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  • Oh, I didn't want this killer to be like a "special exception to the others". I was hoping that the fog blurring their sight will be good enough
  • Would you like to suggest anything to be added to counter (even slightly) that?
  • Thanks for saying this has nice potential, but I don't think this is going to get anywhere time soon due to the fact that OC killers have 0.003% chance of joining, movies h…
  • I wouldn't say destroy, for you to cleanse yourself, you gotta use 100% of the bottle... Of you're 80%, then there's no point of using the bottle for cleansing. As for lore…
  • Hey, thanks for actually going through all of these, actually surprised all that happened. Your criticism is great and appreciated. And your suggestions you made (such as T…
  • Thomasthetrain: (Quoting them from another post because I made this in the wrong place) Ok, let me share my thoughts on this 😄 I don't think Adrenaline and Iron Will need to be buffed; they are already really strong perks. I like your suggestion for…
  • It's fine but I moved this post somewhere else, so maybe you can find it in my profile if you wish to continue
  • Yeah sorry, I'll add Ace and Quentin right now. Tell me who else I missed
  • How long the killer will be stunned for, so if they have enduring, that'll stack up... but puts your Brutal Strength at a weaker state due to longer break time
  • Architect: Yeah that seems more reasonable, but some supporter mains would still like to use this perk for their looper to use more pallets. The time will be reduced. Stur…
  • In my opinion, this will not be used very often because normally: T-bagging intensifies at the exit gate
  • In that case it would make sense still. Trying to enlighten one's soul to get rid of their negativity
  • No More Tricks: It's sorta like bamboozle. Instead of making the windows blocked for 15/17/20 seconds, will be blocked for standard seconds + those times, towards all survivors. Lock the Lockers: Opening 6/5/4 different lockers while survivors are w…
  • Do not assume that everyone knows everything, so it's best to go in depth with the character, even in their most common place to talk about
  • Sure you can make any killer idea, but I'm thinking of this as legion. Plus I would help create perks or powers, however it may be difficult due to it not being my own.
  • You could be more specific. You can display their perks, appearance, etc. If you need a reference, look at my Actress
  • Yeah true, I'll just add a slight speed boost after undisguising then. Not as fast as wraith
  • Yes. The Actress can mimic all survivor things except: Healing action, Pallet vaulting, Using Items. As for your code works, that's what the fog is meant to do. Unlike poin…
  • Thanks, I have a discord server for her about the actress project. Also good idea, and I'm trying to balance it between Solo Queuers and SWF