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  • Thank you all for answering I love the variety of play styles here <3
  • Out of both I would say DH is better. Though if the new killer The Blight at the time of writing this is changed from first day PTB into something more scary I could see Lithe being more useful during transitions since this Killer is really good at stopping transitional kiting, not exactly looping. That is just my thoughts.
  • The amount of times I run into groups that play like the way you are thinking is very little. You have to remember most people suck at this game and it would be very unfun for majority of people if you drastically brought up every killer or added another killer without buffing survivors to compensate. Identity V can have…
  • You know he could have ended the game multiple times by not picking up the slugs or not picking up claud who had ds and pick up david instead. Like so many places he could have ended the match so don't use this to cry.
  • I didn't mean the whole time she has been out.. was saying the relevancy of a recent patch
  • nothing has happened, just map design doesn't usually favor a huntress player currently. That does not mean you will suck on every map. There are tricks for every map if you wanna learn them as you play. Just some maps are brutal to her play style while others favor it just like any other killer.
  • yeah I would just say that if you are looking for a balanced competitive game, this game isn't really for that. It can be competitive, but there are so many variables to consider. Now I am not saying that you can't play this competitively at all, but a lot of stuff depends on how a player can play. If you play against…
  • @Cyro your point about tru3 is correct, but it doesn't mean killers are op in some situations. You are using examples of him making mistakes. That shows that both sides never play 100% optimally. Therefore even though what you say is true about that video of tru3's, you can't use it in an argument for killer's are…
  • If you don't want to play hatch finding mini game than you can just let the last survivor escape out of the match and move onto the next one for more points.
  • @Elementres I feel that but now keys have a purpose for solo play to help you for sure to get out if played correctly
  • @FrostBîte There was a post about two new status effects coming into the game during this next upcoming update. These two status effects will buff killers that are silent: Pig and Ghostface are good examples of this. One status effect will make it so aura reading will not detect these killers aka OoO. Though your idea is…
  • you aren't wrong, but the other times I have seen survivors who gain distance from lag from their poor connection to a host as well. As above dedicated servers will be a blessing <3
  • It isn't always about pips, nor about points. Some players want to be a killer and not let anyone escape the match alive. Everyone has their own opinion on what is boring. I personally thing mori's make the matches boring but that is my opinion and I don't care as much as to whether mori's leave or stay in the game. So…
  • Depends on how much ping you had going into the match. Also should be better once dedicated servers come out.
  • I remember the devs during a live stream a while back before the spirit came out that they were looking into reworking kindred into a completely different perk and making kindred a baseline for all survivors for the killers aura near the hook. Now I don't know what numbers would be a great balance, but Identity V uses this…
  • All I know is both happen at the same time no matter what. Whenever any of my friends get the no wiggle bug they can't heal or escape as well.
  • @Patricia what @EzBios is saying is that the bugs are tied together. When you have one you get the other. Happened to me multiple times, but not as of recent.
  • Or instead of kicking a generator you go apply pressure by chasing a survivor
  • I can go the whole game without kicking a generator and do just fine.
  • You can get them in the mystery boxes
  • Could depend on what happened in the rest of the post afterwards. Maybe the thread got off topic into an area that shouldn't be said
  • Yes this was the intended purpose. Some people think it should be killing survivors when it is to help prevent people holding games hostage. It is a quality of life change more than an end game change
  • When she was released prayer beads did not do what they do now which is why they made them purple even though they were utter garbage on her launch. People saved them up cause why use them if they sucked so bad. They changed how they worked and now are one of the most used addons for her cause of how strong it is. I don't…
  • @TheBean DBD should look at how Identity V has handled their disconnects. You have morality points and if you lose them all you can't play for a certain period of time. Also the only way to dc in that game is to close the game completely. I have been playing that on pc as of late getting instant ques and not having anyone…
  • @TheBean If people are leaving match, dedicated servers won't do anything to fix that since people can press ESC key than press "Leave Match"
  • interesting take on it, would be used a lot more than it currently is. I don't think it would be OP either, would make people second guess using a locker unless it is the only way to avoid the killer.
  • @Bbbrian2013 well hope that it gives faster matches. Even if it pairs me with closer players doesn't mean the matchmaking will match me right away if everyone around me is rank 10-12 and I am rank 1 for killer. Or if I am rank 2 survivor I have to wait in a rank 1 killer lobby for 15 mins until matchmaking knows there…
  • The OP is talking about a high risk/reward strat against her. If no one cleanses yes everyone can be m1 once for down. If no one makes a mistake the plague can't do anything and is a killer that can be looped having nothing to down the survivors besides her m1. @tehshadowman33 please confirm if I understood what you said.
  • You aren't the only one, I know some friends who only play this game and don't wanna leave the game.
  • @TheBean what is the point in having Dedicated Servers if people take forever to get into games and crash once they are in games. You could say that the servers would stop crashes, but that is 4 months down the road from now.