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  • These streamers, like myself, have practiced and practiced and practiced. Even then, we don't win every game. If you played for 4 years and learned all the tricks survivors do (and killers do when you play survivor), you would be able to do what we do. The key word here is PRACTICE. Four years I have been playing this…
  • I am going to chime in here, all these builds are okay but they are intermediate builds. The advanced nurse build is for those who mastered the nurse. BBQ and Chili - See survivors 40m and beyond. Infectious fright - When you down someone, everyone in your terror radius screams Monitor and Abuse - Terror Radius +8m or -8…
  • It already happens, just we can't see it. It is how they know how many times you sacrifice someone to get the achievement of sacrificing 1000 people.
  • Lets be very clear, CAMPING is a strategy. You want to discourage camping then stop being a crappy survivor! Survivors being stupid are the reason killers camp! I generally don't camp but if 3 survivors are near me while I am hooking someone, why would you think I go to the other end of the map. If I get the one person who…
  • This happened to me twice in four games so far. I thought the first was a fluke but now it happened a second time. I haven't gotten a DC ban but I was in the middle of playing games when it happened. My computer was completely refreshed recently and this game was newly installed today. I am gonna try and exit the game and…
  • Happened again just now, I would say game 7. Game 5 there was a DC while loading so we never got to play. Now I have a 30 minute wait to play because of this issue. Was in the middle of doing a gen when it happened unlike last time I was scouting the killer to see an opening to get someone off the hook. So what I am doing…
  • Yeah, I edited my response right before you posted this as I didn't read that part until after the initial post. Then I went back an edited it because I realized I was a fool and should have read your explanation first before commenting on the article.
  • That web site I saw, and it was the Gatekeeper that made me think it was inaccurate. Your explanation makes more sense.
  • Thank you, this makes more sense. So coop only giving half is why I will get gold instead of Iridescent sometimes. Every website never mentioned this part yet it explains a lot. Thanks!
  • Well then, maybe make it so that another survivor in the area overrides the killer stopping it. Also to prevent the killer from using this is a tool to find survivors, he can't see progression of hooked. I am glad you said this because I didn't think of that problem. Would this be a good solution to it?
  • Those who are higher rank got there by learning how to play and getting experienced, unless they camped their way there and now with the new emblem system they can't do it because they lack the skill. The rank system is meant to filter out those who are really good and allow them to play together so they can have more…
  • I agree that this is a problem with the emblem system because slugging is a great strategy to counter the survivors who play games with killers (looping, flashlight games, etc...) If they are spending their time trying to heal up each other instead of messing with the killer ... it throws them off their games so I always…
  • Camping is a strategy. I know a user who says it best, "Why would I leave the area if all the survivors are right here!" I play games where I am the furthest on the map so I just work my gen. I see a bunch of people go down and pop back up. These FOOLS keep playing games with the killer ... and then they complain…
  • I got Merciliess on Oni the second time I played him. I honestly was not use to fury so I only used his speed and sword the whole match. It is very easy to get a merciless with ANY killer just walking about using their basic attacks. I don't get why people are whining as I did this with a lot of killers (clown and nurse)…
  • DSis the counter of tunnelling. It was a perk to screw over killers who tunnel one person over and over and over again. They are forced to leave the survivor on the ground and waste 60 seconds which time is precious in the game or pick them up, get stunned, and chase all over again wasting an unknown amount of time based…
  • He wasn't crying, he was pointing out that survivors do all this crap to killers but whine when the killer does something back. Devs have fixed it so survivors can body block but killers cannot.