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  • I myself think survivor perks that require gen repair should all work off time repairing not percentages. Look at Repressed Alliance. Currently the others like Flashbang, Wiretap, Blast mine all receive nerfs whenever gen speeds change or killers run gen progression slowdowns (thana, gift of pain etc.) All these effect the…
  • I think the change itself was fine, but they really should have reduced the charge up time to at least 50% to be in line with Flashbang.
  • All of that is just your opinion. Noted and also note my opinion is different than yours. I would find it much more interesting to have to hit more buttons than just holding one down. Clearly we disagree and you're content just holding a button down. Good on you. I find it boring. I do agree you'll never make working on a…
  • It wouldn't annoy me more. I would love to have to do something other than just hold a button and hit skill checks.
  • Not even close to being the same. Shouldn't effect solo queue at all. We are talking just mere meters from the generator, not like across the map or even two tiles away. Literally talking like 5-10m away. Something like that if done 2 or 3 times would still add 10 seconds of repair time to a generator. As I said in my post…
  • I think prestige should be shown. I like Hunt Showdown and how they show the prestige at the end of a match. I also like Rocket League an how they also have a similar thing. However in their game you can customize the icon and show the prestige or use some other icon.
  • I miss locker saves a lot. pickup saves if I'm in position, I don't miss often. When I do miss it is usually because I was too far away.
  • We enjoy the same content! :nodders:
  • Yea I remember that! I had used a pebble to save someone then deception on the shack locker and he didn't know which locker i was in but just stood there blocking 1 door. That was an epic game!
  • You know maybe they could investigate adding some breakable windows? No god windows or anything just more like a useless loop that has a window that if opened would make it a normal type window loop. Where survivors would have to interact with it for 10-16sec or so to open it. Then it's open the rest of the game but…
  • Yeah we did I remembered your name as well. It was a pretty decent game if I recall. I cosplay as Bill every Saturday. I've been doing it for ~3 years now.
  • I came up with my name "rupture" in the late 90s at the start of Quake specifically when Quakeworld became big. I had previously been using the name HellRaZoR and the name was very popular in various spellings at the time because of the movies I think one came out in 96 or so. So I was seeking a simple name that was very…
  • That would be some optimal breakage!
  • I mean you can still 99. I'm not sure I've seen people 99 heals enough to make ME take that into consideration when running a hemorrhage perk/add on.
  • Sure I mentioned the UI didn't show 2 hooks. There is a bug somewhere. Whether the UI is bugged or if you unhook successfully if you should still get counted as 2 hooks or not is not really my concern. Just that there is clearly a bug here. Everyone in the lobby was SWF and we all saw only 1 hook state. I couldn't…
  • Just checked again while eating my lunch and boom, gottem! Happy Valentines and Birthday to me!!!
  • I didn't mean to make it sound simple, I am sure there are many other situations than just one going on. I've been a dev for 16+ years and I know the pains of trying to capture every situation in a single database query. I know it seems simple to us players, but I'm sure it's been more difficult than anticipated. I was…
  • I have not received my shards yet either. I suspect in a number of cases that the issue revolves around linked accounts with BHVR, Steam, Epic etc. The only logical reason I can think of why I have not got my shards, even though I meet the criteria is as follows. I have my Epic account linked with Steam on my BHVR account.…
  • I like how you think 1 game determines your skill. You ran one killer for 5 gens and died, but played a bunch of other games and got out. Using outlier games in your examples are a moot point.
  • A town hall type meeting with FW's would be pretty interesting. Unless it was scripted... :)
  • Your recap was far different than mine. I was just making a joke. Being a software developer for 16 years, myself. I know how it is. They are a in a tough spot, but these Q&A need a better format. Taking all the "Top" questions and then just not being able to answer them isn't much help. Maybe they should pick through all…
  • I had this happen to me. I turned on the toggle interactions and allowed moving to cancel. When loving the box the first time Pinhead teleported to me, I had no issues. The second time he teleported to me, I could not move and the box was still showing in my had after the teleport completed. I couldn't move but he shot me…
  • I thought if they made it pick random keys from your bindings to use instead of just a set key would make it more interesting. Think of the action sequences in games like Until Dawn. Also 1 seconds is about 3.7m, but not going to break it down for every killer and other perks. I'm a survivor main, but I don't think the…
  • Yep I'm aware it's ~1 second.
  • Actually the past two months it was the 13th at 0:00 UTC just because you're in a different timezone doesn't mean it wasn't the 13th by the timezone the game uses.
  • I asked my magic 8 ball if I would get a twitch shirt. It said "outlook not so good." Want me to ask for you?
  • I play both characters on this show. This is roughly the 9th episode I think. I hope you enjoy it!
  • • Platform PC (probably all) • Description of the issue Clairvoyance does not reveal hatch. • Steps to reproduce (if possible) Join a KYF match as the sole survivor against a Killer. So hatch will be spawned and open. Cleanse a totem. Locate hatch. Place an object of terrain or structure between you and the hatch. Press…
  • Since the OP did not follow the directions: • Platform Confirmed on PC but likely on all platforms. • Description of the issue The perk Clairvoyance reads that is should reveal the aura of the hatch. However it does not. It does reveal all the other items listed. Exit Switches, Hooks, Generators and Chests. • Steps to…