If you found yourself here— congrats, I guess? In case it didn’t occur: I’m Watery. I try my best to help out as much as I can, and am a full-time student. You can find me talking in the official DBD discord. Normally I play mostly survivor, but I do play some spirit. If I was rude to you, I apologize sincerely; probably was having a rough day.


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  • I want to cater to my play style, not the genuine consensus’s. I have more fun that way, and I experiment with other builds than just sitting with the meta. Ive played meta before just to try it, but it just felt... dull. It felt uninspired. It played well, but I didn’t feel nearly as satisfied as I did when I ran MY…
  • I always feel guilty. Really just comes to show how empathy can reflect on how you play games, even if they’re fictional characters. All that suffering to meet an end by impaling? The sheer amount of blood loss... Really puts things into perspective when you think about it.
  • Companies do want to make money. You just simply can’t sugarcoat it. No matter how much a company wants to hide it, they do, indeed want money. The company needs money for a variety of things— keeping rent or paying taxes in regards to the property they own, paying for worker health insurance, paying livable wages, budget…
  • DBD terms, Corrupt Intervention scares the crap outta me sometimes. Outside of DBD, it’d probably be my teammate jump scaring me in Fortnite. We were in voice comms too, and they blindsided me and I freaked OUT!
  • Fiesta Salsa. Always doing Raini proud when I play her. She’s a curvy girl! She has the butt but clearly she doesn’t OPTIMIZE its performance enough due to the nature of her clothing. That and I doubt that wearing an enhancing underwear would be practical in the trial. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with modesty. Do…
  • Unfortunately Jane’s are unable to care for fecal aspect of Moo Moo care, as we frequently get our nails done and we are NOT breaking a nail or chipping our polish, as it would require even more of an exorbitant budget to our department as is. However we as Jane’s will see to the sanitation of The Game once the fecal…
  • Will we ever get an option to uncap FPS? If not, why is there a cap on FPS in the first place?
  • I don’t think these are things you can really control. Not to mention; not advocating for these actions but people are allowed to play how they want to. Some survivors waste pallets for different reasons, but then again it IS a learnable moment. I just don’t see the point of telling them not to do something when wasting…
  • To those of you who really want an answer; not anytime soon. DBD only grossed 30 million dollars of the 110 million they made last year.
  • I mean... whatever gets you through the day, right?
  • The department of Jane’s send their dearest regards to BigBootieJudy666- an inspiration to Jane’s and killers alike. Moo Moo must be cared for, so adequate positions of a comfortable resting place must be met; preferably in soft, tall grass out of the way from weather. He must have adequate access to food and water, and if…
  • I’ll take a read then! Thank you so much for answering my questions, I appreciate it.
  • It’s just a lot of people call for the “gen times should be extended” argument, when doing a gen is already stale as is. I don’t think gens themselves are an issue, but rather the lack of other things that need to be taken care of in order to escape. The issue with that is, survivors already have to worry about unhooks,…
  • I really don’t get what you’re trying to say here. Gen rush isn’t fun for survivors either, trust me— holding M1 is boring. There isn’t a lot of substance to this post to go off of, we know that killers have more fun when there isn’t gen rush, but I just can’t tell what you’re trying to say, could you clarify for me…
  • Artist: Lana Del Rey (first two), Dua Lipa Song: Doin’ Time and or The greatest (can’t decide!) and Physical, and One Kiss.
  • My only complaint is that it just doesn’t stop when you’re not even injured anymore, and it makes me waste the perk more than I actually get to use it.
  • I once saw a group of megs just running in circles together. I joined. It was fun.
  • Misinformation is so hard to pinpoint at the source, so it’s important to always ask “Is this credible?” “Can I rely on this?” and or “How is this relevant to what I am talking about?” Fake information can steer the game in the wrong direction, so it’s important to stick to the clear provided data. If you cannot provide a…
  • I honestly just learned to laugh at it. Sometimes you’re simply outplayed, and if I look stupid? Okay, I’m fine with it. It’s a learnable moment. I’ve played against a few of my fave streamers, like Cahlaflour, and honestly, I just look at it as more content from them with the added bonus of “Hey look! That’s me!”. I don’t…
  • I was in one of those experiments. I was required to run no perks, completely no items (excluding those found in chest, you just had to unequip them after the trial). They gave us the key learnings, particularly, the following: Playing vanilla is a lot of fun! Interest for such event is tremendous. Upcoming experiments…
  • I made it to tier twenty. The grind feels a lot smoother, my biggest complaint is the killer challenges. As someone who doesn’t play much killer, getting into games made the challenges so much more annoying to complete as I usually didn’t get that challenge done in one game. Survivor one’s I liked, and I am determined to…
  • I’ve had that warning a dozen of times, and I personally haven’t had any issues. I’d avoid it if you could, but I doubt it’s anything detrimental.
  • Scream Queens, stream it on Hulu and you won’t regret it. While you have a lot to catch up on, I recommend AHS. It’s a fun watch and I really liked the latest season, which has various nods to Slasher Movies.
  • Slugging (during EGC) when you’re the only survivor left. Nodding, intentional “gg ez” in chat, sandbagging... it can go on for a while
  • Personally, I snack on foods that are filled with calories due to the nature of my diet; so protein bars like Quest Bars. But if I’m unbothered and have had enough calories for said day, I can eat whatever I want so I settle with Jalapeño Chips or some sort of spicy food.
  • People who want to play with friends are not gonna waste their time in these que’s, and likely just flat out not play the game. And with the current state of matchmaking, this would significantly worsen the que’s altogether. Not to say I can’t see where you’re coming from; some players will just shrug it off and play the…
  • My old Xbox username. It was WaterySpore for the longest time, so then I settled for just “Watery”. Haven’t looked back since.
  • Professional Jane Head here! As our Guardian has been banned, I am a temporary replacement. If they ever do come back, I’ll work right under them no questions asked. If possible, I’d go for “Guardian of Jane’s in training”. I will make sure all of butts look good and our hair is done, as well as overview makeup application…
  • Finally!! I have spent so many hours trying to find a decent chroma, it’s nice to see one being made.
  • That just drives the point; people would stop playing. Not healthy for the game.