We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.



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  • The devs once again prove how detached they are from the killer experience.
  • I agree. Dead Hard feels cheap when used to correct a mistake and gain distance to a safe loop.
  • One thing I don't like is the sound survivors make when they repearing the gens.
  • Massive FPS drops when breaking pallets and walls.
  • He is basically an M1 Billy with worse movement.
  • I've gone against some 4 man swf try hard, gen rushers, stacking brain dead second chance perks (DS + Unbreakable), with keys, running oOo and coordinating Head Ons, very fun and well balanced... I don't mind going against two man swf or pairs of two, but I've already had some very unfun and annoying experiences after…
  • I understand survivors need a perk to counter tunneling, but right now DS is not just an anti tunnel perk, it can also be an anti momentum perk. In my opinion the current state of DS is bad game design. This is coming from someone with 2k hours who plays both sides on a regular basis. Why do I think that it is bad game…
  • They sure look nice, but aren't very good gameplay wise. I couldn't see where the killer hooked a team mate in Ormond during the EGC. I'm afraid to try playing Trapper with the new auras, worried I'll step on my own traps. I've also heard that colorblind people are struggling trying to see the new auras.
  • Been experiencing the same. Platform: PC
  • Start charging your power and leaving trails when you are right behind survivors at a reasonable distance, you can hit them before they reach a pallet/window if theu commit to it or you'll force them to run away from the pallet/window.
  • I haven't had good results using corrupt on him because it takes me longer to find someone on a gen and reach tier 2.
  • Doesn't sound like a good idea, it would make stealth killers too powerful. From a realistic point of view people can turn their heads to look behind them, but it's true you can't concentrate properly on what you are doing if you do so, so I'd rather see gen speed go a little bit slower while looking behind you.
  • Before the ruin nerf I played every killer, but now I mainly play Ghostface, Myers and Freddy. I still play the others, but I tend to give priority to these three. I don't main any survivor, because none of them have anything in particular that I like or relate to, but I would probably main Cheryl if she looked better.
  • Myers, you can also play the hit and run tactic with him using the add on Dead rabbit (which reduces your terror radius) and the nurse's + sloppy combo, plus he also has an instadown ability. You could add Monitor and Abuse to your build for an even smaller terror radius, but I thibk it's not worth it if you are already…
  • I understand, but the problem aren't simply and mainly the killers, the problem are the players, because they are the ones controlling the killers. Right now we have two killers that in my opinion can face camp better than Pyramid Head; Bubba and Billy. I would also dare to say that a stalking Ghostface can be a better…
  • It should deactivate ds when taking a protection hit instead. Those scenarios in which bt is used to bodyblock are the scenarios in which bodyblocking is stronger. It would be nice to finally have a perk that can counter that.
  • He also needs better purple add ons. I don't think I'll ever use those in their current state.
  • Try these; Ruin + surveillance + nurse's + sloppy or thana Corrupt + thana or pop + nurse's + sloppy or thana Pop or Corrupt + thana + nurse's + sloppy BBQ or thrilling tremors + pop + nurse's + sloppy or thana
  • Like some have some already said; if you are good at applying pressure like ending chases quickly or knowing when to drop a chase it is good, specially combined with surveillance which gives you a lot of information for free while the perk is active because you no longer need to kick gens. I still use it with most killers…
  • And here some folks are saying his ranged attack is too easy to dodge. You think there's no counterplay because you are trying to counter his ability the wrong way; it's much harder for Pyramid Head to hit you with his ranged attack in the open than it is for The Deathslinger because he cannot strafe left and right while…
  • That's why I'm on the fence wether his range attack should inflict torment or not, but It's not easy to torment a survivor if they know what they're doing; it's possible to prolongue a chase and get downed without getting tormented. Also, I would only agree with your statement if the aura of the cage remained visible to…
  • Ghostface is a good killer, fun to play, even more fun if you use map offerings for Lery's, The Game and such. I personally use thrilling tremors in a lot of builds, it has good synergy with pop and ruin, whichever you prefer.
  • If Pyramid Head gets there before you do, you can't save someone from the cage, you need to get back to a gen and punish him the same way you would punish any other Bubba that is facecamping.
  • You can't loop Pyramid Head like you would loop any other killer, I think you have to either drop the pallet early or run to another loop, depending where he is leaving his trail.
  • I tried a stealth build last night, trails + dark devotion. They nearly let the obsession die in her cage probably because my terror radius was around all over the place for a while. I bet that was confusing.
  • Seriously, I rarely see campers. But if you are coming across too many for some reason why don't you try this build; Deliverance + DS + Unbreakble + Tennacity or Slippery Meat.
  • I assume you already know the basic; hiding your red stain. I also assume you know the difference between safe pallets and unsafe pallets, which pallet you need to break and which pallets you don't need to break in order to put someone in the dying state. A basic advice that I think is valid for every killer; if a survivor…
    in Tips Comment by Xerge May 2020
  • See, the thing is thay you can't view each issue separetly because the game is more than just the sum of its parts (yeah, I agree with holism). With that being said, aren't killers supposed to apply pressure to counter a genrush in the game's current state? I'm not saying that slugging isn't an issue, what I'm saying is…
  • Pac-Man would be Op, he would eat all the pallets without getting stunned and eat the survivors too.