses makes up for the fact that getting the traps off survivors is based on luck and I found your luck as a survivor to get traps off is reasonably slim. For that I don’t think Pig doesn’t need to be that buffed except maybe making her crouch walk faster. the times I’ve played against pig…
  • Legion is ridiculous with the right perks. He’s the least fun killer to play against as a survivor . I’m not gonna be a cry baby and say he’s OP but honestly just give Legion thanatophobia or perks that slow healing progress or reveals survivors location then he’s downright impossible to play against even with high ranks.…
  • Yeah my point was that it should be bannable because however you like to argue that it’s a “legit strat” it takes away the fun in the game. There’s no skill to it, you can be the crappest killer in the game and still get a petty kill with it.
  • Can’t face camp anymore? Have u stopped playing or something? U can most definitely face camp in this game. What are u on about?
  • But face campers don’t care about BP. They don’t do it to get BP cus u don’t get much from camping as it is. They do it to troll you and/or out of spite. Removing BP from them wouldn’t deter them
  • Most face campers do it just to be a troll so I don’t think they could care less if they get hardly any BP. You already don’t get that much BP from face camping as it is and yet it’s not deterring them from doing it
  • It’s not a “legit” tactic because that’s not the reason it’s done that way. People do it cus they’re salty or purely just to be a troll. A tactic would suggest there’s some logic behind it. There isn’t. Survivors if they’re smart would gen rush and that killer is gonna get one petty kill and very little BP. Don’t give me…
  • I’m not denying that survivors can be toxic but survivors toxicity does NOT stop the game for you. You can still actively play the game and kill them. You can’t do anything if you’re being camped. There’s a huge difference here. I’ve played killer and faced toxic survivors and it’s not a big deal honestly, sure it’s a bit…