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We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.



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  • i play on pc with controller, analogue movement feels like an advantage to me. i can go straight at them, i can go diagonally at them, i can move at any angle relative to my camera instead of just 8 of them. i can pretty much move straight in a chosen direction while spinning in a circle. The downside is a slightly less…
  • ping up to 5000ms would absolutely not work. that's entirely unplayable. that's FIVE SECONDS. you're using trash internet to play a game that requires low latency.
  • now it seems like i see 4 event items in almost every game and i'm lucky if two survivors bring a cake
  • yeah this was absolute hell for me between the ranks of about 15 to 8, three rank 1/2s and a rank 17 is not at all balanced when you're rank 12, and that was most games i played. made me not want to play and i left for a while until deathslinger came out. then after a while on those rare occasions i got to go against…
  • plenty of situations where killer is just screwed in endgame, so i dont see why not.
  • solo will ALWAYS be weaker than SWF, of course a nerf to something on survivor side would be worse for someone that couldnt communicate with their team... duh. killers need an option to counter items effectively, especially keys. right now, that option is tunnel mori. If anything the franklins change should be more.
  • Make two of the most annoying things in the game standard? (4DS in every game?! every survivor gets effectively 5 perks? while killers MIGHT get a minute of useful time at the end of the match) I'm sorry but I utterly hate your idea. I think I would abandon the game. While we're on the subject, DS should be reworked so…
  • Youre not supposed to be able to dodge that if you're in his TR. It takes time to charge up and slows him right down to a crawl, either run out of his TR when you hear him charging it, or you get hit, which has little practical consequence really other than telling him your rough direction. He's one of the most raw M1…
  • A change I would suggest would be that it only works within a terror radius. That'd improve the situation for stealth killers, and it would still be a useful perk.
  • Same thing just happened with me, had 6/8, got 1 cage kill (was their second hook/cage, but i chased the other survivors out the exit gate), and it didnt update to 7/8.
  • Yeah, im a green rank killer and im constantly against red & purple teams, occasionally with a grey rank thrown in there for "balance", but usually i find they're all high purple or they're purple & red. An actually balanced game is rare. Ive also recently taken to looking up players to if they're SWF, its super common,…
    in Matchmaking Comment by Ziazan April 2020