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  • I wouldn’t really say that this is an issue with killer mains, it’s just a player issue. Some people just like to be dicks. I had a match recently where a Steve DC’d about a minute into the match as he got downed by a Wraith super fast and then a Claudette DC’d as soon as he did, so I assume they were together. So it’s…
    in So. Why? Comment by Wrecked July 16
  • I don't actually use Dead Hard, which people always find weird as I'm a David main lol, but I find it more rewarding looping / escaping chases without using Exhaustion Perks. I also find that Exhaustion Perks sometimes make me play stupid and they actually end up getting me downed, because I'll go out of my way to try to…
  • Thanks for all of the replies guys! Sorry it took me so long to reply, life has been chaotic at the moment so I've just not found the time to visit here much. I've been moving house on top of training with my clients throughout the week, so I haven't had much time for anything else lol. I hope everybody is doing well and…
  • Thank you! I appreciate that. And everybody is a stranger at some point lol. I hope you’re also in a better place now or at least on your way to getting there. It’s a journey at the end of the day and not a race. 🧡
  • I definitely agree with that, my comment wasn’t really aimed at the community as a whole. I just didn’t expect my thread to receive so much attention. I haven’t posted on here prior to this thread though, so I didn’t realise how active it was around here. Caught me off guard! 🤣
  • Thanks for sharing! That’s really awesome. I know I’m sounding like a broken record but I genuinely wasn’t expecting such a big / positive response. It’s great to see!
  • Also, I have read through all of the recent messages and I truly appreciate all of the kind words from everyone. It’s nice knowing that a lot of you were able to relate with my story. I honestly wasn’t expecting this much of a response and I’m genuinely taken aback. Thank you all. 🧡
  • That’s awesome! I didn’t know this information as I don’t have a Twitter account. Do you have a link to the tweet?
  • Well now that you mention it, me and The Observer have never been spotted in the same room before…
  • Me! 🙋🏻‍♂️
  • That’s a beautiful quote. Thanks for sharing that. <3
  • And thank you Adam for bringing autodidact into a match with Sloppy Butcher + Thanatophobia. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear trench coats. 🧡
  • You’re definitely not wrong about it being physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting! I hate that there’s people still having to hide who they are out of fear of their own safety, but all we can truly hope is that with each generation people are becoming more and more accepting so that less kids are brought up…
  • I’m not sure about every character, but I’ve always personally viewed Claudette as being Asexual. She reminds me a lot of a girl I used to go to school with (both in looks and personality) and I recently found out that she is in fact, Asexual. Am I onto something? 👀
  • It definitely wasn’t forced. One of the things I’ve seen said multiple times online is about how it came out of nowhere, but it didn’t. Just because we weren’t initially told David was gay, doesn’t mean he wasn’t gay. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Behaviour come up with in the future, but I’m personally glad that…
  • I’m glad to hear that mate! I relate so much with what you said about having less people in your life now, but having people that love you for who you are, as that’s exactly what happened with me. For the first time in a long time I can honestly say that I’m happy with where I am in life and with the people I get to share…
  • Thanks to every one for the wholesome replies! I honestly wasn’t expecting this much of a response when I made my initial post, so I really appreciate it. Continue being amazing. 🧡
  • Sorry to hear that you felt / feel the same way during your upbringing, but I’m hoping you’ve came out the other side and are in a much happier place and if not, just try to stay positive as you will get there. <3 Also, Milo is actually a Cavapoo! (Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed)
  • LOL I’m sorry for making you cry, but it’s extremely touching to know what I said resonated with you that much. That means a lot! <3
  • This is hilarious! 🤣🤣 I need to send this to some of my mates right now.
  • Some baby Milo action for ya! @GoodBoyKaru @MandyTalk @Jocelynbee
  • Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to dig up some photos of when he was a pup, as he was tiny.
  • That’s really nice to hear! I wasn’t expecting so many wholesome responses but it’s lovely to see. And Milo is one of the things that made my life better in every way, so it’s only fair he gets some praise. 🤣
  • He definitely does! But he’s a genuinely well-behaved and friendly dog, so I can’t help but spoil him rotten! lol
  • Here’s a better one of his face! He’s such an attention seeker, if only he knew how much people wanted to see him. 🤣
  • LOL this was him earlier today after we got home from our walk. He was a sleepy boy!
  • Thank you. And it’s amazing but also really eery. When I saw the announcement about David being gay, I was convinced he was modelled after me. If his lore reveals he has a dog called Milo, I’m checking my apartment for cameras! LOL
  • Thank you! It’s one of the reasons I decided to sign up to share my story. I’ve seen a few comments about David which hit close to home to me. Some people don’t understand how he can possibly be gay, because he’s into sports etc… but that’s literally me. Being gay doesn’t dictate somebody’s interests or physical…
  • Haha thanks! If you’re not taking screenshots during your matches, are you even truly playing Dead By Daylight? ;)
  • No problem! It was actually nice getting to sit and type it out. It felt very cathartic as that person just isn’t me anymore. I’m currently surrounded by people who love and accept me for who I am. We’ve still got a ways to go, but we’re definitely heading into a world that’s less judgemental and it’s great to see. <3